The Health Benefits of Deep Sea Atomic Ormus Gold.


* Boosts stamina for physical exercise
* May assist in reducing muscle fatigue during workouts
* Claims of superconductivity of cells for quicker cell communication and rejuvenation
* Encourages anti-ageing support
* Assists in healing damaged tissue and sprains from sports injuries anti-inflammatory properties
* Faster healing skin of burns and dries wounds out quickly
* contains 4 Trace minerals with anti-inflammation properties
* Supports nourishment and hydration of body cells
* Encourages increased amounts of electrolytes
* Aids in melatonin production for sleeping
* Assists serotonin production for depression, and can assist the pituitary gland, Pacific Sea water contains lithium of which is used in the medical industry for depression and Anxiety.
* Encourages decalcification of the pineal gland
* Assists in increased sensitivity, intuition and psychic awareness proven to magnify the aura.
* Supports the reduction of grey hair and the return of natural colouring
* Can aid in reducing wrinkles
* Raises vibration
* Can help in enhancing the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow
* Assists in regenerating sperm count and assists in enhancing sex drive


* Enhances deeper meditation and puts the body in the alpha brain wave state
* Opens the mind-enhancing dreams and lucid dreaming
* Assists in Enhanced cognitive thinking
* Balances left /right brain hemispheres within minutes
* claims of assisting in accelerating manifestations
* Can Help in enhanced mental clarity, memory and focus
* Can aid in alkalising the body and promoting a healthy PH balance
* Assists in supporting a healthy immune system by strengthening and revitalizing the thymus gland

* Encourages healing for damaged DNA repair
* Aids in strengthening bones and teeth
* Benefits in energy level increases

List of Minerals / Trace Elements In Ormus



aura imaging before SPHINX ORMUS

Aura imaging after SPHINX ORMUS











aura imaging after SPHINX ORMUS



aura Imaging Sphinx Ormus


Demand for Ormus is rising as peoples demand Organic medicine and the healing /spiritual benefits of Ormus is uncovered, The keyword “ORMUS” on Google rose 236% in 2022
MONATOMIC GOLD  rising 126% in 2022

What is ORMUS

These bio-energetic inductive M State materials are the precious noble metals from the Platinum group.

Rhodium, Silver, Platinum, Iridium, Osmium, Nickel, Cobalt, Copper, Gold, Ruthenium, Palladium,

Otherwise known as M State elements,

These minerals are decoupled from chloride bonds. These are what allow for inductive transfer inside our cells.

These are what our DNA strands our inductive resonating helicoils are made from.

Otherwise known as ORMEs Or Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements.

These precious minerals are the key to life they are in all forms of nature,  ocean, plants, volcanic soils, rocks, and our body”s molecular structure.

High concentrations are found in Purple fruit, the ocean or products of the ocean,

Other Ormus-rich plants and edibles are bee pollen, chocolate, Flax oil, Goji berries,  Grape seeds,  Honey, certain types of Mushrooms,  Royal Jelly, Watercress, Vanilla [whole beans], Slippery Elm Bark, Noni fruit,  Mustard, and Coconut water.

In layman’s terms, these high-energy minerals are in miniature sizes of less than 5 nanometres, these particles are extremely permeable to the body’s skin and cells, enabling more sufficient hydration due to the vortex and restructuring of the water and alchemic transmutation process.

Ormus Gold fills the cells with nutrition when a cell has not been programmed well through a lack of nutrition, that cell will continue to exist but without filling its proper role.

If many cells take this path it leads to disaster.

If the body doesn’t have the correct nutrition to enable mitosis and create new cells we age prematurely or develop the disease.

Ormus also has an alkalising effect on the system that protects our immune system,

Acidosis has been linked to the cause of many issues such as premature ageing, cancer and generative diseases.

Claims from David Hudson made that Ormus is a superconductor that enables quicker cell-to-cell communication, passing energy with no net loss.

When is a high spin state where the nucleus of the atom becomes elongated and therefore spins faster.



Triskelions magnetic Vortexing water ormus

Triskelions magnetic Vortexing water ormus Spiralling Vortex water Sacred Geometry , 12 Neodium magnets ,copper torsion EMF rings and Copper triskelions.


Tests were completed on normal water and vortex water placed on brown paper and the vortex water permeated the paper much more quickly than non-Vortex water.

It was also placed in 2 dripper bottles tipped upside down to drip out the Vortex water finished in approximately 3/4 the time.

For this reason, Vortex Water has recently become popular in commercial horticulture applications in Australia.

