David Hudson Ormus

David Hudson a cotton farmer that started mining gold came across a mysterious substance in Phoenix Arizona on his large estate.

A substance that would endeavour approx 20 years of research and over 8 million dollars ,

in brief he discovered Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements or Orme’s of which he went on to patent throughout many countries of the world ,

David Hudson discussed Ormus and appeared presenting in public many lectures for a period on these magnificent discoveries but strangely he mysteriously disappeared some claim the government shut him down.

Below are some of David Hudson Orme’s discoveries Orme short for Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements I will explain in brief and further is a link to a 113-page document explaining in detail the studies he did on groups of sick people with cancer, herpes, and aids,

This research relates to science and physics.

Some of David Hudson Ormus’s discoveries

It is a room-temperature superconductor, exhibits energy-generating properties, and can receive, store, and emit light/information/energy without loss.
Its electrons merge with the anti-electrons, forming counter-rotating bands of light that rotate around the egg-shaped nucleus.
At the same time, it creates an etheric pranic vortex that flows through the atomic nucleus along a double helix, corresponding to the Kundalini energy of the human being.
It creates an independent zero magnetic field (Meissner field) around itself, which corresponds to the Mer-Ka-Ba of the human being.
Pure monoatomic gold levitates on the earth’s magnetic field.
It emits light at the speed of sound.
Its function and lifespan is eternal.
The aging process is reversed by repairing DNA damage, thereby rejuvenating and extending the vital lifespan of DNA.
Damaged cells, as well as brain cells and functional disorders, are regenerated.
The endocrine system is activated particularly the thymus, epiphysis and pituitary glands.
The flow of light/photons in the nervous and median systems can be permanently strengthened and increased.
The self-healing powers are significantly improved.
The DNA will be upgraded and its energy flow and intercellular communication will be increased up to 10,000 times.
An intense emotional cleansing is triggered.
The clarity and manifestation of thoughts are enhanced.
The frequency of the chakras and all bodies is increased.
Perception is sustainably expanded and mental and spiritual abilities are reactivated (if you are already in an expanded state of consciousness, an increase will be experienced).
The Kundalini energy is harmoniously raised.

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