Ormus Vibrational Healing Methods

Vibrational Healing Methods

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Are popular alternatives to big Pharma and are growing exponentially. People like healthy organic alternatives and are seeking new options daily.

Ormus Monatomic Gold has grown at a massive rate just in the last year with keywords on google skyrocketing. The keyword Monatomic gold rose 128% and Ormus 2022 alone. People are becoming aware of today’s supplement deficiencies in their diet. A large number of diseases can be traced back to mineral deficiency and poor immunity. Strong Immunity is king, especially in the COVID environment. A healthy lifestyle with exercise, Good nutrition, running an alkaline system where disease can”t thrive and regular sleep.



Negative ions are molecules charged with nature’s electricity. Ever wondered why a change of mood being caught in a thunderstorm you feel quite good even though soaked? Negative Ions are potent in thunderstorms.

Negative Ions are consumable from nature and are potent in forms from being in the bush, near waterfalls or on the sandy beach in bare feet from being grounded or in the ocean from colliding water creating the “Lenard effect.” Negative ions reduce inflammation, and depression, purify the air, reduce stress, boost immune function, and increase metabolism to name a few.


Grounding has proven to be a big factor in how negative Ions reduce inflammation in the blood from the earth’s energy up through our feet. Check out the studies at this site showing blood cell images before and after showing healthier cells more oxygenated and spaced after grounding. Infrared thermal imaging for inflammation before and after grounding. Powerful stuff. It’s a strong argument with this date why inflammation disease is rampant with people wearing shoes for long periods sometimes weeks or even months and never really grounding like our caveman friends. The inflammation starts in the blood, the root cause of many autoimmune diseases. Grounding can improve back pain, and arthritis sore ankles and feet. Studies show we need a good hour a day to get results.  


Ormus and Crystals and Reiki

Crystals used in reiki are placed on each individual chakra, each chakra resonates a different colour, crystal brings colour and light into the aura and vibrates at a different frequency. This enables energy blocks within the chakra to be cleared and to flow freely. Crystals are known to be able to imprint and structure watering and Supercharge Ormus from their vibrations. In conjunction with colour therapy and sound, the colour-light experience is deepened and expanded at the same time. Crystal therapy is an ancient art going back, some say from Atlantis and the Egyptians from thousands of years. Crystals are the tools of vibration and resonance that create sensory healing. Ormus |vibrational Healing Methods are often used in conjunction with natural healers helping to increase the client’s aura.



Vibrational Healing Methods

structure your water

Vibrational healing methods with crystals



Vibrational medicine sacred geometry mats           



                  Crystal Charging Grid






Another Vibrational healing method is the Spooky2 or Rife frequency machine People are dealing with disease and ailments in a futuristic way by directing sound frequency at the disease or pathogens directly,

 Dr Rife discovered each disease’s micro-organisms, and pathogens vibrate at a different frequency and can be eliminated if the resonance frequency is directed to eliminate them. Rife engineers have been working on extending this list and have thousands of frequencies now for thousands of ailments and diseases. Also, the rife generators have a unique setting called a bio-feedback system that scans the body and can analyse what is wrong with the body in detail. Then it can apply several frequencies at once by the way of Rubber tabs placed on the body that pulsate frequencies to heal. The testimonials are amazing and extensive. The way of the future.       

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Vibrational Healing methods













Depleted Soils and Nutrition in GMO Seeds stocks today.

Today’s diet is lacking in nutrients from processed food, sugar, GMOs,

Many soils are depleted from being farmed consecutively over the centuries and it’s too expensive commercially to replace the Organic matter in bulk quantities back into the soil, like manures and composts. This organic substance creates microorganism activity and worms that boost plants.

Chemical fertilisers or powders are predominantly used being cheaper to buy and to spread many of which leave behind heavy metals and toxins that the plants absorb that find their way into the human system. These heavy metals can build up in the body and this is where Ormus helps detox the system naturally and gets rid of free radicals. Sulphur also assists. These chemicals also acidify the PH in the soil. When the PH in the soil gets out of balance the Nutrients can be in the soil but not available to the plants. A well-balanced PH level in the soil for vegetables is 6.5 -7.5 with 7 being neutral. However, this broccoli grew well and the PH was at 7.4.

