Is Ormus Dangerous

is Ormus dangerous

Supercharged Monatomic Gold
Made with Pacific Ocean Sea Water

Ormus can be beneficial with large amounts of trace elements and is a highly alkaline substance.

HOWEVER ” later in my article, I will advise some cautions to adhere to,

Also, supply a link to the assay summary of trace elements/minerals specific to the SPHINX ORMUS product.

Ormus is a popular organic substance and preservative-free,
During 2022 the Google search keyword for Ormus rose by 236% as society rediscovers its benefits.[ see graph ]
Monatomic Gold

Disease thrives in an acidic environment, and Ormus Gold raises the alkalinity of your PH which is a positive trait If eating too much-processed food or drinking too much alcohol, drug abuse or an abundance of sugar.

Some medications can cause acidosis of the PH. Research shows that can be related to ageing.
Ormus is made from different methods using different salts, some alchemists use eg Himalayan salts, or use Dead Sea salts, or seawater from the Ocean.

The most common alchemic procedure for making  Gold water Ormus is known as “The Wet Method’
Ormus Monatomic gold has been around since the ancient Egyptians, they used this substance for longevity and spiritual enlightenment and has been valued for centuries,

It was common for Alchemists to hide or code the recipes in ancient scripts.
Ormus has an abundance of beneficial traits and I suggest you google a bunch of companies and see the positive Ormus Client testimonials that come with the negative ones and make your own decisions.

It seems that the wider community in the market has a positive experience, as with all products can have a negative too.


The information below is strictly limited to the” WET METHOD” not the” DRY METHOD” of which can be harmful too.

However, there are some potentially harmful attributes within the Alchemic Process if not followed correctly and depending on what type of ingredients.

The majority of companies out there today use the wet method and Use Dead Sea salt.

Dead Sea salt contains high levels of aluminium oxide, nearly 5% per volume,

Dead Sea salt also contains more than 70 times the bromine levels compared to Pacific Ocean sea salt.

It is important to understand these compounds and the toxicity that occurs through consumption.

High levels of Bromine and too much aluminium are harmful.

Aluminium in small quantities, can be beneficial.
The world health organisation stated that adults can use up to 50 milligrams of aluminium a day.

Professor Christopher Exley has clearly linked aluminium overdose to autoimmune disease and Alzheimer’s, and immune system damage.

We have our trace elements listed in PPM on the label so you can google the daily recommended doses for your own research.

Many people ask “Is Ormus dangerous” It is recommended that you adhere to the daily dose as it is such a rich trace element booster you will exceed the daily recommended amounts by taking too much.

It is important if using Organic Ocean ingredients the sea water is collected in a safe place away from marinas or harm’s way.
Another harmful trait during the alchemic process is that when the PH is raised to get the trace minerals to drop out and form a precipitate ‘ the Ormes’ or Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements it is very important the PH is not raised past the 10.78 PH or heavy metals otherwise known as Gilcrest Metals will drop out of the solution,

If this happens the product must be disposed of.
It is important that your supplier knows the correct alchemical process to avoid this.
A process of washing is done on the final precipitate and this needs to be done at least 3 times to reduce the sodium levels.

This is also important.


Is Ormus dangerous

Supercharge Monatomic gold with sacred geometry and crystals. To purchase use: SPHINX ORMUS “
to get 11% off


At Sphinx Ormus Monoatomic Gold our product is Not made from Dead salt like many brands but made from Pacific Ocean Seawater.

It is harvested on a full moon, with an incoming tide in the pristine waters off Australia.

The water is then filtered and the process of Alchemy takes place.

It’s completely Organic and 100% GMO-free.

Unlike many brands, it is hard to find a detailed assay showing the Trace elements /minerals obtained.

We have a detailed summary of the elements /minerals and what they do to assist the body so you can make an educated decision for yourself and further research.

  • We harmonically imprint the liquid with 528 Hz “Miracle tone” The frequency of love, DNA repair,
  • 8hz,88hz,888hz abundance,
  • 432 Hz The OHM sound of creation{manifestation] 7.83 Hz shumans resonance,
  • 963 Hz God connection, and 1111 hz Endorphins,
  • 285 Hz influences energy field and cell repair, 639hz attracts love and positive energy,
  • 741 hz cellular detox,
  • 100 hz increased cognitive function.
  • 40 Hz Longe term memory
  • Finally, an ancient Egyptian mantra called the AKA DUA which has powerful healing benefits.

