The History of Colloidal Gold

Colloidal Gold has been referred to by the ancients, Ancient Egyptians and Atlanteans or otherwise known as the Annunaki were known to consume colloidal gold, It was written in the emerald tablets written by Thoth or Hermes that they consumed monatomic gold and they mixed colloidal gold and even took colloidal silver. Thoth taught alchemy in the ancient mystery schools of Kemit otherwise known as Egypt.

He taught astronomy, alchemy, mathematics the 7 laws of the universe and was known to be the King of wisdom. It is said he lived for 11000 yrs. He was known as the image of a man with a bird head. This was because when the bird digs in the dirt he forages in the dark and then brings up to the light. This was Thoth trait. he brought from the dark to the light. His goal was and he succeeded to bring and teach and raise the vibration of the individual with this positive wisdom. It is said just from reading the emerald tablets they possess the ability to change one’s vibration. words have power and resonate vibration and create

it was not uncommon for Egyptian kings to live long periods, stone tablets relay many instances of kings reigning for up to 28000 yrs old. This sounds hard to believe but you just need to look at how advanced the Ancient Egyptians were. Thoth claimed he was the builder and architect of the pyramids which we cannot replicate today even from the highest degree of engineers. He also stated that he transferred his consciousness into another being in the halls of Amenti inside the great pyramids.

we are very close to this today with Elon musks new invention and also we have done this with monkeys.

Time and technology are progressing, but it’s true that Ancient wisdom has been hidden from us in many forms to stop us from having powers of Telepathy Clairvoyance or Clearsentaince. This comes from our hidden crystals or transmitters on the pineal gland that can advance our soles spiritually.

Monatomic gold was taken in the hierarchy of kings and pharaohs for higher spiritual consciousness and longevity for it is known to activate the Pineal gland. Evidence shown is that Sphinx Ormus can enhance the Aura and boost all 7 chakras to 100% this is shown on Aura imaging photography software. This product has colloidal Gold mixed in with it at 42 PPM.

This is showing proof of how Gold, Colloidal Gold, and Monatomic gold is enhancing us spiritually. Aura increasing can make us operate more efficiently, strengthen our immune, and have stronger manifestation powers, Increased immune. This Reiki master or natural healer’s goal from ancient natural healing methods is to get all chakras unblocked and running smoothly so energy or Chi, or Prana can flow to heal organs.

Our Intuition is enhanced as the cortisol receptor in our skin pick up on negative energies, danger etc are amplified to a larger area from the aura being increased and coming into contact with another Aura this cortisol is activated to notify us on one of our sixth senses.

The Chinese were also civilisations that used gold therapy or Chrysotherapy. The main point of these therapies was to reverse or inhibit and prevent joint and bone damage from rheumatism rheumatoid arthritis and ageing.

Colloidal Gold was also used in Medieval Europe, Alchemists produced powdered gold and fed it to people in drinks for sour limbs, and arthritis.

In Ancient Rome gold ointments or creams were used for skin ulcers.

Archaeologists discovered that Gold was used for dentistry 4500 years ago.

Approx 1890  a German bacteriologist named Robert Koch discovered that gold compounds inhibited the growth of tuberculosis bacillus. He received a noble prize in medicine


Colloidal gold benefits

Colloidal Gold offers promising benefits with much research still underway, Colloidal Gold benefits offer pain relief in association with arthritis and rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis. Gold is able to remove blockages, and assist with poor circulation and tissue regeneration of the heart spleen, pancreas and muscles.

Other Benefits of colloidal Gold are that it assists the Pineal gland and the pituitary glands and is effective against aneurysms. It stabilises collagen which is a contributor to anti Ageing. It also helps to assist in the absorption of nutrients. It inhibits or releases enzymes as required by the body. Colloidal gold benefits have a positive effect on the rhythmic balancing of the heart and improve blood circulation.

Gold stimulates the glands and assists with the nerves as its a superconductor and passes energy with no net loss or resistance so electrical impulses of the body can run optimally. Gold can regulate temperature and assist with chronic fatigue and is known to be used for neurological dysfunction and can assist with depression.

Another benefit of colloidal Gold is it is helpful for addictions. Monatomic gold is also proven to boost Left right-brain balancing within minutes and this can boost intelligence as the brain’s traits can run optimally if one side is running down. This study was done by the Swiss alpha institute in Switzerland.

Studies Research MONATOMIC GOLD

It also possesses remarkable sedative properties without impairment.

The main trait of colloidal Gold is to strengthen the natural Immune system and to optimise our DNA potential.

More on Colloidal Gold

Colloidal Gold is nanoparticles of gold that are suspended in high-quality distilled water. The different concentrations of colloidal Gold relate to the particle size and colour. The darker the colour the more concentrated the Colloidal Gold.

Many companies make colloidal gold using gold chloride this is not good for health and has been proven to be harmful, and many don’t expose this method on the labels as it’s cheaper to make.

It is important to use pure unadulterated gold of 24k and 99.99% purity for consumption or other harmful heavy metals can expose one to consequences. Copper is also used to make colloidal gold and it’s also important that this is solid pure copper preferably medieval grade.

At Sphinx Ormus one of our Products is Sphinx Colloidal Gold we use 24K 99.99% pure gold and Pure medical grade Copper with ultra-high quality distilled water to achieve the best quality gold and we produce the most potent strength with a PPM of 200. This is up to 10x the strength of common Colloidal Gold on the market. This is much more expensive because of the Gold concentration. We also vortex our colloidal gold which is nature’s way of energising and bringing water to life with the benefits of better hydration as it accesses the body’s cells easier. Our product comes in cobalt blue glass bottles “not plastic” and this is known by the ancient Egyptians and Romans to raise the vibration of the liquid from the violet colour spectrum. We believe that glass is essential for such a high-value quality product.

Current research does not state any “ideal dosage ” The dose that works for one does not necessarily work for another and this goes for Ormus or Monatomic gold. It seems the spiritual people seem to have a strong noticeable effect on the monatomic gold as they are more spiritually aware and sensitive to energies. We recommend taking 5 MLS of Sphinx Colloidal Gold per day.

Monatomic Gold/ Colloidal Gold

The Pineal Gland

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