Triskelions form a triple spiral in the form of sacred geometry,

Triskelions create bioelectrical and biomagnetic energy flow based on mathematics and sacred geometry.

Triskelions go by many names these can include, The spiral of life, The triple spiral, The spiral triskele, and the Celtic spiral knot.

Placed in or around water triskelions can bring energetic vortices that bring molecular structure and energise water.

This can happen within hours. Being receivers and transmitters they gather energy and emit 144HZ.

Triskelions and ormus

They have an amazing ability to neutralise harmful energies, balancing the yin and Yan [the feminine and the masculine energy. For best results, it’s best to use in pairs, One of each, this will balance your water and your assist your life in Yin and Yan.

The masculine is made of one single piece of copper wire and the female is made from 3 pieces of wire twined together


The toroidal energy below and Life force Egg energy above

copper triskelion under water frozen to showing energy

Triskelions Egg energy They can be used also around food and plants or seeds, anything with water in it will have an impact. Any yes human being with a high content of water will also have an effect.

There are a lot of theories for triskelions the meanings and origins and many conflicts regarding these.

Triskelions are said to represent the flow and seasons of life continuing in earth’s cycles and the flow of motion.


As discussed previously there is much debate about where the triskelion originated from, some say the Neolithic era, while the name derives from the Greek ‘triskeles’ meaning three legs. or Tri means 3  Skilos means legs.

The triskelions have been found in Egypt hieroglyphics which some dispute the dates not to be old as the Newgrange the prehistoric baggage tomb in Meath dating to be estimated at 3200 BC. It is found in gothic round windows all over cathedrals in Europe and in Celtic manuscripts the Book of Kells. The triskelion appears on Coptic antiques, on the rocks in Mongolia, on the Tibetan rings, and on Buddhist banners on ornaments of the Himalayan countries.

The Egyptians had a strong connection to the triskelion and they were known to be the true owners of knowledge of the laws of vibration and no doubt knew its frequency and its magic powers. Some may argue as the Egyptians date back much further than the Celtics. No doubt there are many hieroglyphics and etchings from Ireland to Egypt.

It is even known as a symbol in Buddhism as meditation.

The Egyptians represented the number 3 as the number of the cosmos, the heaven, the Earth, and the Duat, [the area between the earth and the spirits.

Many historians will attest that the triskelion is one of the oldest symbols of spirituality and one of the oldest symbols on earth. This is why the symbol has such a statue of significance.

There are many connotations that the triskelions represent, a common theme is the  3 worlds, spiritual, present, and celestial.

Next time you observe the flow of a river notice how you see nature in 3 ‘s you will see 3 spirals in the currents of the river if you are a landscaper planting odd numbers especially 3 looks more natural in nature.


At SPHINX ORMUS we use triskelions to structure and water and energise our Ormus Monatomic gold.

We place larger triskelions under our large stockpile in the eye of sacred geometry. We also place our large stockpile in the eye of large sacred geometry mats surrounded with rose quartz crystals on each meridian.

Not only does the triskelion structure the water but it augments the energy from the ocean and charges the salts these salts carry memory and energy. This brings a greater flow of energy and superconductivity to the Ormus and helps the water stay structured for longer in the hexagonal state.

This energiser plays a big role in our charging and making our Ormus special.

We then harmonically imprint our Ormus to 528Hz and to the OHM the sound of creation.

Our Ormus is then placed into cobalt blue bottles and shrink wrap sealed to assist in raising the vibration with the violet colour spectrum.

We place the Cobalt blue bottle into an EMF-protected bag with rose quartz crystals for the journey to you.

Ormus goes by many names these can include: Philosophers Stone, White powder gold, Monoatomic gold, Orme”s, Orbitally rearranged Monatomic elements, The elixir of Life, Elixir Ormus, Ormus supplements, Monatomic gold liquid, Ormus Gold, Atomic Ormus, The fountain of youth, MFKTZ, Manna, Monatomic gold manna, M state, M State materials, M state metals, M state elements, Goldwater

What is Ormus


Supercharge Monatomic Gold Crystals.

Triskelions Magnetic Vortexing Water for Ormus


ways to raise your vibration

Elixir Ormus



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