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Protect Ormus| Electromagnetic Frequencies, Ormus Gold or M-state Elements are susceptible to being damaged by electromagnetic frequencies. It can affect its superconductivity.
M state elements Can be protected in several ways which I will explain in this article.
Ormus has been called by many names, White powder Gold, MFKTZ. Atomic Ormus Shem-Mann-na, Manna, Monatomic Gold, Philosophers stone, Shewbread and Elixir Of life.
Ormus has been recently rediscovered in recent years and has made a strong comeback, with many websites with positive reviews on achieving results for many illnesses or just creating better health. Ormus Gold is an interesting substance with monatomic elements, high spinning atoms assisting in healing and quick communication within cells.
Ormus Gold has different properties, alkalising the body, and anti-inflammatory, energising, and healing abilities with magnetic levitation to name a few.
M state elements have amazing benefits for the human body and exist in all realms of life from plants, to the soil, and rocks, water and are even present in the human body. High amounts of Ormus exist in Purple fruits or vegetables.
Ormus is sometimes taken for its spiritual traits, lucid dreaming or for meditation or to assist to get into the alpha brain wave state.
David Hudson rediscovered Ormus and M state Elements otherwise known as Ormes”. Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements, He researched the substance for many years and spent approx 8 million in research and finally ended up patenting Ormes.

Is Ormus Dangerous

Some claim that Ormus Gold Can be dangerous, and with the wrong alchemic procedures this can be the case. Some negative Ormus Client Testimonials may be due to companies not following the correct Alchemic procedures.
If the PH is raised to higher than 10.78 during the Alchemic process heavy metals can drop out of the solution and in this case, the solution must be discarded. These are called Gilcrest metals.
Once the correct precipitation concurs it must be rinsed at least 3 times to reduce the sodium content.
Ormus is made by several methods many use the Dead Sea salt method,
Dead sea salt contains high levels of aluminium oxide, nearly 5% per volume. Dead sea salt also contains more than 70 times the bromine levels compared to Pacific ocean salt. It is important to understand these compounds and the toxicity that occurs through consumption.
Alchemists following the correct procedure using Pacific Ocean Seawater or other safe methods harvested from a clean safe location filtering can produce a fine Ormus product that can be beneficial in producing a large range of natural Organic trace minerals.


Trace Elements In Ormus Monatomic Gold

At Sphinx Ormus, we use Pacific Ocean Seawater as the base ingredient and the trace Elements listed on the assay are as follows,
Boron Strontium
Sulphur, Lithium
Sodium Iron
Magnesium Zinc
Potassium Manganese
Phosphorus Aluminium
Calcium Gold
Silicon Barium
Strontium Lithium

For detailed information, resources, studies inc David Hudson Research, Alpha Learning Institute on studies with balancing Hemispheres of the brain with Monatomic Gold and other ways to supercharge your Ormus. Follow the link below:
Unlike many Ormus companies, We sell Our Ormus in A Glass Cobalt Blue bottle to raise the frequency of the Ormus due to the violet spectrum.
We also Imprint the frequency known as the miracle tone 528MZ in our product and add 99.99 % Colloidal Gold. It is made with harmonious and positive intentions which is essential as Ormus is a sponge to vibration and frequency.

Ways To Protect Your Ormus Monatomic Gold From EMF.

Protect Ormus Electromagnetic Frequencies, Ormus is extremely vulnerable to EMF frequencies and living in the city it can be hard to get away from them, Your Wifi can be turned off but Wifi can carry up to 70 meters in some cases and your neighbours may well be crossing paths while yours is turned off. Microwaves and mobile Phones and TV all have a negative effect. These can affect the potency of your Ormus.
To protect your Monatomic Gold wrap it in Tin Foil 3 times to protect the Ormus,
Faraday Cages or Tin boxes that will protect Ormus electromagnetic fields.
Copper Tensor rings being placed around the bottle will also create a field to protect Ormus electromagnetic Felids

Ormus Electromagnetic Frequencies





Thick Mylar bags can protect from EMF

Ormus Electro magnetic frequencies

Supercharged Ormus






Triskelions which are copper wire wound into sacred geometry also do a good job of protecting EMF. They are made to a sacred length of the Egyptian cubit 25.02 inches, the triskelion will resonate at 144 HZ. These also structure water from just by being nearby your water as quickly as a few hours. Triskelions will assist and protect Ormus from electromagnetic Fields

Ormus electromagnetic frequencies








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Ormus Electromagnetic Frequencies


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