White Gold Powder

Many mysteries have been written about the great White powder Gold and it has been  having been referred to by many names,

MfKTZ, Philosophers Stone, Ormus , Ormus Gold , Atomic Ormus, She-man-na . The Elixir Of Life, Monatomic gold Manna, White powder of Gold, Liquid Monatomic gold, M State Elements, M State Metals, M State Materials, Atomic Ormus, Orme’s, Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements.Elixir Ormus, Ormus Supplements,

History has been a journey for many an alchemist in search of the Philosophers Stone or the White Powder Of Gold, Alchemists kept this recipe secret and coded it in many ways.

The White Powder Gold was thought to have the secret powers of immortality.

Certain legends, Thoth Hermes Tristmigestus, or Enoch were thought to have mastered the recipe as they taught it in the ancient mysteries schools in Kemet along with other ancient wisdom like 7 laws of the universe, geometry and astronomy and mathematics.

They were thought to of held the ancient powers that went with consuming the sacred substance.


MfKTZ goes back to the ancient Egyptians. MFKTZ was baked into conical 77-degree angled cakes.

It is known now that the angles of the pyramid possess certain toroidal energies.

Water stored in these pyramids has been proven to make seedlings grow faster with this energy,

Food that has been stored under pyramids has lasted longer on not decayed as quickly.

MFKTZ was valued and only fed to the hierarchy, the high priestess or Kings or pharos.

White powder gold manna or MFKTZ is inscribed on Egyptian hieroglyphics.

The Egyptians took the afterlife very seriously,

Some theories have said that MFKTZ was used to prepare the souls for the afterlife or to access the portals in the Serapeum and Abydos temple amongst other temples and Pyramids.

Are these regeneration chambers?

The White powder Gold was referred to as the ‘ food of the light body ” The KA” was also used to heighten aptitudes of leadership.

This substance was used for pituitary gland and pineal gland activation along with the sacred sun gazing.

There are many ancient texts referred to in the bible as MANNA.

It is believed that since the destruction of the Temple of Solomon, the secrets of the Manna recipe were lost, others believed that after the destruction of the temple the high priests took the sacred scrolls of alchemy into the desert and organised a commune called the Qumran.

It was there that became the Essenes as in the bible.


The Annunaki 

The Annunaki that came from the planet Nibiru in their flying machines,

Thoth or Hermes Trismegistus was one of these giants, they were known to be at least 10 feet tall.


White powder Gold

Giant skeletons were found, could this be Thoth or one of the Annunaki?


Billy Carsen’s claimed that written in the emerald tablets that Thoth wrote that he and his family masqueraded as Gods as they had advanced technology.

They came to mine the earth for Gold or the white powder of gold and they genetically engineered many humans as slaves to extract the gold.

They set up civilisations across the earth and cross breaded with humans,

They taught the humans ancient wisdom and consumed the White Powder Gold.

Monatomic Gold The ancients believed that MFKTZ enhanced longevity and enhanced spirituality.

Thoth stated in the Egyptian Emerald tablets that he would inject his consciousness into another body every 100 years in the halls of Amenti. in the king’s chamber.

This is how he lived for thousands of years.

He claimed that he was the inscriber of these tablets some 36000 years ago and the builder and Architect of the Pyramids written within the Emerald tablets.

This was stated in Billy Carsen’s top-selling book two years running on Amazon” Compendium of Emerald Tablets,”

Billy claimed that he found a website that could pull up the individual tablets and it could decipher the scriptures and tablets in different languages so he could understand them. He claims he has deciphered thousands from over 30 years of research, and from this, he has formed a company

Why did Thoth and many kings live for reigns for thousands of years as stated in the emerald clay tablets.?

Mt Horeb Mt Sinai

A lot of speculation is about how the temples were used for commercial factories of MFKTZ as in 1904 the Egyptian exploration fund financed an expedition where Sir Flinders Petrie went to  Mt Horeb Sinai and found approx 50 tonnes of white powder in the temple.

This White Powder Gold was taken for testing but nothing was ever reported.

The white powder was supposed to have been diminished from nature’s elements over the years.


David Hudson Ormus

David Hudson a cotton farmer from Arizona, was mining for gold and discovered a White Powder Gold he studied and patented. Orme’s or Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements.

After spending over 8 million dollars in research using different methods he discovered that this substance had unusual qualities, he tested it on many sick people with aids and cancer and had some surprising results.

These Ormus supplements fascinated scientists and the government unusually shut him down.

He has been hanging low ever since and has not been public since appearing in many lectures in the past.

For more research on this 113 PDF   David Hudson ORME’S.   


Ormus Monatomic Gold 

Ormus has emerged with a powerful vengeance all through the Internet with many positive claims from many companies with Google keywords skyrocketing in 2022.

White Powder Gold

Keyword Ormus on Google rising 236% Monatomic Gold 128% in 2022


Many false claims have also been made and Ormus or the white powder Gold manna has attracted a lot of negativity.

Some of the naysayer’s claims may be because of incorrect alchemy methods or even compromising the safety of consumers by making it with Dead Sea salt.

Dead Sea salt contains high levels of aluminium oxide, nearly 5% per volume, Dead Sea salt also contains more than 70 times the bromine levels compared to Pacific Ocean sea salt.

It is important to understand these compounds and the toxicity that occurs through consumption.

Is Ormus Dangerous

What Nutrients are in Monatomic Gold 

In the following information, I will show an assay of trace minerals and elements of the SPHINX MONATOMIC GOLD Product which is not derived from Dead Sea salt but from Pacific Ocean sea salt.

After many years of studying vitamins and nutrients and trace minerals, we know that many do have a proven positive effect in many ways on the body if taken in the right quantities.

Monatomic Gold is an  Ormus Supplement or a trace Mineral elixir that has a huge list of trace minerals see below link:

Ormus Monatomic Gold Assay Minerals benefits.

White Powder Gold manna:  claims that Monatomic Gold increases one’s intuition or psychic awareness.

If Monatomic gold increases one’s aura, does that not increase your sensitivity energy to a larger area.?

Ormus or monatomic Gold has proven to enhance the Aura and show activation in the thermal imaging in the below link.

This aura has been linked in animals and humans so that if another human comes into this field we can sense it and pick up on one’s energy. Particularly if the person is extremely distressed as they leak cortisol into the aura.

Our bodies have thousands of receptors on all skin cells.

This Cortisol is absorbed empathetically or chemically into the skin and brings you down to feel the negative vibes of the stress or angry person.

It is easy to sense the anger or stress of a person in a room.

This Aura is toroidal energy,

It was studied by the Institute of Heart Math, they used sensitive equipment electrocardiographs EKGs to measure the electro impulses that emanate from the centre of our Taurus [ The heart] .

This Aura was shown to be up to 10 feet around the human body it ranged differently among people.

Aura imaging after SPHINX ORMUSaura imaging before SPHINX ORMUS



Aura Ormus Before and After






Thermal Imaging below before and after ingesting Ormus Monatomic Gold Click the white powder link

White powder Gold

Monatomic Gold has been proven to put one into the alpha brain wave state. The healing or meditative state for more research on this and how monatomic gold has proven to balance the left-right brain hemispheres.

Studies Research MONATOMIC GOLD


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