Benefits of a Increased Aura

Increase auraThere are 7 chakras in the body. They are precise energy centres, starting from the base of the spine through the crown chakra of the head. They regulate all parts of the bodily system, and each of these has a direct correlation to a person’s physical body. When 7 chakras are open or unblocked and kept in alignment the healing energy -Prana or Chi can flow freely within the body, making you vibrant, healthy and energetic.An electrical being with the optimum current.

Trees are now proven to carry a significant current and can illuminate a light bulb and have the ability to ground us quickly by hugging them just like humans they carry a electrical current.

“Dr total Rife maker of scaler frequency machines otherwise known as Spooky2 machines.

“Rife engineers have been working with frequencies since 1920 and have found when the cell’s energy levels are optimal the body functions properly. Once the cells are in low energy for a long time, your body cells will become susceptible to many diseases including cancer. Every cell possesses an electric charge. 70 to 100 millivolts is a good range It is likely for you to suffer from chronic sickness if your cells run at 30-50 millivolts, and cancer is seen in the 15-20 millivolt range.

According to researchers at Alberta University, cancer cell starts to multiply aggressively when the millivoltage range is 15mv. Mitochondria are the power stations of cells, low energy of the mitochondria is the self-induced cancerous process which was proven in both laboratory and animal experiments. Cancer can be stopped by restoring energy levels of the mitochondria. to the optimal 70 mv value. Scalar energy can charge the mitochondria and bring them to the optimal 70mv then cancer cells will stop multiplying uncontrollably. Cancer cells communicate with one another not with healthy cells. Poisoned cancer cells receive a special signal only by other cancer cells which causes them to die also. Scalar energy can transmit this signal by bypassing the healthy cells to the cancer cells and then killing them by resonating with the same frequency shattering the pathogen.

Once they become blocked or out of sync, this can negatively impact your physical and physiological health.

Scalar energy or solfeggio sound frequencies charge the body and offer you the much-needed energy to open and remove the blockages. Once the blockages are removed, our body will restore the flow of Prana back to a healthy state. Just as removing the fallen tree from the river restored water flow. There is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine: “Where there is free flow there is no pain or disease.

This is why we like to harmonic imprint Sphinx Ormus liquid with these high vibrational frequencies, water or liquid is a sponge to energies and frequencies and carries memory.

Increasing your aura can have many benefits. Your connection to the universe’s energy is more powerful you possess magnetism, Your energy or presence is felt when you enter the room distinctly.

Your chakras are running at optimum.

Your more intuitive, cortisol receptors in the skin pick up on others’ aura energies coming in contact with your aura especially being negative or sensing danger. If your aura is bigger your aura interacts with other aura from a further distance or sooner and becomes notified making you more being more intuitive. Also, your third eye chakra is more activated so your sixth senses are active.

3rd eyeYou get more clear spiritual downloads and are more grounded and in connection with mother earth.

Animals are attracted to you and children.

YOU BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF WITH HIGHEST CHANCE OF PSYCHIC SUPERPOWERS through the third eye and crown chakra. Your light body or as the Egyptians call the ka”body is activated to higher spiritual potential.

Benefits of Increased aura :


Your presence is felt






You become a master of manifestation.

Being grounded: This is important for a barefoot connection to the earth or beach as the earth passes negative ions and electrons from being grounded and new evidence shows in the blood that this reduces inflammation.

The disease can be caused by several factors



Nutrient deficiency

Lack of oxygen to the cell

Lack of hydration

SPHINX ORMUS monatomic gold was taken by the ancient Egyptians for longevity and higher spiritual consciousness.

ORMUS or monatomic gold is listed in the Healing Web of Holistic medicines for longevity.

Benefits of increased aura.

REIKI MASTERS work hard to unblock chakras and energy blocks aiming to open and activate all chakras for maximum electrical energy known as prana or chi. When the chakras are running at optimum the immune system and energies in our body are harmonised for stable mental, physical and spiritual health in sync.



Above evidence showing

SPHINX ORMUS is proven to boost your aura by up to 30%.

Benefits of increased aura can show

Different coloured aura can represent different traits.

RED: well-grounded energetic strong-willed, can also represent negativity

YELLOW: creative relaxed friendly, happy

GREEN: social communicator, nurturing

BLUE: Intuitive spiritual free thinker, can also represent depression


Blue is said to be associated with competence intelligence and trustworthiness and leadership.

Intelligence can reside in all aura this was a short googled result.

How does Ormus monatomic gold boost the aura? 

