Reports have shown that using  Monatomic Gold | Ormus Gold  can aid in the following conditions :

* Enhances deeper meditation
* Opens the mind-enhancing dreams and lucid dreaming
* Assists in Enhanced cognitive thinking
* Balances left /right brain hemispheres within minutes
* Is able to assist in accelerating manifestations
* Can Help in enhanced mental clarity, memory and focus
* Assists in enhanced creativity due to balancing left /right brain hemispheres
* Can aid in alkalising the body and promoting a healthy PH balance
* Assists in supporting a healthy immune system by strengthening and revitalizing the thymus gland
* Encourages healing for damaged DNA repair

DNA Truck drivers and Ormus

* Aids in strengthening bones and teeth
* Benefits of increasing energy levels
* Boosts stamina for physical exercise
* Helps reduce muscle fatigue during workouts
* Performs superconductivity of cells for quicker cell communication and rejuvenation
* Encourages anti-ageing support
* Assists in healing damaged tissue and sprain from sports injuries by direct application of soaking bandages to promote anti-inflammation properties
* Helps with healing skin burns drys wounds out
* Can create relief with anti-inflammation properties helping joint pain
* Supports nourishment and hydration of body cells
* Encourages increased amounts of electrolytes

* Aids in melatonin production for sleeping
* Assists serotonin production for depression and uplifts feelings assisting the pituitary gland
* Encourages decalcification of the pineal gland
* Assists in increased sensitivity, intuition and psychic awareness
* Supports the reduction of grey hair and the return of natural colouring
* Can aid in reducing wrinkles
* Raises vibration and increases the aura
* Can help in enhancing the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow
* Assists in regenerating sperm count and assists in enhancing sex drive

List of Minerals / Trace Elements In Ormus

Monatomic Gold


Revive Your Energy

Reach Higher Levels of Spiritual, Mental, and Physical Health

Ormus monatomic gold products are sourced from the most natural ingredients meant to enrich the quality of your life.

Ormus Gold |Monatomic Gold |Ormus

Our Sphinx liquid Monatomic gold or Ormus product is a high vibrational alchemical potent organic trace mineral elixir derived from colloidal sea minerals from Australia’s pacific ocean. These minerals are collected just before the full moon and treated alchemically with an ancient Egyptian recipe. About Us

We add pure 99.99% Gold in the form of Colloidal Gold to our Ormus. Our Liquid is a thick light purple substrate due to gold Content of 42 PPM.{Parts per million]

We supercharge our Ormus Monatomic gold with crystals on meridians, Our stock in the eye Sacred Geometry on Triskelions, Orgonite pyramids with copper coils Tourmaline and Shungite and large copper Nubian pyramid 77degree with crystals in apex, Finally we harmonically imprint with frequencies

Supercharge monatomic gold

8 energies at work
Pyramidal, Organite Pyramids, Rose quartz crystals, Sacred geometry, Paua shell, Copper Triskelion, Cobalt blue glass,


8HZ  88HZ  888hz  Abundance

7.83 HZ Shuman resonance.

432 HZ Manifestation

528 HZ Miracle tone and DNA repair

963 HZ Connection to god and universal energy

639 Hz Attract positivity and love

144 Hz Pineal gland from triskelions

100Hz Enhance  cognitive Function

40 Hz Improves long-term memory

1111Hz Endorphins

Finally, we harmonically imprint with an Ancient Egyptian mantra known to have powerful healing powers and Vibration. This is 7000 years old and has attracted over 1.7 million views. The Egyptians were way ahead of us for longevity, spirituality, alchemy and the laws of vibration and many other traits. The Aka Due has 7 levels of healing. This is powerful for manifesting.



aura imaging before SPHINX ORMUS Aura imaging after SPHINX ORMUSChakra % before SPHINX ORMUS AURA IMAGINGaura imaging after Sphinx ormusaura Imaging Sphinx Ormus

The aura image specialist had never seen anything like this in her lifetime and explained that the average Aura chakra reading is 50-60%. She was fascinated with our energy treatment processes that worked.

Triskelions Magnetic Vortexing Water for Ormus 

copper triskelion under water frozen to show energyTriskelions Monatomic gold

Water is frozen overnight on top of triskelion to show the Egg and toroidal energy below the egg.

Our Product comes in a Cobalt Glass Bottle that assists in raising the vibration with the violet colour spectrum.

According to the National Ocean Service, our ocean holds some 20 million tonnes of gold suspended in normal seawater.

Our SPHINX ORMUS | Monatomic Gold | Ormus Gold | Ormus will raise your vibration and increase your aura or electromagnetic field due to its high-spinning atomic properties,

When a person’s body electricity is at its optimum the person will be at his/her optimum health.

In the bible Ormus is primarily referred to as Manna, it is also called the bread, the bread of life, or white stone.

Monatomic gold in layman’s terms is gold atoms not held in a metal state which can be permeable to the body’s cells.

It is believed to promote health and enhance energy,

The ancient Egyptians believed it gave life longevity and had many spiritual benefits.

ORMUS, {Also known as ORMES and M STATE material, or Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements }

Its unusual composition gives it unique benefits such as superconductivity that enables speed to cell-to-cell communication, allowing high energy flow in the body, as high spin atoms can pass energy from one to the other with no resistance improving overall health and leading to faster cell rejuvenation.

Otherwise known as M-state Elements, these exist naturally trapped in the molecular structure of plants and most rich volcanic soil, and rocks and are abundant in our oceans.

Research has shown it’s been found in the human body.

Ormus is also found in a higher concentration of purple fruits and vegetables like eggplant, grapes, blueberries and, beetroot.

Violet is the colour that just so happens to correspond to the 7th chakra, the crown chakra, which corresponds to spirituality and the higher self with reports of deeper meditation.

