Is Ormus safe for children?

Ormus is chemically benign and safe for children, It’s an organic trace mineral elixir, and if you stick to the directions you will not overdose on the recommended daily doses of trace minerals.

What happens if I have too much Ormus?

I had a client that didn’t follow instructions and took 100mls. He did not sleep for 3 days. He did not need to catch up on sleep after finally getting some zzz. He had a big bowel movement which would be from the overdose of magnesium, He said he felt good afterwards and upbeat. He had a 3 month TiK Tok account that he was trying to grow, he had 500 followers after 3 months and was just steady. Since taking the 100ml for the four days following his TIK TOk account blew up by 300% in followers to 1800 from 500 and his likes went from 1000 to 6000. Strangely after 4 days his tie Tok account just stayed dormant and even lost 3 followers. He could only relate it to Ormus. He also said he had numbers consistently appearing as 1111 and 1616 and 3333. He also astro travelled to the bottom of the south island of Nz on his return he said he got stuck in a vortex and was scared he wasn’t going to make it out and woke up in a sweat. We put it down to an overdose as the product has several subtle energies that are related to the vortex energy. He manifested a job the day he started looking and even a week later he had a guy knock on his door asking if he would work tomorrow out of the blue from a meeting previously. He noticed being more intuitive. The final factor was the most unusual, he said he had a depth-of-field vision. I Was puzzled by this so I asked what he meant. He said he could look at an object and see around the corner of it and over the top, he said this went on for 2 days, and he really enjoyed it. This man was a professionally spoken and very intelligent guy after getting to know him and was 3yrs into 4yrs at becoming a doctor  He was 3yrs into his 4 th years working at the hospital to becoming a Doctor.

 Because this was an unusual scenario I asked If I could follow up on him and I did. So his comments were I did not need to catch up on sleep after 3 days up, and I did not feel tired. I felt my brain more active. My TiK Tok account stopped growing after 4 days and he could only relate it to the timing of consuming Ormus. He thought it was very strange. He thought it was a very powerful product and he felt upbeat about the whole experience except for the Dream being stuck in the Vortex spinning around, he said he was quite scared of the possibility of not returning.

After discussing this with him I decided to take 75ml myself so I could experience some of the more powerful effects of my product. After a history of just 5 mls a day. I know from experience it healed my anxiety and depression and healed my carpal tunnel after 2 yrs with sausage fingers and no medicine would work. Ormus reduced the inflammation over 3 Months and now Im gardening again. I did not sleep for 2 days and felt upbeat.  I had synchronicities where I sent a message to a friend on Facebook Messenger I hadn’t been in contact with for 4-5 yrs. He did not get a chance to read my message but strangely he called me a few hrs later.

I noticed numbers synchronicities,  I felt very energetic and my mind was very active almost too active was a bit overwhelming rather than relaxed. I did not have a bowel movement. I had a good sleep when I finally went down and don’t remember any clear dreams.

I spoke to another guy that took 75mls he did not sleep for 2.5 days he was a very little guy. He said gee this stuff is powerful and felt very strong effects but did not elaborate.

The dose is 5mls or up to twice a day as your intuition tells you. It’s odd as some people don’t feel any different after 5mls and sleep like a baby whereas others that take Ormus in the evening say it can keep you a bit too much energised for sleep.

It seems that if you have physical ailments it works its energy on that but if you have spiritual issues eg anxiety or depression it works its magic on that.

So this is the evidence after consuming 20x and 15x recommended doses.

How much Ormus Monatomic gold should I take?

The dose of Sphinx Ormus is 5mls a day but can be upgraded if you feel you need more intuitively.I took 25ml for this aura Imaging and was fine.

Ormus and Pets! Is it safe to give to my pets?

Ormus is good for health so yes but please stick to the directions below for quantities. Cats’ tails have been reported to grow back after being chopped off after consuming Ormus.

ORMUS increases your Aura and chakras so your energy is running at optimum and the body is functioning efficiently.

aura imaging before SPHINX ORMUSAura imaging after SPHINX ORMUSChakra % before SPHINX ORMUS AURA IMAGINGaura imaging after Sphinx ormusaura Imaging Sphinx OrmusThermal imaging

Ormus Monatomic Gold Assay Minerals benefits.



Ormus FAQ Ormus for PetsWhat are the ingredients of Ormus? 

Please see the assay below of trace minerals that is specific to Sphinx Ormus., Also, Sphinx Ormus adds colloidal gold 24k 99.99% gold to the Ormus.

Parts Per million.

Boron  17 

Sulphur 587

Sodium 8,264


Aluminium  2.42

Is ok in small doses it’s in all our vegetables and water and is good for painful joints and alleviates fatigue, The average daily intake is 10 mg per day.

Aluminium is toxic if exceeding the daily recommendations

Silicon  17 

Gold  42

Phosphorus. 49

Calcium  1,077

Strontium 9.28

Lithium  2.88

Barium 0.38

Iron 2.88

Zinc 0.52

Manganese 0.39

Other elements in this form inc, Copper, Cobalt, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Silver, Palladium, Platinum, Osmium, Iridium, and Nickel.