Good Question, with an answer of many aspects. Sphinx Ormus specifically is made specifically from pacific ocean sea water treated alchemically to produce the monatomic elements and 24k Gold is added.

We don’t use dead sea salt as its very high in bromide and aluminium see research below

colloidal goldPacific Ocean seawater has approx 92 organic trace minerals before the alchemical process begins turning it into ormus. On this journey it integrates many energies, including the full moon, rising tide, and vortexing spiral energies  Sphinx Ormus we use approx 8 other subtle energies eg Pyramids, Crystals, Orgonite, Sacred Geometry, Ankh, Copper Triskelions, Cobalt blue glass from the violet colour spectrum raising vibration, we are adding subtle energies regularly to increase our product potential.

We also use 12 frequencies that raise the vibration of the liquid from harmonically imprinting, changing the molecular structure of the liquid to a high vibrational state, a Hexagonal state like honeycomb being buzzed by the 528hz of the bee.

INTENTIONS AND SOUNDS DIRECTED AT WATER producing Hexaganol high vibrational states of water under a microscope

A Japanese scientist proved this under the microscope “Maseru Emoto”  how intentions, written words or sounds directed at water changed its molecular structure.

It is worth mentioning that Sphinx Ormus goes to every extra effort spending many days to treat this liquid sacredly with these frequencies and subtle energies and lastly, prayer which raises its vibration to bring forward a more powerful product with healing potential and Aura boosting ability.

Rife frequencies are well known that sound heals. Have a look at our frequency healing machines below the link

Spooky2 Frequency Healing Generator Shop

Our business is not about throwing the Ormus in a bottle and posting it. Its about bringing the powers of these subtle energies and frequencies many from ancient Egyptian esoteric wisdom and raising the frequency of humanity with this powerful lost information now adding Rife frequencies to these subtle energies which all have different effects and traits on life forms and organisms to bring eg faster manifestations or healing once the client consumes. Sound is the future of medicine.

A pathogen or germ, bacteria operates at a certain frequency if this frequency can be resonated it shatters to pieces just like glass with a high-pitched voice.

Rife engineers have been working on thousands of frequencies since 1920 to eliminate all types of ailments. Big pharma is powerful and doesn’t want you to know this.

Given there are 92 trace minerals each mineral has different effects on the body,  eg sulphur to detox or others that increase electrical signals in the body to the brain or nervous system so they assist the light body activation. This article will explain this more

Ormus Monatomic Gold Assay Minerals benefits

Lastly, we add 99.99% colloidal gold to our Ormus to increase its gold content. Gold is a superconductor ie it passes energy with no net loss of energy or resistance. In this case, gold can pass energy from nanoparticle to nanoparticle of gold without even having to touch.

Aura boost Ormus

Here is a video to prove that it shatters the graphene oxide in the nasty ………… from a distance from Dr David Anthony Nixon’s research.

Here are images from Dr Nixon of the blood before and after gold it’s easy to see how the gold nanoparticles can pass energy or information to one another without having to touch being so many throughout the entire bloodline making the body a live sensitive electrical circuit.

Water is a sponge to energy, and frequencies and can contain memory of up to 440,000 pieces of information in each molecule. So when we treat it remembers and then we drink it and it becomes us also being approx 70% water in the body and 90% in the brain. Liquids are the same and Goldwater is just taking it to the next level being a superconductor.

I don’t know of any other companies that energetically engineer their product to this extent and whether any other products produce similar results. This data is specific to SPHINX ORMUS

At the time of testing aura imaging before and after it is worth mentioning we have since added 3 subtle energies and 4 more frequencies only boosting the Ormus aura boosting potential.

We are currently working on and testing many exciting new energies that will assist in raising humanity’s vibration with this ancient Egyptian esoteric wisdom.


Ancient Egyptian hermetic methods to help us benefit from increased Aura

The ones who are blessed and peaceful are the ones who actually arrive at the top chakra through the heart chakra and activate the 3rd eye and crown chakra,

Activate chakras can be done by many methods,2 hermitic principles are activating through voice by calling their names starting from the bottom








Frequencies to boost AuraWhen you use your voice it’s the most powerful tool to ascend to be a mystic. The larynx is OSIRIS, The lungs ISIS and the vocal cords are HORUS or Jesus.

Chanting is also powerful.

Egyptian Ankh electromagnetic test


Disclaimer: These statements made in this content are based on the research and opinions of Sphinx Ormus. Our products are not meant to replace a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, and a certified healthcare professional. We highly advise you to consult your healthcare practitioner and discuss potential side effects before consuming our products This content is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

These statements have not been evaluated by the TG of Australia or the FDA of the USA.


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