Triskelions Magnetic Vortexing Water For Ormus

Triskelions and The Vortex

Triskelions Magnetic Vortexing Water for Ormus. Raise the vibration.

At Sphinx Ormus, we use a vortex to structure the water and cleanse its negative vibrations additionally with sacred geometry.

A vortex is an energy field that exists all over the planet.

It’s in our galaxy, in plants, in weather patterns, in our DNA, this energy is emintaed from our heart, also when the water disappears down the plug hole.

The water vortex is special as its actually visible energy in action.

Pyramids tunnel it down invisibly from above the pyramid down through the apex into the king’s chamber lying 1/3 up from the base of the pyramid in the centre.

This is the peak energy location.

This energy is called Toroidal energy.

In the Egyptian Emerald clay tablets, the king’s chamber is where Thoth or otherwise known as Hermes injected his consciousness into cloned bodies every 100 years and reigned for thousands of years.

Monatomic gold was also found in the chamber.

People question this as hard to believe but we tend to forget the ancient Egyptians were far ahead of us in many ways including the construction of the great pyramids for one. Thoth or Hermes’s taught the laws of vibration, mathematics, alchemy, and astronomy,

He knew the location of the alignment of the solar planets thousands of years ahead of us.

Humans have just announced creating artificial wombs for babies in Germany doing 30,000 a year.

Elon musk is working on a new project to insert a device into the brain that will enable us to read each other minds and is close to launching.

Despite these achievements, we seem to be still behind the technology of the Ancient Egyptians.

Billy Carson studied and deciphered  over 1000 clay tablets and ancient scriptures and wrote the top-selling book on Amazon for 2 years running ‘the compendium of the emerald tablets, see his link below

The Emerald Clay tablets were claimed to be written approx 36000 years ago.

It is hard to change the Clay tablets unlike the bible is written on paper.

Many of the traits in the Tablets are repeated in the bible.



This energy is a natural way of generating and storing energy.

The Ormus elements hide out in many places.

Ormus Monatomic gold is sensitive to frequency and vibrations as is water.

In nature water structures itself, it gathers these vibrations from the birds the bees, the noise of crickets, or passing over waterfalls and streams, in oceans with waves gathering negative ions from colliding water into springs with rocks gaining precious oxygen and hydrogen and minerals.

Unfortunately, our city water is forced down pipes, The addition of chlorine and fluoride and negative vibrations cause it to lose its energy and carry imprints of negative traits creating clusters of molecules more difficult to permeate our cells.


Dr Masuru Emoto ” A Japanese scientist ”  studied water : 

He found that Intensions of love or hate directed at water had an impact on the molecular structure of water molecules.

This is known as quantum entanglement.

He also found that writing labels with negative words on the jar and then freezing the water would change the molecular structure.

He also mixed water with rice and wrote words of love and hate on the jars’ labels and found that the word of love didn’t go as mouldy as the rice with words of hate.

This was then placed under a microscope, See the result images below.

Water is so sensitive to vibration or intentions, of love or hate.

Ormus Monatomic gold is also sensitive to energy.

So if we consume these in positive formations it can have a positive effect.

triskelions magnetic vortexing water for ormus

Love intention directed at the water then frozen and put under a microscope

triskelions magnetic vortexing for water

Intensions directed at water

The earth itself vibrates at 7.83 Hz.

Monatomic gold has been proven to put the brain into the Alpha state within minutes.

This too is 7.83HZ.


Studies Research MONATOMIC GOLD


Water is the most absorbable substance on the planet it can contain up to 440,000 pieces of information in one molecule it’s like nature’s powerful computer chip.

Water and Ormus have a way to pass this information to the body and spirit.

Water is the form of all life.

I think individuals underestimate the power of water.


Magnetic vortexing water through 12 neodymium magnets, copper torsion rings, crystals, and sacred geometry can supercharge your Ormus, Monatomic gold or water.

Triskelions magnetic Vortexing water ormus

Spiralling Vortex water
sacred geometry, 12 neodymium magnets, copper torsion EMF rings


Very interesting TikTok video must see:



The Vortex cleanses the water’s negative frequencies, adds energy and electrons and is a funnel of Golden mean ratio. This vortex transfers its own vibrational energy print onto any water. The new natural energy pattern of vortex implosion is implied.

From my tests on an electronic PH meter after this process, the PH changed by .2 to slightly more alkaline.


As the water spirals through the 12 neodymium magnets the groups of water molecules break apart and realign again, generating the repeating matrix known as structured crystalline water.

The water is now cleansed of old negative vibrations and ready for new memory and positive imprints.

Positive intentions of love compassion and kindness, add your sacred geometry sticker to your bottle and tape a copper triskelion to the bottom.

Add Cobalt blue bottles for the violet colour spectrum which is also known to raise the vibration.

The result is happy water!

The copper torsion ring stops any negative EMF frequencies.


Two dripper bottles were turned upside down one with structured water and the other without, the structured water dripped out of the bottle 30% quicker.

In another test, the structured water and Non-structured water were dropped onto the brown paper in two puddles.

The structured water slowly penetrated the paper and disappeared leaving a watermark while the NON-structured water was still trying to penetrate.

This structured water is more permeable to the cells creating better hydration.

If our cells are effectively hydrated they don’t deteriorate as fast.

After all, water is life.

We become what we consume!


Structured water is underway at many commercial horticulture operations in Australia with crop production up and water conservation increased by approx 30%. FACT!

Water with this method is penetrating soil 12 -18 inches deep while tests in this dry soil with normal water were only penetrating 6 inches deep.

Triskelions magnetic Vortexing water for Ormus

Copper Triskelions and quartz

Another useful tool to supercharge your Ormus is the Triskelion, also known as the triple spiral or the spiral of life.

Its magnetic energy influence over water alters the water’s structure to sacred geometric shapes within hours of just being placed by it.

If it is cut to the sacred Egyptian cubit length it is said to have more effectiveness.

The length can be between 24.09 and 25.02 inches

Triskelions and ormus                                                                             Triskelions

Claims from structured water have been made with reports of grey hair beginning to return to normal restoration within   3 – 4 months

Teeth beginning to grow back, after a delayed trip to the dentist and report after a 6-month review.

The average person drinks 720 litres of water on average a year.

Considering we are approx 70% water in our biological makeup, surely water would have a big impact on us.?

After seeing the images of water molecules under a microscope with love directed at them,

What sort of water or Ormus crystals would you prefer to put into your body




Everything in the world has its own vibration,

Crystals are no different. Each crystal resonates at its own vibration we place crystals around our Ormus to assist in structuring the water.


Structured Ormus 

Ormus monatomic gold will also react to this energy forming a crystalline structure.

This can work from either being placed inside a magnetite chamber or next to triskelions, using crystals, and sacred geometry, and playing 528HZ sound.

Clear Quartz will magnify the frequencies of all other crystals.

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The vortex energy raises our frequency or vibration to a higher level.

Energy vortexes help balance the chakras, and energy centres and allow us an opportunity to heal.

At SPHINX ORMUS we supply our Omus in Cobalt Blue bottles which raise the vibration of the Ormus due to the Violet light spectrum.

We also supply a Rose Quartz crystal that vibrates the frequency of love, self-love, love for others, and harmonises relations and creates peace.

Your Ormus will be happy Ormus on the journey to you.

Supercharge ORMUS Monatomic Gold


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