Goldwater is gold nanoparticles suspended in a solution and can come in two forms.

COLLOIDAL GOLD  which is 99.99% pure gold that can come in concentrations up to 200 PPM  and is a ruby red colour, is known to have particles of a spherical size of 100 NM depending on the strength. For 200PPm size is usually around 20NM.

Colloidal gold is known to improve blood circulation and treat certain heart conditions. For example, it can help prevent hypertension and heart disease. At the same time, regular intake can also in improving organ function. For people who are looking for a way to naturally increase or improve their libido, this can also help.

MONOATOMIC GOLD  is smaller more absorbable particle sizes down to 5 NM from the gold lattice structure of atoms being broken down into a singular form and a non-metallic form. Both have benefits and merits, but monoatomic gold has a long list of benefits.

Goldwater has been around since ancient times going back to the Egyptians, The elixir of life.

The Egyptians used the white powder gold in pyramidal-shaped cakes called MFKTZ. These were fed to the hierarchy of the king’s pharos and high priestesses. They believed it bought longevity and higher spiritual consciousness.

And it is no different today. People consume Gold water for its many benefits.


Goldwater is taken for many reasons some being for anti-inflammatory reasons or for cognitive function due to its superconductivity.

Goldwater or colloidal gold is being used in cancer research currently making good progress with much research on nanoparticles.

Monoatomic gold has many interesting properties, from Joseph tunnelling, and antimagnetic to levitational traits.

Gold is a superconductor and can transfer energy with no net loss of energy.

Goldwater has the ability to help in neurocognitive function enabling the system to operate more efficiently,

It is proven that Monoatomic gold enhances the aura of the human magnetic field, in which we can sense energies within, the body releasing cortisol that can be picked up from skin receptors enabling us to sense energies within the field.

Heart math has been studying the aura for 12 years and did some research using electronic meters, they found that hearts can communicate with each other within 3 feet. The energy can be increased by alignment with the heart-brain coherence.

Goldwater has many benefits:

  • Increased energy
  • Alkaline the system
  • Hydrate the cells due to vortexed water         Triskelions Magnetic Vortexing Water for Ormus
  • Increased hair and nail growth
  • increase the aura and sensitivity
  • decalcify the pineal gland
  • produce melatonin for sleep
  • supply lithium for depression and anxiety
  • supply various minerals for faster healing.      Ormus Monatomic Gold Assay Minerals benefits.
  • supply nutrients for healthy bones and teeth
  • supply nutrients for cognitive function and electric impulses for the bodily function
  • detoxify the system
  • balance left-right brain hemispheres
  • improve cognitive function
  • assist in skin ailments
  • great for healing burns or cuts with the ability to dry them out quickly
  • Anti-inflammation properties
  • Claims have been made that Monatomic gold can assist a person to manifest faster


Gold water has many other names, MFKTZ, Manna, Philosophers Stone, White powder gold, Elixir Ormus, the elixir of life, Atomic Ormus, Ormus gold, M state elements, M state materials, M state Metals, Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic elements, Ormus supplements, Monoatomic gold liquids, DAVID HUDSON Ormus, Orme’s. The fountain of youth.


Goldwater being a liquid can be structured geometrically, Raising the frequency of the solution. Water is a superconductor and is very susceptible to energy, sound and vibration.

The process of Making Monatomic gold Ormus is the water gets put into a vortex the earth’s spiral energy force that enlivens water with energy. This can also have an effect on a slight change in the PH after this process.

Vortex water is proven to be more permeable to cells achieving greater hydration, This is currently being used in horticulture applications in Australia’s dry climate. Monatomic gold being such small particle sizes are the same can be absorbed into the cells more easily transferring the energy nutrition and ability to carry out their tasks.

Spiralling Vortex water

GOLDWATER Triskelions magnetic Vortexing water ormus Spiralling Vortex water sacred geometry, 12 neodymium magnets, copper torsion EMF rings

Water is thought to carry up to 440,000 pieces of information on each molecule and has been proven to have memory.

We can change the structure and shape of this liquid with intentions, sounds and even symbols or words being written on containers.

about Us -Sphinx Ormus

Love intention directed at the water then frozen and put under a microscope




AT SPHINX ORMUS  we realise both colloidal gold and Monatomic gold are beneficial that’s why we come up with a solution to carry both in one energised monatomic liquid form. Ormus Gold


  • We add 99.99% Pure 24K colloidal Gold to our Monatomic gold at a rate of 42PPM
  • We place our stock on large sacred geometry mats in the eye and then place rose quarts of crystals surrounding the sacred liquid on each meridian, These crystals are put out on the full moon to charge.
  • We supply our Ormus Monoatomic gold liquid in cobalt blue glass as the violet colour spectrum is known to raise the vibration. Secrets Of Cobalt Blue Glass
  • We harmonically energise the monatomic gold Liquid with 528 HZ and have just started to also use the OHM 432HZ which is known to be the sound of creation
  • We protect the Goldwater in EMF bags from electromagnetic frequencies to avoid its superconductivity being affected.
  • We place copper large copper triskelions under our product, which are copper wires cut at a sacred Egyptian length and formed into a triple spiral sacred geometry which are known to structure liquid from just being nearby.
  • We supply a rose quartz crystal to charge the Ormus directly on its journey to you making happy Ormus.
  • We can assure you we have done everything we can to make these Liquid Monatomic Colloidal Crystals into a beautiful hexagonal shape.


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