Humans, however, today eat a lot of sugar and processed food, meat and preservatives and drink alcohol or even some medications, which creates an acidic environment, A healthy diet exists of lots of fruit and vegetable nuts this is a more alkaline diet. Disease won’t thrive in an alkaline diet. This can be tested by the urine with either litmus paper or a PH tester, a good investment of approx $20 can be used on testing your soils for optimum harvest and yourself. The optimal  PH for humans is 7 neutral. Ormus is a highly alkaline substance sitting around 9 and assists in alkalising the PH from an acidic environment also supplying an abundance of minerals organically.

Organic produce is healthier grown with organic fertilisers, being manures, blood n bone, fish or anything from the ocean. But it leaves no option but to pay optimum prices on the supermarket shelves.

If you can track down heirloom seed varieties and use animal manures or anything from the sea including Ormus Gold best made from seawater specifically and grow big nutritious flavoursome vegetables.

NOTE: If you wish to use our product specifically for plants please email me so I can leave the colloidal Gold out of the mix as this is not beneficial for plants.

Our grandfather’s heirloom seed varieties of vegetables are scarce and companies now are mainlined with GMO seed varieties which are proven to have fewer Nutrients. Have you noticed how orange-looking tomatoes are today compared to 40 years ago when they were rosy red big and juicy? Even the taste is not as nice.!

Russia banned GMO foods and microwaves. Food in Microwaves is another problem that people daily induce their bodies believing mainstream that it is not harmful when it changes the structure of the food. Russia banned it for a reason.

Unfortunately, the big companies have control over the industry now and mainstream GMOs are prevalent along with preservatives in most foods. It is no wonder the cancer rate and autoimmune diseases are prevalent. Some of the big GMO corn companies wear full white suits with headgear before they enter the paddocks of Corn. That tells it all.

I’m not a doctor but after approx 4000 hours of study into health, I designed a tik list for optimum health.

