EDTA is a chelation agent to rid the body of heavy metals and is proven to rid the body of graphene oxide by use of IV drip with proof of microscopic evidence,

Soaking foot baths will also be helpful as the pores are large in the feet and toxins can be removed from here but not as effectively as IV drip.

Baths can be more effective by soaking the whole body, This can be done by foot baths or baths but recommend no abrasions to the skin to perform this.

Foot baths and Baths have no microscopic evidence however it is well-known that the body is porous and skin permeable and toxins can be removed through feet.

It is suggested that the lymphatic system is also activated by the use of a rebounder or by just running as this activates the valves.

My mother is 81 and she was triple Jabadoo She was experiencing dizziness and fatigue and constantly fainting over a period of 8 or 10 weeks and was emitted by ambulance approx 9  times.

I started her on my Ormus mixed with colloidal gold and we started the foot bath regime. We did approx 2 foot baths each week for 5 weeks approx 100 grams of EDTA and soaked in very hot water for approx 40 mins until cooler. 

After doing this my mother has not been back to the hospital, however, she has had the odd faint spell but nothing of the same extent one time she passed out in the car I thought she had passed.

The doctors did massive amounts of tests each time of 9 visits to the hospital and could not find any reason for this dizziness saying that her heart and health were good. This did not make me happy.

 I researched extensively into this and it seemed to correspond with many other people experiencing myocarditis and pericarditis and lack of oxygen to the brain. I also found that the jab formed spikes around the arteries and created ribbon-like structures that block and coagulate into hydrogel substances blocking the arteries and causing myocarditis and pericarditis. I’m not a doctor but I look into things deeply, not just the first few lines on Google I go deep and look for credible sources.I found that it is worth doing a D dimer test for blood.

I found that Dr David Antony Nixon from Brisbane found from microscopic evidence the graphene Oxide which is a superconductor programmable by 5G wifi is shattered from Colloidal Gold.

Here is a video showing the evidence, not only does it shatter it, does it from a distance without contact.

To purchase high strength Colloidal gold   Colloidal Gold 100 PPM

What this video doesn’t tell you is that the graphene oxide regroups after being exposed to the 5G. Colloidal gold will keep shattering it if taken daily.

 Further study into the graphene oxide is that it stops regrouping forming the hydrogel ribbon-like structures when placed under a Faraday cage which eliminated the EMF. This proves that the graphene oxide communicates with the 5 G and even has since been found to emit a Mac address.

Also, this regrouping of the nanoparticles has been found active in dead corpses 8 months old.

My suggestion is to get EMF beanies as our ears are the transmitters for the 5G.

Graphene oxide is being dumped Via Chem trails it tested to be in 5 out of 5 meats in the USA several months ago and 3 out 0f 5 in Australia on supermarket shelves, showing it’s on the grass and no doubt in the water supply and on our vegetables. 

This is now proven to be in unvaccinated blood. The reason for this is a patent was released several years ago and they have stepped up the Chem trails I have noticed in Wanganui of late now it has criss-crossed, not just one line of it like in the states and Europe.

I have been following the PhD professor to gain this wisdom and have read approximately 15 emails of deep research into this. 

 Will attach an email that relates to EDTA to this document and you can sign up for her in-depth analysis updates on how it’s in all unvaccinated blood.


I believe due to this poisoning humanity will need to grow in greenhouses and Tower hydroponic gardens indoors to stop it on our verges. and go vegetarian to get through this regular EDTA chelation will need to be done, and colloidal gold to be safe.

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

To register for her evidence and research see the link below.

Unvaccinated people may have become contaminated from contact with vaccinated people via shedding or from the constant spraying of nanobots in chemtrails, Dr. Mihalcea said. “This synthetic biology and nanotechnology hydrogel has been found in our food, air, water and medicines,” she added.

Sharing Dr. Mihalcea’s warning about chemtrails is Dane Wigington, executive producer for the climate engineering documentary “The Dimming.” “We are inhaling up to 20 million nanoparticles per breath,” Wigington said.

Dr. Mihalcea and Clifford Carnicom, President of the Carnicom Institute, are consistently finding blood samples contaminated with synthetic filaments that are an evolved form of Morgellons disease or cross-domain bacteria. “This synthetic biology self-assembles into rubbery blood clots that can cause debilitating or fatal heart issues,” Dr. Mihalcea explained. “It also can fuse with cells or organs in the body and replace them with synthetic substitutes.”

Dr. Mihalcea also has found self-assembly quantum dot structures that can operate as biosensors. “Left unchecked, all this nanotechnology is turning humans into cyborgs,” she said.

Dr. Mihalcea said her most effective remedy for this nanotechnology weapon is EDTA chelation, combined with other nutritional supplements that enhance electrical conductivity in the blood. EDTA chelation has been used for decades to remove heavy metals from the bloodstream, she said. It has also been mentioned in patents to be a hydrogel antidote, according to pharma industry insider Karen Kingston.

“In my clinical practice, two EDTA chelation sessions with follow-up decontamination maintenance often dramatically reduce the blood clumping and the visible nanotechnology,” Dr. Mihalcea noted, “and patients do feel much better.”

Dr. Mihalcea discusses EDTA chelation and other helpful remedies in the video “Detoxifying From the Shots,” released today as part of the series of educational videos known as “The End of Covid.” The video can be watched for free at

The End Of Covid Link until August 1.

Dr Mihalcea’s Substack is Humanity United Now Substack


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