Egyptian Ankh

Ankh We have researched the electromagnetic energies of the Ankh.

The ancient Egyptian Ankh and the pillar Djed are two symbols that have been widely recognised for their significant impact on healing, spiritual enlightenment and electromagnetic science. The ankh meaning also known as the key of life represents eternal life and was and is being used as a powerful healing tool.

The Egyptian Djed Pillar.

Djed PillarThe Djed pillar pillar symbolises stability and strength and has been associated with the backbone of Osiris. The god of the afterlife. This article will explore the ancient symbols the Ankh symbol and the Djed pillar symbol the electro-magnetic tests that we have endured, the meanings and knowledge that are attributed to them the power that they hold and their significance in ancient Egyptian culture. It also examines the influence of the Ankh and the Djed on healing and spiritual enlightenment the role of electromagnetism in these symbols and how it affects the human body.


AnkhThrough this writing, we hope to gain a better understanding of the power and significance of the symbols promoting physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. The Djed was used to amplify the energy of the Ankh and has a strong association with the God Osiris and is believed to represent his backbone .whicjh symbolises his resurrection and eternal life. The Djed symbol appeared in the pre-dynastic period and was associated with the god Ptah and the city of Memphis, and was also used for funerary rights and was thought to be a symbol also of his backbone. Both symbols were used in religious rituals and practices.

The ankh symbol was a key to existence and provided divine protection and was believed to be the key to the afterlife.

Ankh and Djed healing and spiritual enlightenment

The Ankh and Djed have been associated with spiritual enlightenment since ancient times. The Ankh is believed to be a holy instrument that can transmit pure frequencies. Transform consciousness and uplift the spirit without limits.

Spiritual teachings of various traditions have attempted to bridge the gap between scientific and spiritual concepts, providing a practical and reasonable path to enlightenment and alleviating suffering.

The African healing tradition of Ankh and Djed has gained popularity in contemporary times due to its tripartite approach to healing the mind, body, and spirit.

As people release the old energy within themselves and connect with past lives, memories, experiences, and knowledge, they may develop psychic abilities and experience a sense of inner all being.

Magnets are believed to impact the human body in terms of health, already proven to assist physically with arthritis,

also used -being in certain spiritual practices, and are often employed in conjunction with the Ankh and the Djed healing methods.

Spiritual awakening can cause confusion and disconnection from one’s true self, which may be mistaken for depression.

However, it is an integral part of the process of spiritual enlightenment. The Ankh and the Djed are symbols that continue to hold relevance to promoting healing and spiritual growth.


The Ankh and the Djed and electromagnetism

What is the role of electromagnetism In Ankh and Djed, and how do they influence the electromagnetic field?

When electrical devices work, they produce an electromagnetic field in their vicinity that affects all organisms, including humans. The Ankh symbolises the creative force and the Djed symbolises its power source.

However, the internal response to the electromagnetic field varies from one individual to another based on beliefs and world views and connectivity to Mother Earth and the electrical field within our aura. If our Aura or 7 chakras are running at optimum the field is greater. The Ancient Egyptians knew this and consumed MFKTZ or Monatomic gold to boost this field for optimum electrical energy spiritual, longevity and physical benefits. They were known to take colloidal silver and colloidal gold also.

The ankh was /is a conduit or antenna for the Devine power of life that permeates the universe. Electromagnetism and the Ankh and is associated with the Djed which was the symbol of stability in ancient African theology. As you can see in the image the Djed is a pillar with a band across the top and the base. It was also a symbol that was used in the spiritual science of mummification. It was to symbolise the metamorphosis that the body underwent at death. and the transformation of the physical being into its eternal celestial form. The Djed backbone of Osiris,(Asap-the lord of the perfect black) It was said that the star emanating was as bright as the Sirius star.

This is where it gets very interesting. It’s very sad and traumatic that the darker races were subject to slavery in fact they were the higher spiritually connected beings.

The Ankh served many capacities in African spirituality, in fact, it served as the natural conductor of the skin (melanin resistivity] for the skin is the key to the soul. A change in the conductivity in the conductivity in the skin alters the capacitance of the Ankh, creating frequency changes as a result. Both the emotional and spiritual responses can be communicated.

There are hieroglyphic reliefs which are electronic circuit designs, meant to convey knowledge of electromagnetism. Everything in nature is an oscillator and god is the spark projecting all frequencies to which everything responds.

Melanin is an organic semiconductor that acts as a detector [the sixth sense]  Let us be clear the reason for spiritual mummification is to preserve the black skin which contained a living neural network of melanin. Yes, this melanin wasn’t just a gift to have resistance to sunburn it was to connect to spirit. It’s no wonder this amazing substance is dearer than gold.

All living systems have electromagnetic phantoms. The Africans established a positive way to communicate with all life forms on different planes of existence. The phantoms of atoms and molecules are called photons. They are the essence of nuclear life, governing the material states of the material world.

