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Crystals bring energy and structure to Ormus with their vibration and have been used in energy healing for thousands of years. Wholesale Crystals are beautiful and can brighten up the mantle of peace and bring pleasure to a household. We have deals on many bulk packs and also sell singular crystals, spheres and mushrooms. At the crystal shop, the charging grids with sacred geometry are fun to make with the kids for Christmas and amplify crystals’ energy. Clear Quartz is a powerful crystal to have as it amplifies the energy of other crystals. Some of these crystal bundles are going for as little as $130-$160 USA making some of the costs as little as $2-$3, each.

For all you healers out there, we have almost every type of crystal and sell singular for your reiki or crystal Healing sessions

 Hope you enjoy the Wholesale crystal shop.

For Wholesale Crystal charging grids, Drink bottles or bargain bundles use our coupon code. SPHINX ORMUS for 11% discount
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Wholesale CrystalsWholesale CrystalsWholesale CrystalsWholesale Crystals

Sacred geometry mats for charging your Ormus.

Crystal gridding kits great projects for the kids.To Purchase click the link


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