I look at the body like a mechanic does to disgnose a car .
he tiks off
then delve into the sector that is not working you can then diagnose.
1,  Cells need oxygen or cells die, If you take a smear of blood and place it under a microscope to be healthy it should show cells oxygenated spaced separately and a blue ring around the outside means oxygenated. Grounding and waterfalls or imploding water assists negative ions which in turn reduce the viscosity of blood and reduce inflammation.
*2,  Hydration or cells wither and die.
Structured water hydrates cells at a much higher rate
Structured water is used in commercial horticulture applications in arid areas of Australia Tests show structured water penetrates soil up to 12 inches where tap approx 6. This is the same as a cell being permeable to structured water, unlike tap water which is not so permeable.
*3, Alkaline diet, disease thrives in acidity causes inflammation
*4, Inflammation ok why? Look at diet, sugar, too much meat, and toxicity buildup. No grounding negative ions.acidic diet alcohol processed foods, big pharma medication, cigarettes,
Heavy metals and vegetable fruit sprays from non-organic applications
* 5  Electricity of cells, Rife frequency engineers found that cells need to be at 100mv to run at optimum health,
Disease sets in at 50-70mv
Cancer is running rapidly at 15mv
So increase the electromagnetic field of the body, This can be done through many facets
*Sphinx Ormus is priven to boost this up to 30% taking all 7 chakras to 100 % or more.
See evidence
If the aura is optimum the immune system is strong and the body has energy to fight pathogens.
*285 hz frequency amplifies the energy field
*Colloidal gold increases conductivity.
*EDTA chelation removes heavy metals and graphene oxide from jabadoo proven under microscopic evidence.EDTA increases electrical conductivity.
*6, Parasites bible mentions this needs to be done twice a year, there are up to 100 parasites that have now been proven to be in up to approximately  90% of Americans. and cause many physical and psychological ailments. I delved deep now and studied them for a year. This is a big contributor to health problems and doctors overlook this .if they do they give medicine that only fixes thread worm and hook worm.,or possibly triginosis tapeworm.
7, nutrition mineral deficiency sea moss 102 minerals or shilajit approx 100
Ormus 92 minerals depending on which salt used
Lions Maine reishi cordyceps,chaga, turkey tail .mycelium energized from entire mother earth linked underground of whole planet charging.Most powerful highest antioxidants in the world by 9 times next to Shilat.These are proven to reduce inflammation and create new neurological pathways in the brain forming brain cells. intelligence.
logically my belief is it does this to all cells as we are carbon.
8,  The lymphatic system is it flushing toxins correctly? or retaining the toxins retaining them causing sickness and disease Do we need to activate it by opening and shutting the valve from jumping up and down on rebounder or best 30 vibrations a second?
9. Exercise,  sunlight, sleep, grounding negative ions from Mother Earth. Waterfalls, saltwater ocean, imploding water, and walks along the beach barefoot have proven to reduce inflammation and viscosity of blood reduce blood pressure and increase electrical field and oxygenate cells.
10 Finally are you suffering from any negative emotions like jealousy, hatred, resentment, or grief These can lower your chakras and cause your immune system to be lowered causing blockages and sickness related to certain organs.
forgive  and be positive and intensive excercize, positive affirmations  or recording them and playing in repeat while sleeping or in dozing  state best,  may be a way of exerting these energies out of the system
Go to Dr most will give you antibiotics , cause candida which is root cause for many ailments , kill all good bacteria in stomach , acidify system, cause inflammation and lower immunity. He won’t advise the above.
Society has lost faith in big pharma and doctors and so have I.
Don’t get me wrong there are some amazing intelligent doctors and researchers out there but the degree is rigged for big pharma and band-aiding symptoms instead of root causes problems.
The real pharmacy is forging herbs and organic vegetables and a strong Aura.
The future of medicine is frequency and subtlr energies and these high vibrational nutritious natural organic substances above.
I’m about to test an elixir of 5 mushrooms and sea moss by energy factor by a scalar energy testing machine
Also doing my ormus monatomic gold which is treated with 8 energies and 12 frequencies.
We have also designed a parasite elixir with 12 herbs and Coconut coconut-activated carbon and coconut oil as a binder. Most parasite cleanses don’t supply this considering parasites contain 6 times their weight its mandatory to get them out of the system once dead before they acidify.




Health is a big market and everyone wants that extra edge, especially athletes. 

Ormus Vibrational healing elixir is a potent organic trace mineral elixir that alkalis the body while giving the body a boost in energy and an abundance of trace minerals. The individual elements below explain how they assist the body and why Ormus is an excellent wound healer and detail how they assist for mental and physical benefits.

Ormus has many names, MFKTZ, Manna, Orme’s, Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements, The elixir of life, The Philosophers Stone, M state, M State elements, M State Metals, M state Materials, White powder Gold, Atomic Ormus, Monatomic Gold, Ormus Gold. Shem-an-na, Shrew Bread, Gold water, Goldwater


 list of Sphinx Ormus Monatomic Gold trace elements in PPM.[Parts per million]

Boron  17 

Helps build strong teeth and bones, has anti-inflammatory properties helpful for arthritis, speeds up wound healing, Prevents vitamin D deficiency, and balances hormones.

Sulphur 587

Increasing circulation to the brain is helpful for Alzheimer’s or Dementia, It assists in detoxing the body, and is essential to connecting tissues, helping elasticity to the skin reducing wrinkles, it supports insulin production, assists in vitamin B uptake to convert carbohydrates to energy.

Sodium 8,264

Improves heart performance, and the nervous system, prevents muscle cramps, and assists in glucose absorption, sodium is needed for blood regulation, it regulates the bodily fluids and transmits electrical impulses in the body, prevents sunstroke, improves brain function, defends free radicals and is in many skin care creams, eliminates carbon dioxide and controls blood pressure.

