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Sphinx Ormus liquid Monoatomic gold is a high vibrational alchemical potent organic trace mineral Elixir derived from colloidal sea minerals from Australia’s pacific ocean.

These minerals are treated alchemically with an ancient Egyptian recipe.

The elixir of life.

Product Description



*  Supplied in cobalt blue glass bottles, which are known to raise the vibration from the violet colour spectrum of your Monatomic Gold | Ormus Gold.

* A GOLD EMF bag is supplied to protect the Ormus from Electro Magnetic Frequencies .

* We add 99.99% Pure colloidal Gold to our Ormus Gold at 42PPM, but also contains monatomic Gold and sea minerals elements.
Orme’s Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements

* We harmonically imprint with 528HZ, The miracle tone DNA repair and OHM 432 Hz for the sound of creation, Manifestation, 8hz 88hz 888hz Abundance, 7.83hz Shuman resonance, 963 Hz connection to God or universal energy, 100hz improve cognitive function, 40 Hz long term memory,1111Hz Endorphins,

  • We harmonically imprint with an ancient Egyptian Mantra from over 7000 years old. This is known to have powerful healing properties and vibration. This is heavily embedded in our product.

* We place Large Copper triskelions under our stocking the eye of the flower of life.
The sacred Egyptian cubit-length copper wires formed into sacred geometry shapes that are known to structure water by emitting 144 HZ which activates the pineal gland.

*We use Organite Pyramids with shungite copper coils and Tourmaline{toroidal energy]

*We use large copper Pyramids with crystals in the apex towering over our stock[Toroidal energy]

* Our stock sits in the eye of sacred geometry mats with crystals on the meridians/grids to charge our Monoatomic Gold Ormus Gold with a Copper pyramid towering over it. My tests have shown using an amp electrical meter on rose quartz crystals bound in the wire that the eye has up to 400-620% more energy in the eye go sacred geometry other than outside. This is even without the copper pyramid, triskelions, Orgonite pyramids

*We use the Paul shell, This was an ancient Maori healing technique that is used to remove negative vibrations from water

* We place our crystals outside on a full moon to charge them in the moonlight.

Our Ormus gold is a thick light purple substrate, due to the high ratio of gold,
Some companies claim to have hundreds or even 1000 PPM we believe this is not financially viable.

As a Bonus, we provide each package with its own Rose Quartz crystal to charge the Ormus for the journey to our clients.

Supercharge ORMUS Monatomic Gold

Rose Quartz: The ultimate stone of love, dissolves emotional wounds, Promotes self-love and attracts new love, Strengthens bonds in relationships and carries divine loving energy.

Our product Is NOT harvested from Dead Sea Salt.

Our product is harvested from the Pacific Ocean Salt water in a safe manner away from marinas collected on a full moon and a rising tide when the earth’s energies are at peaking.
This seawater is then filtered and treated by an alchemist using vortexing, and loving intentions.
Why not Dead Sea salt?
Dead sea salt contains high levels of aluminium oxide, nearly 5% per volume.
Dead sea salt also contains more than 70 times the bromine levels compared to Pacific Ocean salt.
It is important to understand these compounds and the toxicity that occurs through consumption.
Please check our Assay and list of minerals and their benefits below
Ormus Monatomic Gold Assay Minerals benefits.
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