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Ormus Monatomic Gold is an organic  GMO-free and preservative-free product.

There are several ways to make Ormus Monatomic Gold some with negative detriments that have attracted negative reviews, issues or links on the net.

The Elixir Ormus is a subject that needs to be deeply researched so you can form your own opinion and see the benefits of Ormus supplements.

The place I suggest to start that may assist in your research is in the Assay in which many companies don’t have a detailed report on the product label.



1, This helpful article will assist you in understanding the specific trace minerals/elements specifically in the Sphinx Ormus Monoatomic Gold product and how they benefit the body and give credibility to many of the claims being made.

Ormus Monatomic Gold Assay Minerals benefits.



2, This article will explain the certain dangers of monatomic gold if made with the wrong ingredients eg Dead Sea Salt is used or the incorrect alchemic procedures are not followed. This info is  related to the “ORMUS WET METHOD”

Is Ormus Dangerous



SPHINX ORMUS is an organic Egyptian Elixir treated with an alchemical process beginning with Pacific Ocean Seawater and various minerals, producing trace minerals in a high-spin monoatomic form.

Molecular simplicity is key to their unique bio-availability for the body to access. Abundant research on this substance indicates it’s superconductive and capable of carrying and transmitting ‘light’ or electromagnetic energy from cell to cell with no let losses of energy. To read about how we supercharge and structure the water and Ormus using the earth’s energy and vibration read  About Us


The earth’s vibration resonates at 7.83 HZ, It has been proven that when in this elite Alpha brain wave State after consuming Ormus you vibrate at 7.83 Hz.
Ormus Gold has been proven by the Alpha brain wave research centre in Switzerland that Monoatomic gold or Ormus Gold puts us into this Alpha state. The Alpha state is similar to the meditative state, with many health benefits in this state proven that links to healing anxiety and depression and more effective learning ability, and higher creativity.

It has been proven to balance the left/right brain hemispheres within minutes creating numerous benefits including deeper meditation and higher IQ.


For deeper research into Ormus and studies:

The ancient Egyptians used Ormus or otherwise known by its Egyptian name [ MFKTZ ] used for longevity and spiritual enhancement.


Alchemists were known to guard and protect the recipe of Goldwater
SPHINX ORMUS | ORMUS GOLD  superconductive properties assist communication and regeneration at a faster rate between cells in the body and between the body and spirit.

It seems to increase mental clarity, memory, and focus and creates a sense of calmness and improves psychic awareness, sensitivity and intuition. Some people have reported increased energy.
Lucid dreaming, healing burns and skin ailments, and hair colouring starting regeneration from grey to dark after 4 approx months.

Improved skin condition hair and nails and a vibrant look of overall health.


SPHINX ORMUS |ORMUS GOLD appears to enhance and activate your full brain creating neurons to fire more efficiently and effectively, increasing memory and allowing for new pathways of thought,

SPHINX ORMUS |ORMUS GOLDAtomic Ormus has powerful anti-inflammation properties.
Additionally, Atomic Ormus magnifies the human electromagnetic field or Aura.

It must be kept away from Electromagnetic frequencies like power points, phones, fridges, microwaves, TV etc or it can lose its superconductor properties.

M state metals are great for sports injuries and soaking sprains reduce fatigue for workouts and increase stamina.

Ormus Gold has many other fascinating benefits and properties For extensive in-depth information and studies go to our website or click the links below


Why choose Sphinx Ormus 

  • We harmonically imprint the liquid with 528 Hz “Miracle tone” The frequency of love, DNA repair,
  • 8hz,88hz,888hz abundance,
  • 432 Hz The OHM sound of creation{manifestation] 7.83 Hz shumans resonance,
  • 963 Hz God connection,  1111 hz Endorphins, 285 Hz influences energy field, cell repair,
  • 639hz attracts love and positive energy,
  • 741 hz cellular detox,
  • 100 hz increased cognitive function.
  • 40 Hz long-term memory
  • Finally, an ancient Egyptian mantra called the AKA DUA which has powerful healing benefits.
  • We use sacred geometry with wire-bound round rose quartz crystals to amplify energy. These are on all meridians.
  • We use 6 Organite Pyramids in a circular manner around the eye of the sacred geometry and the triskelion in the eye
  • We use Copper Nubian Pyramids to tower over the sacred geometry and stock. Pyramids are proven to have many benefits.
  • We place the paua shell near our Goldwater as the ancient Moari healers used the paua shell to remove negative vibrations from water.
  • we use copper triskelions in the eye of the sacred geometry to structure our Goldwater.
  • We are constantly upgrading the current 8 energies and  12 frequencies we use to charge our Ormus with more coming soon some very exciting ones.

Egyptian Ankh


click the link for thermal imaging.       Ormus and Thermal Imaging


Monoatomic Gold has been referred to by many names, including MFKTZ or Shewbread from the Egyptians, Manna as referred to in the bible, Elixir Ormus, The philosopher’s Stone, The white powder Gold, Ormus Supplement, Ormus Gold, Atomic Ormus, The Elixir Of Life, She-man-na, Goldwater, The fountain of youth


Monatomic Gold Benefits


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