Methods To Raise Your Vibration

  • Smile and be happy
  • Do what makes you happy
  • Eat a healthy alkaline diet
  • Have an exercise regime or workout at the gym
  • meditation
  • Let go of a grudge
  • let go of something no longer serving you
  • Reduce clutter and live in a tidy organised environment
  • watch humorous videos
  • listen to binaural beats
  • Give and help others
  • Play a musical instrument
  • Sun gaze in the early morning upon rising or evening upon sunset when the sun’s rays are dim
  • Barefoot grounding, walking on bare earth or on the beach
  • Swim in the saltwater
  • Speaking positive affirmations
  • Write in a gratitude journal
  • Learning to say no
  • learn to control nail biting
  • Spend time around uplifting people
  • Spend time in nature, The bush, Waterfalls, Rivers, Beach, Mountains
  • Start a garden
  • Drink Structured water.                                     Triskelions Magnetic Vortexing Water for Ormus
  • Drink from a cobalt blue glass.                             Secrets Of Cobalt Blue Glass
  • Play your favourite music
  • Take Ormus Monatomic gold
  • Stop complaining
  • Put a stop to limiting beliefs systems
  • Stop blaming others
  • Stop Swearing
  • Stop negative self-talk
  • Stop dwelling on the past
  • resistance to change  [be open-minded]
  • The need to impress others
  • The need to be always right
  • The need for others’ approval
  • Drawing or colouring in sacred geometry or staring at it has been proven to have powerful effects




Ormus raises your vibration from being imprinted from many of the universe’s energies,

At Sphinx Ormus, we do a variety of methods to our Monatomic gold to raise its vibration using toroidal energy, electro-magnetic energy, sacred geometry meridians, the vibration of crystals, and cobalt blue glass with a violet colour spectrum.

528 HZ  sound to structure the water

Vortexing the water to structure the water

Copper triskelions  144 HZ  electromagnetic energy ( a sacred Egyptian length of copper wire shaped into sacred geometry known to structure water from just being placed near.]

Sacred geometry

crystals from the earth’s vibrations

ways to raise your vibration

Supercharge Monatomic gold with sacred geometry and crystals. To purchase use : SPHINX ORMUS “
to get 11% off


Cobalt Blue glass from the violet colour spectrum

Made during a full moon

Sea water harvested on a rising tide



Liquid monatomic gold increases your aura, We leak cortisol when we emit feelings or stress or anger and the skin has small receptors that can sense this chemical. This is how we feel bad energy or feel stress in a room.

Monatomic gold can make you extra sensitive from your aura expanding.

Lucid dreaming or Astro travelling in your dreams is not uncommon.

Time frames for these effects seem to vary from person to person.

Sphinx Ormus is proven to increase ones Aura or Merkabah.

These are Aura Imagining photos before and after 15mins of consuming

aura imaging before SPHINX ORMUSaura imaging before SPHINX ORMUS









Chakra % before SPHINX ORMUS AURA IMAGING "Ways to raise your vibration"


aura imaging after Sphinx ormus "ways to raise your vibration"


aura Imaging Sphinx Ormus "ways to raise your vibration"


This is known as the ‘HU’ or a very slight ringing in the ears when in complete silence has been another sign your vibration is rising.


Ormus has been referred to by many names :

Philosophers Stone, Elixir Of Life, Elixir Ormus, Monoatomic gold, MFKTZ, manna, She-man-na, M state Metals, M state elements, M state materials, White powder Gold, Atomic Ormus, Ormus Gold, Orme’s, Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements. Ormus supplements, monatomic gold liquid,

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