Monatomic Gold Benefits

Monatomic Gold benefits

Supercharged Monatomic gold


Monatomic Gold benefits have been proven in research and studies , The benefits I have listed below are from the nutrients \trace minerals that are listed on the SPHINX ORMUS Monatomic gold Product assay.

These trace minerals and nutrients have had much research done on them and are related to how they can assist the human body

.In this article I am referring to these minerals and trace elements that are currently in the SPHINX ORMUS Product.

Other Ormus products may have different assay results.


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Studies Research MONATOMIC GOLD

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Below are 10 benefits of taking monatomic gold.

Increased energy

One of the most consistent claims is increased energy or just not fading towards the end of the day, Nutrients in monatomic gold that can aid are sulphur and this assists in vitamin B uptake that converts carbohydrates to energy, magnesium boost athletic performance and Iron decreases anaemia.


Increased cognitive function

Increased cognitive function, sulphur can assist increasing circulation to the brain, potassium can stimulate neural activities, and Gold is a great superconductor [Lawrence Frego stated Gold raises the IQ by 20 basis points over 30 days 

Iron improves brain function and development,  and boosts concentration, and neurotransmitter synthesis, manganese may assist in protecting the brain from free radicals and help with brain function. Sodium improves brain function. Phosphorus supports cognitive development. Lithium improves cognitive function.

These are some of the monatomic gold benefits.


Graceful Ageing 

Sulphur assists in detoxing the body, and is essential to connecting tissues, helping elasticity to the skin reducing wrinkles,

Silicon assists in elasticity and increases collagen,

Iron reduces hair loss, and promotes sleep.

Calcium assists in alkalising the PH, which some research relates to graceful ageing.

Manganese aids in collagen production.

Zinc aids in mitosis and cell division.


Anti Inflammatory 

Inflammation is known to be linked to many autoimmune diseases, Zinc, lithium, Boron, Magnesium, and Gold are all present in Monatomic gold and have anti-inflammation properties.

Gold alone has been used to treat arthritis and rheumatism.



Phosphorous, Sulphur, Sodium, and Manganese assist in the detox and assist in elimination of free radicals in the body.


Depression and anxiety

Boron assists in balancing hormones,  Magnesium may reduce anxiety and combat depression, Potassium reduces anxiety and stress levels, Lithium is used in treating anxiety and depression,

Tests in 26 counties in Texas in 1990 showed that counties with a low rate in the water had a 40% higher suicidal rate.

This is a powerful monatomic gold benefit.


Strong Bones

Boron helps build strong bones, magnesium for bone health, silicon, strengthens bones, Phosphorous strengthens bones, calcium strengthens bones and teeth, and manganese aids in bone health


Assisting in Arthritis

Gold has anti-inflammation properties and has been used in the treatment of arthritis.

Boron is helpful for arthritis, aluminium in small doses,

it’s in all our vegetables and water and is helpful for painful joints and alleviates fatigue,

The average daily intake is 10 mg per day.

Aluminium is toxic if exceeding the daily recommendations

Monoatomic gold contains silicon and this assists in preventing aluminium toxicity

SPHINX ORMUS monatomic gold product has 2.42 PPM aluminium far below the gov recommendation daily limit,

Please check our Assay here for more detailed info below:

Ormus Monatomic Gold Assay Minerals benefits.

Other anti-inflammatory trace minerals are Zinc, Boron, Gold, lithium, magnesium,


Wound healing and Good for Burns

Monatomic gold benefits for wound healing and burns include Boron speeding up the healing process,

Sulphur assists in connecting tissues, sodium is in many skin creams, silicon is good for skin health,

Phosphorous boosts cell repair,

Calcium assists in the transportation of nutrients,

Iron helps heal wounds,

Manganese assists in wound healing by aiding in collagen production.

Ormus or Monatomic gold applied to a wound tends to dry the wound out very quickly and the crust eliminates quickly.


Hair, Nail Health, Teeth

Silicon strengthens bones prevents baldness and Alopecia, prevents brittle nails, is good for the skin,

Iron assists in preventing hair loss, calcium is good for bones and teeth,

Thermal Imaging clicks the link below showing how the brain is showing activation.

Monatomic Gold benefits

These are just some of the benefits of Monatomic Gold benefits for more on our product you can go to our about us page:

About Us

Monatomic Gold is referred to as many names some include  MFKTZ from the Egyptians,  Manna as in the bible, White powder Gold, Ormus, Ormus Gold, Atomic Ormus, The philosophers stone, The elixir Of life, She-man-na .M state elements, M state materials, M state metals ,Elixir Ormus

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Have you had a positive experience with monatomic gold we would love to hear about your experience.?

Disclaimer: These statements in this content are based on the research and opinions of Sphinx Ormus. Our products or the products above are not meant to replace a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, or a certified health professional. We highly advise you to consult your healthcare practitioner and discuss potential side effects before consuming our product. This is not intended to treat diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA of Australia or the FDA of The USA.


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