It is proven to be more permeable to dry soils and accesses the soil deeper from 12-18 inches compared to 6 inches of non-vortex or structured water in dry soils enabling better penetration with results of up to 30% more in water productivity.

Vortex water is the same to our body cells it offers a more complete hydration, assisting in more graceful ageing.


Atomic Ormus can enhance cognitive function, improve memory and has the ability to put us in the alpha brain wave state.

Studies in Switzerland at the Alpha learning institute found Monatomic gold balances the left-right brain hemispheres within minutes.

The Alpha Brain wave state improves healing, improves health and well-being, assists creativity, accelerates the brain to solve problems, and is powerful for relaxing, athletes move into alpha before staking the high jump or kicking a goal.

Yoga participators have taken to the Ormus and are experiencing the alpha brain wave meditative healing state well known to the Tibetan monks.

While being in the Alpha Brain wave state the body is put into 7.83 Hz, the earth’s frequency vibrates at 7.83 Hz.

An unusual coincidence.?

Studies Research MONATOMIC GOLD



Triskelions and The Vortex and Ormus

Ormus and the merkabah

Ormus Gold is shown to expand your aura, this is the energy field that surrounds your body,

Heart math institute research has shown that the aura emanates approx 8-10 feet on the average person and can also be found up to 12-15 feet on some individuals.

The body releases and leaks cortisol into this field and our bodies have small receptors in each cell in our skin that pick up on high levels when other people are stressed or angry.

Atomic Ormus has consistent claims of increased intuition.

This toroidal energy emanates from the heart otherwise known as the Merkabah.

This toroidal energy can also be found in all parts of nature, The solar system, Plants shapes, DNA, Water spiralling down the plug hole, and even in the great Pyramids of Giza.

This energy never dies it just transfers, we can tap into this energy in different ways.

Water and Ormus gold are one of the ways we can harness this energy.

Read aboutTriskelions Magnetic Vortexing Water for Ormus


Rejuvenated Sleep

Society today is constantly emitting blue light from their electronic devices which gives low melatonin levels

Ormus Supplements support the function of the Pineal gland.

This gland produces melatonin.

Clear and vivid dreams are consistent claims, from my own experience, it’s best to take it in the morning when you first get up as it gives you energy and alertness you won’t sleep if you take it late before bed.


Triskelions magnetic Vortexing water for Ormus

Shri yantra symbols and sacred geometry, Two copper torsion EMF rings, two triskelion taped to each end of bottle,12 neodymium magnets on the joint between two bottles, Vortex spiralling water, toroidal energy, rose quartz crystals

With today’s abundance of GMO foods on the shelves proven to have fewer nutrients than our grandparent’s heirloom varieties our diets and nutrition are in need of a boost,

Research has shown that a deficiency of nutrients can be the catalyst of sickness.

This is a helpful link specifically to the Sphinx Ormus Monatomic Gold Product showing the ASSAY

Ormus Monatomic Gold Assay Minerals benefits.



Current pollutants of the modern world like air/vehicle pollution, GMO vegetables, processed foods, sugar, alcohol, and heavy metals in chemical fertilisers being laden on our fruit and vegetables,

Given organic manures and fish is not financially viable for commercial horticulture applications.

Water supplies can have issues with chemicals like chlorine and fluoride.

An average person consumes 720 litres average a year.

How clean is the water?

With dairy effluent runoff and predominant weed killing going on our farms near our creeks using round-up or Glysophosphate, these methods find their way into our rivers and streams from torrents of rain, runoff, wind, or even carelessness.

Making its way to our low-lying aquifers.

Structured water Or Ormus Gold

At Sphinx Ormus, we like to structure the Ormus Gold!

Dr Emoto a Japanese scientist discovered that water has memory, he discovered that thoughts or intentions could alter the molecular structure of water, once frozen and put under a microscope.

He also discovered that words written on containers of rice and water represented negative traits the rice would go mouldier quicker than that with words that were positive.

At Sphinx Ormus, we take restructuring our Ormus and Water very seriously!

Given that the average person consumes 720 litres of water a year, which type of water or Ormus Molecules would you like to consume?

Water is now proven to have memory and to obtain as much as 440,000 pieces of information on each molecule.

Could it be wise to imprint your Goals and aspirations through intentions directed at your Atomic Ormus or water and then consume them for quantum entanglement manifestation?