Ankh tests

Ankh djed Pillar test prototype

harnessing electro magnetic and telluric energy

Ankh Djed Pillar test Billy Carsens from.  has deciphered and read over 1000 scriptures and ancient tablets studied for over 30 years examining and cross-examining with scriptures like the Book of Enoch, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, the bible and the Koran just to name. He and Zaharia Sitchen delved into this information very deeply.

I have researched Billy Carsens and he is a very smart and credible man with sources for all his claims. This evidence is changing our history and much of its been hidden for power and control through Christianity and Elites.

Much of the Bible’s information has been repeated from these clay tablets and The Book of Enoch and has been slightly altered being paper, for manipulation.

I am not against religious or religion I’m simply stating Billy Carson’s evidence.

He also stated that the Egyptians mixed Colloidal gold with Monatomic gold, and this is the reason why Sphinx Ormus mixes colloidal Gold with our Ormus.

He also stated information from the Emerald tablets dated approximately 36000yrs old, which consisted of a substance not known to man or from on earth preventing oxidisation or ageing,

The Emerald tablets were also written by THOTH or Hermes Trismegistus the Egyptian Ankh was used to access portals or stargates to different dimensions and locations. These Ankhs were designed specifically for each owner resonating at a certain frequency that could only be used by that particular owner of that Ankh.

Our tests On the Ankh 

We established a prototype above that we are currently testing running through our liquid monatomic gold. This prototype has been tested to emit 6 volts of Electromagnetic and telluric energy,

We produced 3 Ankhs connected to a round basal plate with the flower of life on it, The Ankh have capacitors connected to store the energy. Below the basal plate conductor, we have A Djed pillar which is an Orgone wand consisting of Non-Organic and Organic substances Crystals and Metals that amplifies energy,  This energy is run into a chamber by copper coils and will charge our Ormus with this fascinating spiritual energy. We have a few traits that we are not revealing for our Final plan. We will be testing with Kirlain photography and microscopic imaging to see differences with current Monatomic gold liquid and its effect on Aura’s increasing electromagnetic field and molecular structure for higher vibrational states.

It is said that increased aura increases connection to universal energy and Intuition and manifestation abilities.

Rife frequency engineers have also found that human cells emit certain electricity and that the cells at 50 milli-volts are at a pinnacle where diseases set in, 15 mv cancer is rapid and reproducing aggressively, and the Optimum health of a cell is 100Mv.

This is the result of our engineering of 7 energies and 12 frequencies on our Ormus and effects on the Aura using Kirlain imaging and Software, Bare in mind since this Imaging we have added another energy using pyramids which are powerful chargers and additional 8 frequencies by cymatics using harmonic imprinting raising the frequency and theses  2 additional traits need to be added and will improve our product further. Watch this space once we run the Ormus through 6 volts of Ankh energy Boom.

1 the Ankh structure prototype

2,  A rotator that spins the sacred geometry and gridded crystals, triskelions and orgon Pyramids at a high speed inside the Pyramid elevating the Taurus energy.

Aura imaging

Aura Imaging

Before Ormus


Aura Imaging Ormus

Aura imaging after Ormus 15 mins


Kirlain photography ormus

After Sphinx Ormus monatomic gold liquid


7 chakras Ormus



aura imaging Ormus


This is how Annuaki travelled a lot of the time. Thoth also obtained a type of weapon that he could raise and would just stop you in your tracks if you were an opposing force this was done by vibration.

Thoth taught the 7 laws of the universe in the ancient mystery schools in Kemet’s previous name for Egypt.

He also taught languages, mathematics, alchemy and astronomy to name a few.

Jesus was also known to have attended this school at the age of 12 before he went to Tibet to learn Buddhism and then on to India to learn the mystic arts and return as an Essene when he was 33 to be put on the cross.

There is also a house that Billy Carson claims is where Jesus lived in Egypt.

The cross is a symbol of death but the Ankh is the symbol of life.

Monatomic gold has many names to names Manna, MFKTZ, White powder gold  Monatomic gold,  Ormus, Ormus Gold, Atomic Ormus,  The Elixir of Life, and The philosophers Stone,

Monatomic gold and Ormus are listed in the natural holistic healing web for longevity.     The healing Web

Sphinx Ormus has proven with its product and Kirain photography { aura Imgaing] that the Aura emanates up to 30% more and boosts the field offering access to these benefits.

Frozen water Test Ankh 

Here’s an Ankh that was placed in the freezer with water surrounding it, It’s clear that you can see the dense white Ice around the perimeter showing the energy effect it has on water.

Ankh frozen water testAnkh frozen water testAnkh frozen water test

Supercharge Monatomic Gold Crystals.


Triskelions Magnetic Vortexing Water for Ormus

Ormus | Vibrational Healing Methods

White Gold Powder

Protect Ormus | Electromagnetic Frequencies.







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