Magnesium 2,350

Regulates blood sugar, boosts athletic performance, is involved in approx 600 reactions in your body, energy creation, protein formation, muscle movement, nervous system regulation, may reduce anxiety and combat depression, boast anti-inflammatory  properties, bone Heath, gives good sleep,

Potassium 1,317

Stimulates neural activities,, improves the nervous system, regulates fluid systems, maintains water balance, reduces anxiety and stress levels, boosts heart health, boosts metabolisms, strengthens muscles, stabilises blood pressure, enhances bone health, stabilises blood sugars,

Aluminium  2.42

Is ok in small doses it’s in all our vegetables and water and is good for painful joints and alleviates fatigue, The average daily intake is 10 mg per day.

Aluminium is toxic if exceeding the daily recommendations

Silicon  17 

Strengthens Bones prevents baldness and Alopecia, prevents brittle nails, is good for skin, assists in elasticity, reduces ageing, increases collagen, restores mucosa, prevents Atherosclerosis, promotes healing, and prevents aluminium toxicity.

Gold  42

Gold is a great anti-inflammatory, as is a superconductor assisting the neural pathways.

It has been used in ancient cultures to increase longevity and enhance spiritual awareness,  LT Lawrence Frego stated Gold raises the IQ by 20 basis points over 30 days 

Phosphorus. 49

Strengthens teeth and bones, detoxes the body, supports cognitive development, stimulates protein metabolism, boosts cell repair, helps hormonal balance, promotes metabolism, facilitates nutrient uptake

Calcium  1,077

Strengthens bones and teeth, assists in a stable weight, protects cardiac muscles, has anti-cancer potential, reduces pre-menstrual depression, prevents kidney stones, controls the alkaline PH, regulates blood pressure, and assists transportation of nutrients 

Strontium 9.28

Strengthens bones and aids in alkalising the bones. Assists in the absorption of calcium, Prevents tooth decay, is used in treating prostate cancer,

Lithium  2.88

Lithium is used for treating depression, and anxiety, it has anti-inflammatory properties, and it boosts cognitive function. Tests in 26 counties in Texas in 1990 showed that counties with a low rate in the water had a 40% higher suicidal rate 

Barium 0.38

Other organisations have set guidelines or regulations pertaining to the concentration of barium in drinking water. The World Health Organisation established a guideline for drinking- water quality of 1.3 mg/L for barium. The United States Environmental Protection Agency’s standard and the guideline established by the Australia National Health and Medical Research Council are both set at 2.0 mg/L. The European Union has not established a limit for barium in drinking water. High quantities of barium above daily intake are harmful.

Iron 2.88

Enhances Haemoglobin, regulates body temp, treats Anaemia, oxygen carrier prevents chronic fatigue, assists energy and metabolism, improves appetite, prevents restless leg syndrome, prevents hair loss, improves muscle health, improves brain function and development, boosts immunity, promotes sleep, boosts concentration, helps heal wounds, neurotransmitter synthesis

Zinc 0.52

Wound healing, DNA synthesis, Protein synthesis, Gene expression, and Immune function, Aid in the growth development of Mitosis and cell division.Anti-inflammatory.

Manganese 0.39

Bone health and strong antioxidant properties help reduce diseases, reduce inflammation, particularly with chondroitin and Glucosamine. Assist in blood sugar regulation, is Linked to lower amounts of epileptic seizures, assists in the role of metabolising nutrients may reduce PMS symptoms in conjunction with calcium, may protect the brain from free radicals and improve brain function. Assist in good thyroid health. assist in wound healing by aiding in collagen production.

I suggest you google the daily intakes for each mineral and do the math.

For more studies/research and resources on Monatomic gold

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Disclaimer: These statements in this content are based on the research and opinions of Sphinx Ormus. Our products or the products above are not meant to replace a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, or a certified health professional. We highly advise you to consult your healthcare practitioner and discuss potential side effects before consuming our product. This is not intended to treat diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA of Australia or the FDA of The USA.


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