Be sure to use the words and writing ” I am certain ‘ My goals etc

Thought Intentions directed at the water then frozen and put under the microscope



Love intention directed at the water then frozen and put under a microscope













Triskelions Magnetic Vortexing Water for Ormus


Cut at an ancient Egyptian cubit measurement this copper sacred geometry emits 144HZ and structures water within hours of just being near.

The benefits of white gold powder



ORMUS GOLD with its ability to alkalise the system, and its high alkaline PH.

Trace elements and minerals such as Sulphur, phosphorus, sodium, and manganese assist in detoxing the body, and are essential to connecting tissues, helping elasticity to the skin reducing wrinkles,

Silicon assists in elasticity and increases collagen,

Iron reduces hair loss, and promotes sleep

Calcium assists in alkalising the PH, which some research relates to graceful ageing.

Manganese aids in collagen production.

Zinc aids in mitosis and cell division.

Ormus Alkaline / Acidic Diet



Atomic Ormus contains lithium,  lithium is commonly used for treating depression and anxiety,

Ormus works on the pineal gland to boost serotonin levels so the mood stays balanced.

If serotonin levels are low depression and anxiety can sneak in as other cognitive disorders.

Many of the minerals are related to cognitive function and electric impulses as you can read in the assay.


David Hudson a cotton farmer in Phoenix Arizona started mining for gold and discovered a white gold substance in the volcanic soil.

He spent the next 20yrs studying this substance and spent 8 million dollars researching it,

Thus the term Orme’s was born.

Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements

He established patents around the world, appeared in public sharing his precious knowledge and did trials with a number of people with cancer, aids, and herpes.

Mysteriously David Hudson seems to of disappeared, claims have been made that the powers that be shut him down.?

For more information on his 8 million dollars of research click the link below for the 113-page Doc.

David Hudson ORME’S


Click below to see the dangers of Ormus

Is Ormus Dangerous



Supercharge Monatomic gold with Sacred Geometry and crystals. To purchase use code “SPHINX ORMUS “
to get 11% off




We don’t use Dead Sea salt!

Dead Sea salt is high in aluminium and has 70 times the bromide levels than that of Pacific Ocean sea salt.

See the above link” is Ormus Dangerous “and find some of the potential dangers of Ormus Gold if the alchemic procedures or ingredients are not followed correctly.

Our product is made from Pacific Ocean seawater that is harvested on the full moon on a rising tide when the earth’s energy is at its peak off the coast of Australia.

It is filtered and put through the alchemic process.

Ormus is very sensitive to vibration, we take it very seriously to supercharge and structure our Ormus crystals.

  • We additionally add 99.99% colloidal Gold to our Ormus Monatomic gold.
  • The gold ratio is 42 PPM. Some companies claim to have hundreds or thousands of PPM we believe that this is not financially viable.
  • Our product is supplied in glass Cobalt Blue Bottle that is thought to raise the frequency with the violet colour spectrum.    Secrets Of Cobalt Blue Glass
  • The majority of companies use plastic. Although our postage costs contribute to higher we have to use a bigger box and more packing starch peanuts to protect the cobalt blue glass we believe that it contributes to a better product.
  • We supply a thick Mylar bag as EMF protection to keep your Monatomic gold at its optimum super-conductivity.
  • We harmonically imprint the structure of the monatomic gold liquid with 12 powerful frequencies,
  • 8hz 88hz 888hz Abundance, 432hz manifestation, 40 hz long term memory, 100hz improve cognitive function, 528hz The miracle tone, Repair DNA, 7.83 hz The human resonance [The earth’s vibration] 285 hz Increase energy field, 741 hz cellular detox, 639hz attract love and positive energy, 963 hz Connection to universal energy or God. Finally, the powerful ancient Egyptian mantra AKA DUA  attracted over 1.7 million views. An ancient Egyptian mantra with powerful healing and manifesting Qualities. The healing has 7 levels of obtainment. The ancient Egyptians knew the powers of vibration. We are constantly upgrading our frequencies and natural energies and are working on bringing in 3 more Egyptian energies over the coming months. Please note this harmonic imprinting takes a lot of time and energy.
  • We place copper triskelions under our stock {of sacred geometry-shaped copper wire that is cut at a sacred Egyptian cubit length that emits a frequency of 144HZ that is known to structure water within hours.
  • We place an abundance of Crystals out in the full moon then place them around our stock [namely rose quartz ]
  • We supply a Rose Quartz Crystal with each bottle of Ormus Monoatomic Gold to charge your Ormus on the journey to you so it’s “Happy Ormus ‘ when it arrives. Everything on Earth has its unique vibration crystals are the same.
  • Rose Quartz: The ultimate stone of love, dissolves emotional wounds, Promotes self-love and attracts new love, Strengthens bonds in relationships and carries divine loving energy.
  • We give our Ormus Positive and happy intentions { Dr Emoto found that Intentions affect the structure of water}
  • We use Sacred Geometry with copper-bound rose quartz crystals on each grid or meridian.
  • We use Orgonite Pyramids with copper coils and shungite /tourmaline
  • We believe that being environmentally conscious is important for our children’s future and if you use the scribe payment method we also make a donation to greener carbon emissions from our sales.
  • Our Ormus Monoatomic Gold is a thick light purple concentrate due to the high content of Colloidal Gold as its Ruby Red in high concentrations. Many companies I have personally tested for the competition are actually watered down so we look forward to your experience with Our Happy Orme”s
  • We use large Copper Nubian pyramids that tower over our Stock in the eye of sacred geometry and crystals, with crystal balls hanging from the apex and crystals bound with copper wire on all supports.
  • We suspend our Ormus in mid-air one-third up from the base where the peak energy is


