David Hudson ORME’S

These are lectures David Hudson gave in the 1990s. David Hudson is the originator of the term “Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements”, and holds the patent. David Hudson’s patent can be seen: Hudson Patent for White Powder Gold

My name is David Hudson. I’m a third-generation native Phoenician from an old family in the Phoenix area. We are an old family. We are very conservative. I come from an ultra­ conservative right-wing background. For those of you who have heard of the John Birch Society, Barry Goldwater, these ultra right­ wing Rush Limbaugh conservatives; that’s the area that I come from. I’m not saying whether it is right or wrong but that is my ( David Hudson) background.

David Hudson had no idea he would be doing this type of work. ” In 1975‐76 I was very unhappy with the banking system here in the United States. I was farming about 70 thousand acres in the Phoenix area in the Yuma valley. I was a very large, materialistic person. I was farming this amount of ground. I had a forty-man payroll every week. I had a four million line of credit with the bank. I was driving a Mercedes Benz. I had a 15,000 square foot home.” David Hudson referred to himself as “Mr Material Man” during that period.[grid_plus name=”Portfolio Archive”]

David Hudson Discovery of Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements

David Hudson ORMES

In 1975 David Hudson was doing an analysis of natural products in the area where he was farming. “You have to understand that in agriculture in the state of Arizona, we have a problem with sodium soil. This high sodium soil, which looks like chocolate ice cream on the ground, is just crunchy black. It crunches when you walk on it. Water will not penetrate this soil. Water will not leach the sodium out of the ground. It’s called black alkali.

What we were doing was going to the copper mines in the state of Arizona and buying 93% sulfuric acid. For those of you who don’t know, the battery acid in your car is 40‐60% acid. This was 93% sulfuric acid; a very, very high concentration. We were bringing in truck and trailer loads of this sulfuric acid to my farm and I was injecting thirty tons to the acre into the soil.

We were putting six-inch ribbons on the ground that would penetrate about three or four inches into the ground. When you irrigate (nothing will grow in Arizona unless you irrigate) the ground would actually froth and foam due to the action of the sulfuric acid. What it did was convert the black alkali to white alkali, which was water‐soluble. So within a year and a half to two years you would have a field that could actually grow crops. In the work that I was doing with these soils, it is very important that you have a lot of calcium in the soil in the form of calcium carbonate. The calcium carbonate would act as a buffer for all the acid that was being put on the soil. If you don’t have enough calcium the acidity of the soil goes down, you get a pH of 4‐4.5 and it ties up all of your trace nutrients. When you plant your cotton it will only get so tall then it won’t grow anymore.

It’s very important when you are putting all of these amendments on your soil that you understand what is in your soil: how much iron is there, how much calcium is there and so on. In doing the analysis of these natural products we were coming across materials that no one seemed to be able to tell us what they were. We began to trace this material and we found that it seemed to come from a specific geological feature. Whatever the problem with this material was we felt that the area where it was in greatest abundance would be the best place to study it.


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