Blueberries have also been proven to generate cells in the hippocampus part of the brain, and, improve memory and cognitive thinking.

Other Ormus-rich plants and edibles are bee pollen, chocolate, Flax oil, Goji berries,  Grape seeds,  Honey, certain types of Mushrooms,  Royal Jelly, Watercress, Vanilla [whole beans], Slippery Elm Bark, Noni fruit,  Mustard, and Coconut water.

Article/Research  on seawater  “The sea is the best doctor “

Supercharge your Monatomic gold

super charge monatomic gold crystals

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The History Of Monatomic Gold

Monatomic Gold | Ormus Gold | Ormus

Ormus has gained popularity in recent years as a potent healing trace mineral with Google searches On Monatomic Gold rising 128 %, and Ormus 236% in 2022.

Mysteries and monatomic gold




The ancients have always had a special connection to gold.

It was a common belief during these times that gold was the gateway to immortality. Thus, it comes as no surprise that this ancient civilization also used gold in its Ormus form, Monatomic gold powder.

The pharaohs believed Ormus to be the elixir of life and the key to higher spiritual consciousness.

The Egyptians used to bake the Ormus into conical cakes called MFKTZ or shewbread, hieroglyphics have shown this.

It is clear that the Ancient Egyptians were ahead of their time in technology.

They had vast knowledge about the powers and laws of vibration ,no doubt they would of known what effect vibration had to the structure of water.

Sacred geometry formations with resonant experiment with vibration directed at salt crystals click the link below

Mysteries and monatomic gold

ancient Laptop?


Ormus Gold

Egyptian Hieroglyphics


Laurence Gardner’s book, ‘The Lost Secrets of The Sacred Ark’, regards it as the secret to the Pharaoh’s rite of passage into the afterlife.

Due to monatomic gold’s levitational properties, this assisted in lifting the weight of the ARK OF THE COVENANT.

The ark was filled with monatomic gold powder.


Calculations proved the weight of the gold plating on the ark and the size of the ark were pushing limitations by man to be able to carry the ark.

They also needed a breastplate made with certain crystals to protect them from the magnificent energy the ark created

Mysteries of monatomic gold , The ark of the covenant

Ark of the covenant

The Spiritual Benefits Of Ormus

Monatomic Gold | Ormus Gold | Ormus

In ancient Egypt, Monatomic gold was accompanied by sun gazing to activate the Pineal gland enhancing sensitivity and psychic awareness.

Individuals that have used the substance reported that they felt a better connection to spirituality.

Studies have shown that Monatomic gold can aid function in the pineal gland, famously known as the seat of the soul, assisting in our intuition.

Ormus Monatomic Gold is used to enhance their level of consciousness for yoga and meditation.

Placing you in the Alpha brain wave state 7.83 HZ Monoatomic Gold assists in being a source for producing intelligence, calmness, increasing creativity, coordination, agility, and reducing stress.

Others claim vivid lucid dreaming with vivid memories.

These are just some of the Mysteries of Monoatomic Gold.

Ormus | Vibrational Healing Methods

The Mental Benefits Of Monatomic Gold

Monatomic Gold | Ormus Gold | Ormus

The monatomic gold Liquid has been shown to have some potent effects on a consumer’s brain.

Studies In Switzerland at the Alpha Learning Institute have proven that Ormus balances the left and right brain hemispheres improving their cognitive and boosting intellect.

The substance also aids memory, enhancing an individual’s level of concentration and aiding their mental health.

Ormus Monatomic gold aids function in your pineal gland and can help maintain your mental health by stabilizing your mood.

Serotonin is produced in the pineal gland and is the hormone responsible for regulating feelings of well-being and happiness and stabilizing moods. If serotonin levels are imbalanced, this may cause certain mental disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Therefore consuming Ormus or its products can help maintain the health of your mental state.

According to Dr Richard Gerber, M.D, author of “Vibrational Medicine”

Monatomic Gold would be great for anyone with attention deficit disorder ADD and ADHD and Autism.

Monatomic Gold is a product well suited to people beginning to open higher consciousness, self-healing, and a path to spiritual transformation.

Studies Research MONATOMIC GOLD

The Detoxifying Benefits of Monoatomic Gold Powder

Monatomic Gold | Ormus Gold | Ormus

In today’s world, we are constantly surrounded by pollutants. From the pesticides that are spread on the vegetables and fruits, we consume to the exhaust fumes we inhale every day from cars and factories and aerosol sprays and skin products we constantly use that are full of dangerous preservatives and other harmful substances.

Today it seems like everywhere you turn, there is a harmful chemical you can breathe in or consume that breeds danger for your health.

More people are filled with pollutants that will eventually negatively affect their health. Hence, taking this into account, we must purify our bodies of hazardous substances.

Atomic Ormus is a powerful detox and anti-oxidant

Monatomic Gold’s unique abilities aid in purifying your body, enhancing the detoxification process, and getting rid of any pollutants you are currently harbouring.

Ormus Monatomic Gold Assay Minerals benefits.

The Sleeping Benefits Of Ormus

Monatomic Gold | Ormus Gold |Ormus

Quality sleep has always been an important necessity for any healthy individual.

Poor quality sleep has been linked to several diseases, from depression to type 2 diabetes.

Monatomic gold is believed to improve function in the pineal gland where melatonin is produced, this can assist in a more rejuvenated sleep.

Ormus can help with melatonin production aiding better quality sleep.

Melatonin is the hormone responsible for regulating your night and day cycles. However, today with our ever-present screens and our consistent exposure to blue light, we have lower levels of melatonin production.

Super sleep 4HZ frequency plays while sleeping.

scarab beetle monatomic gold

Egyptian hieroglyphics – scarabaeus