Ormus Monatomic Gold Assay Minerals benefits.



  • We additionally add 99.99% colloidal Gold to our Ormus Monatomic gold.
  • The gold ratio is 42 PPM. Some companies claim to have hundreds or thousands of PPM we believe that this is not financially viable.
  • Our product is supplied it a glass Cobalt Blue Bottle that is thought to raise the frequency with the violet colour spectrum.
  • The majority of companies use plastic. Although our postage costs contribute to higher we have to use a bigger box and more packing starch peanuts to protect the cobalt blue glass we believe that it contributes to a better product.
  • We supply a thick Mylar bag as EMF protection to keep your Monatomic gold at its optimum super-conductivity.
  • We places triskelions under our stock {sacred geometry-shaped copper wire that is cut at a sacred Egyptian cubit length that emits a frequency of 144HZ that is known to structure water within hours. See images About Us
  • We place an abundance of Crystals out in the full moon then place them around our stock [namely rose quartz ]
  • We supply a Rose Quartz Crystal with each bottle of Ormus Monoatomic Gold to charge your Ormus on the journey to you so it’s “Happy Ormus ‘ when it arrives. Everything on Earth has its unique vibration crystals are the same
  • Rose Quartz: The ultimate stone of love, dissolves emotional wounds, Promotes self-love and attracts new love, Strengthens bonds in relationships and carries divine loving energy.
  • We use 6  Orgonite Pyramids{orgon energy] within our sacred geometry.
  • We place paua shells near Our Goldwater as ancient Maori healers used this method to remove negative vibrations from water.
  • We give our Ormus Positive and happy intentions { Dr Emoto found that Intentions affect the structure of water}
  • We use Sacred Geometry
  • We believe that being environmentally conscious is important for our children’s future.
  • Our Ormus is a thick Light purple concentrate due to the high content of Colloidal Gold as its Ruby Red in high concentrations. Many companies I have personally tested for competition are actually watered down so we look forward to your experience with Our Happy Orme”s


is ormus dangerous

Thought Intentions directed at water then frozen and put under microscope


Is Ormus dangerous

Love intention directed at water then frozen and put under a microscope

Is Ormus dangerous

copper magnetic energy field at the scared Egyptian cubit measurement emitting 144HZ

Ormus Monatomic Gold has many names, White powder Gold, Elixir of Life, Atomic Ormus, Ormus Gold, Manna as named in the bible, She-man-na, Philosophers Stone, M state, or M State materials, M state metals, Goldwater or MFKTZ the conical cakes that the Egyptians passed to pharos and high societies.
Ormus is a sponge to vibration just like water is.

After reading the above information I direct your studies to the negative comments on the net out there today to see if they in some way relate to this information so you can come to your own conclusion ,Is Ormus dangerous.

There are many people making Ormus on the net and it needs to follow strict methods while I won’t go into this in depth some of these traits may also be harmful.

Then ask yourself Is Ormus dangerous
Your monatomic gold must be kept away from electromagnetic frequency so it doesn’t reduce its superconductivity, so keep it in the EMF bag or wrapped in tin foil,

After seeing Dr Emotos research it would be wise to keep your Ormus in a safe place away from negative people or intension, or heavy metal music.

and out of the Sun in a cool place.For more in-depth research of studies and blogs and ways to supercharge your Ormus

Ormus Is It Gold

List of Minerals / Trace Elements In Ormus

Ormus Alkaline / Acidic Diet

Triskelions Magnetic Vortexing Water for Ormus

Monatomic Gold Benefits

Supercharge ORMUS Monatomic Gold




Disclaimer: These statements made in this content are based on the research and opinions of Sphinx Ormus. Our products are not meant to replace a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, and a certified healthcare professional. We highly advise you to consult your healthcare practitioner and discuss potential side effects before consuming our products This content is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
These statements have not been evaluated by the TG of Australia or the FDA of the USA.






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