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Ormus Supplement benefits are numerous, An Ormus Supplement can come in a few different substances,

Ormus Monatomic gold can be bought in capsules or taken as a liquid sublingually. This method enters the bloodstream more quickly.

Monatomic gold has been around since ancient cultures and has been worshipped for its longevity and spiritual enlightenment.

Many meditators or yogis have been consistent in consuming the Ormus for deeper states of meditation.

Claims are consistent with clear dreams and memories of them consistently when sleeping.

Monatomic gold has been proven to within minutes balance the left brain and right brain hemispheres.

Place you in the alpha brain state, which is known for its healing and deep meditative state.

Atomic Ormus covers a lot of reading if you work through our blogs and resources you will find some helpful and interesting information.

Studies Research MONATOMIC GOLD

Ormus health benefits

Ormus is a very alkaline substance ranging from 9-10 on the PH meter and is praised for alkalising the body where the disease is less inhabitable

Ormus Gold is a powerful energy booster and assists the brain’s cognitive function alerting the brain to function at its optimum.

Gold is a powerful superconductor assisting in neural pathway activity and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Ormus supplements have grown a lot in 2022 with Google searches rising to 236% for Ormus and 128% for Monatomic Gold.

Atomic Ormus benefits become deeply researched it seems.

Ormus testimonials  from all over the net have claims from benefiting multiple sclerosis, skin irritations, depression, anxiety, inflammation properties for sprains, healing wounds, and burns, nail and hair growing faster, and more stamina in athletes,

Below is an interesting list of the assay for SPHINX ORMUS with all of the trace minerals and a compendium of benefits explaining how each individual mineral benefits the body or potential ailments.

link: Ormus Monatomic Gold Assay Minerals benefits

Ormus supplement benefits increase the Aura and the electromagnetic energy of the body, this may be related to the claims of people becoming more sensitive and spiritually aware.

People and animals can pick up on energies of Aura, an example of this is when someone is under duress they leak cortisol into the Aura which penetrates small receptors in our skin bringing you down chemically and empathetically.

Our intuition is a sense of this toroidal structure of the human energy field.

The Institute of heart math used sensitive electrocardiographs EKGS to measure electro impulses that emanate from the centre of the Torus of the heart.

This measured up to 12 feet on certain individuals majority around 8-10 feet.

Orme’s Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements 

In nature they are within the composition of the molecular structure of plants, Also in fruits and vegetables, certain volcanic soils, abundant in the ocean and organisms within and studies have even found up to 5% in the human body.

Orme’s has been referred to by many names, MFKTZ, Philosophers Stone, Manna, M State elements, M state Minerals, M state materials, Monoatomic Gold, Ormus Gold, Atomic Ormus, Shewbread, The Elixir Of Life, Elixir Ormus, White Powder Gold, Goldwater, Goldwater Elixir

Orme’s are thought to be superconductors that allow clear cell-to-cell communication, high spin atoms that pass energy

.Minerals are important for our body’s daily function for cell division {mitosis] cell regeneration, cell repair, protecting pathogens for immunity and preventing premature aging.

Our diets today lack many minerals hence why it’s important to get blood tests.

Ormus supplements are an energy-packed  Elixir Ormus that is highly permeable to the cells in their monatomic form.

Science has dictated that a number of M-state elements exist on the periodic table but are hard to trace in their monatomic form, with standard spectrometry methods failing to detect them.

These elements are Cobalt, Gold, Iridium, Nickel, Silver, Palladium, Ruthenium, Osmium, Platinum,

David Hudson Ormus  spent approx 8 million USA dollars as a retired cotton farmer delving deep into the science of Orme’S

link: David Hudson Lectures on ORMES



AT SPHINX ORMUS we charge our Ormus by Vortexing the water, using copper triskelions, sacred geometry and crystals.

Triskelions Magnetic Vortexing Water for Ormus

  • We harmonically imprint the liquid with 528 Hz “Miracle tone” The frequency of love, DNA repair,
  • 8hz,88hz,888hz abundance,
  • 432 Hz The OHM sound of creation{manifestation]
  • 7.83 Hz Shumans resonance,
  • 963 Hz God connection,
  • 1111 hz Endorphins,
  • 285 Hz influences energy field and cell repair,
  • 639hz attracts love and positive energy,
  • 741 hz cellular detox,
  • 100 hz increased cognitive function.
  • 40 Hz long-term memory
  • Finally, an ancient Egyptian mantra called the AKA DUA which has powerful healing benefits.

Each bottle comes in a cobalt blue glass bottle which raises the vibration from the violet colour spectrum.

Each bottle comes in an Electromagnetic proof EMF bag with a Rose quartz crystal for the journey to you.

Rose Quartz is known to vibrate the frequency of love.

Our product is harvested from Pacific Ocean seawater on a rising tide on a full moon when the earth’s energies are at their peak.

Our product has been assayed unlike many Ormus products on the market,

Additionally, 99.99% colloidal gold is added to our Ormus.

Colloidal gold has anti-inflammatory properties.

The Monatomic Gold is a light Purple thick substrate.

It comes in Biodegradable packaging.

It’s treated with many universal energies.

Copper Triskelions

Orgonite pyramids

Sacred geometry

Rose quartz crystals bound in wire on meridian grids on sacred geometry.

Paua shell was used by ancient Maori healers to remove the negative vibrations from the water.

Copper Nubian pyramids towering over the stock in the eye of sacred geometry.




Ormus supplement Benefits

Supercharged Ormus



Ormus Supplement benefits




Dead sea salt contains high levels of aluminium oxide, nearly 5% per volume.

Dead sea salt also contains more than 70 times the bromine levels compared to Pacific ocean salt.

It is important to understand these compounds and the toxicity that occurs through consumption.

Monatomic Gold Benefits

Back injury Yoga Ormus

Triskelions Magnetic Vortexing Water for Ormus

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