Elixir ormus

Supercharged Ormus



Atomic Ormus goes back to ancient Egyptians, Ormus Gold has been known by many names such as White powder Gold, Manna as in the bible, M state metals, M state elements, M State materials, Orme or Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements, Monoatomic gold, Philosophers Stone, Ormus supplements, Monoatomic gold, The Elixir of Life.

The ancient Egyptians called it shewbread or MFKTZ.

The ancients used to feed Monoatomic gold to their chickens and eat nutritious eggs.

Thoth or Hermes Trismegistus an Annunaki who claimed they masqueraded as gods, also claimed to of created the Emerald clay tablets approx 36000 years ago, was the architect and builder of the Pyramids.

The teacher of all wisdom who created the 7 laws of the universe and taught the laws of vibration and astronomy, alchemy, mathematics and hermetic principles at the Egyptian mystery schools across all Atlantis and all civilisations.

Thoth who lived for approx10,000 years claimed to of injected his consciousness into other cloned bodies in the halls of Ameniti. in the great pyramid.

The Kings and Pharaos and high priestesses and hierarchy treasured monatomic gold powder or  MFKTZ and baked it into cakes of 77 degrees and ate the bread of life to achieve higher levels of consciousness and believed it bought longevity.

Monatomic gold was found in the king’s chamber along with the ark of the covenant which was loaded with Monoatomic Gold.

Reference :

Billy Carsen’s top Amazon author and best-selling book  2 years in a row “Compendium of Emerald Tablets, with over 30 years of reading and deciphering Clay tablets and ancient scriptures

Billy has used the assistance of AI on a website that can translate ancient languages and scripts from hieroglyphics and ancient script and Clay tablets.

Billy claims he has read and deciphered over 1000 books, scriptures and tablets and is rewriting history following and journeying around the world to see the ancient sites and megalithic structures.

Also recently journeying to Australia finding hieroglyphics from the Egyptians proving they established civilisation all over the world.


alien hieroglyphics

Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Egyptian Pyramids


Ormus is extremely beneficial for plants, as anything that comes from the ocean as it usually consists of high nitrogen, which creates green growth leaves and stems and new shoots

Atomic Ormus is high in Potassium which assists in sugars and starches aids in resisting disease, and most of all specifically boosts flower and fruit production

Ormus Gold is also High in phosphorus which assists in root development and seed production.

Ormus Monatomic gold is full of trace minerals in a permeable form bio-available to the plant’s cells.

Boron is a trace mineral that is often overlooked for its importance and is missing in many common fertilisers.

Boron aids in the development of a flower setting.

Best of all Ormus Gold is organic and GMO-free.

Here is a Broccoli I grew using Ormus Gold diluted down to 1 teaspoon per 10 litres of water, I watered it with Ormus

Ormus for plants

Ormus-grown broccoli sitting on a 15-litre bottle



approx 10 times, not only was the Broccoli not disturbed by insects it was bigger and 3 weeks earlier than its neighbouring plants without Ormus.

Please note:  If you wish to purchase SPHINX ORMUS for the purpose of plants please email me and I will delete the colloidal Gold from the product as colloidal gold is not beneficial for plants.



Ormus and Organic Gardening Tips

Ormus | Vibrational Healing Methods


Ormus and Multiple Sclerosis

Mysteries and Monatomic Gold

Secrets Of Cobalt Blue Glass




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