How to store ORMUS Monatomic gold 

Keep in a cool place away from electrical appliances and phones or wifi routers as the EMF can affect the potency of its superconductivity. Keep it in its EMF bag. Keep out of the sun.

Is Ormus Good For Growing Vegetables

Sphinx Ormus is made for the ocean and is very good for vegetables, harvest increases and can be earlier. If you mix 5 -10ml in 4litres of water you will get optimum results.

Does Ormus Increase Libido

The chakras increase and the body is running at optimum so reproduction will be also at optimum.

What Is The Ringing In My Ears 

Usually after a few weeks but depending on the person, when sitting in silence a very slight ringing in the ears can occur. This is due to your vibration being raised it is called the” HU”. It’s very subtle not like tinnitus.

Is there more information on DAVID HUDSONS lectures

Yes, go to our BLOG  page there is a 113-page [PDF} document to download on the approx 8 million dollars USA in research he spent.



Why has the interest surged in Ormus

Ormus  Monatomic gold manna is currently under rediscovery at the moment, The keyword Ormus rose by 236% this year and Monatomic gold rose by 126%. People have lost faith in big Pharma and SPHINX ORMUS is a natural trace mineral elixir charged with subtle energies and Frequencies to assist healing. SPHINX ORMUS is quite unique in the way it supercharges the product with 7 suite universal energies and 7 high vibrational frequencies. The aura images prove clearly that it empowers. Many testimonials are getting loaded on the net and the majority are positive showing a good basis for positive outcomes.

What are triskelions 

Triskelions are triple spiral copper coils cut at a sacred Egyptian cubit length that emits 144hz. This is thought to assist the pineal gland and also structure water from just being nearby. The ancient Egyptians and many ancient civilisations used these. Below is an Image of water frozen sitting on a triskelion and showing evidence of EGG-shaped energy and toroidal energy below the egg. This toroidal energy is a naturally powerful energy that is used to energise water or is apparent in many facets of nature.  Egg energy is also powerful as it is the incubator of life. This is one of the 7 different energies SPHINX ORMUS uses to energise and raise the vibration of the product. This energises the Ormus supplements.

copper triskelion under water frozen to show energy

Ormus F.A.Q

What are Orgonite Pyramids

Orgonite pyramids also produce toroidal energy and have powerful EMF protection if built with coils and Shungite or Tourmaline. This has a positive effect on the Ormus monatomic gold

Orgonite pyramid with shungite and tourmaline and copper coilsOrgonite pyramid

The effects go Orgonite Pyramid

Water has frozen above an orgonite pyramid

What does sacred geometry do to Ormus or Monatomic Gold 

Ormus is a liquid and a sponge to energy and frequency, just like water. My tests on sacred geometry have proven astounding, I tested a rose quartz crystal coiled with copper to connect to an AMP meter. I tested inside and out the sacred geometry. The electrical readings were up to 620% higher in the eye of the sacred geometry after 30 mins.

This is why SPHINX ORMUS places our stock in the eye of sacred geometry surrounded with crystals, On top of copper Triskelions, surrounded by multiple Orgonite Pyramids and under a Large Copper Pyramid.

Why is SPHINX ORMUS MONATOMIC GOLD in cobalt blue glass?

Cobalt blue glass contains a violet colour spectrum, which raises the frequency of water. This Colour is the highest vibrational colour in the colour spectrum it is associated with the crown Chakra. For in-depth info on cobalt blue glass read our research. Most other companies use plastic we don’t believe that a high vibrational product should be surrounded by the toxins of plastic. Lowering its vibration.


Ormus F.A.Q

Secrets Of Cobalt Blue Glass

What is harmonic Imprinting?

This is playing frequencies to the liquid while it bathes amongst the 7 natural subtle energies. Each frequency is played to the Ormus for several hours structuring the water, Storing the frequency and its benefits in the molecular structure of the liquid.

Each frequency has a proven benefit and effect on the human body and plants and animals.

For example, 528 HZ  The miracle tone is known to repair DNA and to reduce blood pressure and stress and anxiety, That’s why it had over 30 million views on YouTube.

We use approx 7 Frequencies and are adding to this by regularly upgrading our product.

Currently 8 HZ  88HZ 888HZ abundance

432 HZ Manifestation

741 HZ Cellular detox

528 HZ   Repair Dna

963 HZ Connection to god and universal energy

285 Hz influences the energy field and repairs cells

7.83 Hz human resonance

100Hz increased cognitive function

40Hz long-term memory

639 Hz attracts love and attraction

Ormus is a sponge to the energies that we treat it with, 8 subtle energies to be exact and the above frequencies. We do go over the above to try to lift the benefit to the products, I’m not aware of any company that goes to this length.

I have an ancient Egyptian master spirit channelling ancient wisdom to me for the benefit of humanity.

It’s clear that the aura imaging is showing the body running on optimum chakra balances.


Watch this space as we consistently add to this,

Ormus is referred to also as :

Monatomic gold, Philosophers stone, Manna, Monoatomic gold, The elixir of life, Shanna, MFKTZ, Ormus supplements, Goldwater, Atomic Ormus,  Ormus Gold,


Ormus Monatomic Gold Assay Minerals benefits.

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