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Crystals and Ormus are such interesting powerful forms of nature. Ormus and crystals go hand in hand. Ormus being such a sponge to the vibrational frequencies it goes without saying to store your Ormus with crystals.
At Sphinx Ormus we supply a crystal with every bottle, we supply a Rose quartz crystal otherwise known as the stone of love. This will travel to you resonating the rose quartz frequency all the way to you.
We also supply the Ormus in cobalt blue glass which raises the vibration of the Ormus from the violet colour spectrum. Additionally, we add 99.99% colloidal Gold to our Ormus.
Crystals have many properties, energy is infinite meaning it cannot be created or destroyed. However, it can be manipulated channelled or amplified. Crystals
are a good way to tap into this energy.
Crystals that are light in colour generally offer properties of cleansing and clarity while crystals that are dark in colour offer protection and grounding. The light and the dark and the negative and positive or the Yin and the Yan balancing each one out.
At Sphinx Ormus we supply the Rose Quartz crystal as it resonates with the love frequency, it helps with self-love and attracts love and heals. The Ormus Gold absorbs this frequency and Orme takes on a crystal-like structure like structured water.

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Structured Water

Structured water is put through a vortex with neodymium magnets and copper torsion rings. Changing the structure of water enlivening it with energy and making it more permeable to the body’s cells and cleansing the water’s negative print of what information it has absorbed. Additionally changing the PH on the water, on my testing by .02 on the PH. Water can absorb up to 440,000 imprints of information on each molecule.
Dr Emoto a Japanese scientist did study water and its ability to change its structure from sound, frequency, or personal intentions placed in writing near water or even on food in containers which had an effect on both,

Ormus is also susceptible to these intentions and frequencies and good thoughts must be infused as you’re consuming it.
Making happy Orme’s.
Orme’s or Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements is just another name for Monatomic Gold, White Powder Gold, MFKTZ, Philosophers Stone, Manna, The Elixir of Life, Ormus Gold, Atomic Ormus, Shem-ann-na.M Sate or M State elements, Or M state Metals

Healing for many past centuries has been and is a serious use for crystals, from Reiki healing to clearing energy or blockages with the Chakras, sometimes crystals are used in spell jars for rituals with herbs and magic and often are used with candles and fire.
Crystals are also often used in meditation routines and can be placed on sacred geometry or mandala’s magnifying their power.
Clear crystals have been known to amplify the energy in conjunction of use with other crystals.
This can also be used to Super Charge Your Ormus. Placing your Ormus Gold in the centre of the mandala surrounded by crystals on the intersecting points. This can be placed under a pyramid of Copper or plastic or wood, it has been shown that energy is emitted from all types of construction materials.
1/3 up vertically from the centre is known to be the potent charging toroidal energy spot.
Similar to the king’s chamber in the Egyptian pyramids.
Crystals for mediation or healing are clear quartz for the Crown chakra, Amethyst for the third eye chakra, Green aventurine for the heart chakra, Lapis lazuli for the throat chakra, Citrine for the solar plexus, Carnelian for the sacral chakra, and Jasper for the root chakra. This will help the chakras and help the energy flow freely through the body.
Ormus Gold will also help you into the alpha wave meditation state.

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Crystals For Birth Stones

There are 12 crystals of the zodiac people’s birthstone.
Capricorn -Garnet
Aquarius – Amethyst
Pieces -Aqua Marine
Aries -Carnelian
Taurus -Emerald
Gemini -Labradorite
Cancer – Red Jasper
Leo -Pyrite
Virgo- Green Apophyrite
Libra -Sodalite
Scorpio – Citrine
Sagittarius -Tree Agate

Each crystal has a healing quality to assist with each star sign that can help positively assist your personality traits.

The Importance of Supercharging your crystals

Crystals have been around for millions of years since and during their creation, along the way they may have absorbed negative energies or possibly just on the way travelling to you.
It is good to burn sage near yourself and the crystals and the space you occupy to rid of negative energy. Also burning Palo Santo will help Super Charge your crystals.
Another way to Supercharge your crystals is a Full Moon bath or placing them in the sun, or under the full moon for several nights.
At Sphinx Ormus, we infuse 528 Hz the frequency of love or otherwise known as the miracle tone in our Monatomic Gold before we post.
If you would like to know more about the research of Ormus or studies or other ways to Supercharge your Ormus visit our Blogs or our website.


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