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The Spooky2 Frequency Healing Generator XM Portable Starter Kit  

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$345.69 USA  Spooky2 generator rife machine


Spooky2 Frequency Healing Generator Healing machine that uses frequency to eliminate pathogens.

Spooky 2 Frequency Healing Generator machine has an extensive testimonial base as has frequencies for almost every type of disease and ailment, depression, back pain, shingles, you name it. Teams of engineers have been working on these systems for 9 years.

The easiest way to understand Rife Frequency Healing Generator machines and Spooky2 is to see it as a futuristic multi-function gun that can shoot different types of bullets – killing and soothing frequencies using Rife frequency generators. Frequencies are unique because they are made from invisible electromagnetic energy, not metal. Depending on the waveform that is used to shape how the bullet behaves, it can deliver multiple strikes to the targets in your body.

When you know one germ’s frequency, use a Spooky2 generator to transmit the frequency into your body. It will then cause that germ to vibrate. Through the vibration, pathogens and parasites are shattered to pieces. For relieving pain and general health support, the process is completely different and works on the principle of frequency entrainment. By transmitting the frequencies of a healthy organ or a robust immune system to yourself, frequency entrainment will take place within a few days, and your body will start looking much better.

Below link  Frequency: The secret power of Vibration Dr Royal Rife /Tibetan Monks



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