Ormus and Multiple Sclerosis

This is a testimonial on ORMUS AND MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS that was made to Barry Carter before he died by Mrs Terri. B’s husband.
Mrs Terri B lived in a mountain village in an environment that was above most people’s city environment. A healthy environment.
Unfortunately, Mrs Terri B had Multiple Sclerosis,
Her general physical deterioration began in 1982. And was diagnosed with MS in 1986. The last time she walked was in 1998.
In October 1999 Terri began daily use of Ormus for Multiple Sclerosis, at this stage, she was a quadriplegic and her MS was at a very advanced stage. She could not hold her head erect or use her hands or speak. Her face was expressionless and her eyes only showed faint signs of lucid awareness. She could only communicate with body language only her immediate family could understand.
She was in full-time treatment with a heavy medication routine and regularly visited hospitals by air transport sometimes as often as weekly.
During the early stages of her White powder gold use, she signalled to her husband to give her more than her daily dose of 1 teaspoon. Her husband not wishing to exceed the trial amount her husband was careful to keep this Ormus out of her reach. However, one day when no one was looking she managed to drink about 4 oz of the Monatomic Gold.
Following the Ormus, Terri had the best three days she had in many years. She walked a few steps on several occasions and smiled for the first time in over a year. Her husband claimed “she seemed to be on a cloud for several days.
Barry Carter donated a bottle of Ormus to Terri when he first heard of her positive reaction to Ormus. That accelerated her pace of benefits.
Four months after Monatomic Gold use on Terri and after seeing the accelerated healing her husband started consuming it himself and increased the daily use, Terri. He also changed the daily drinking water from the well they just completed that tested to be fine to a source of spring water that was informed by the Ormus provider.
From this point, after 4 months the condition was showing a reversal of the MS conditions and long-term conditions.
By August her two teenage boys had also become regular Manna users. On October 1 2000
Terri switched to another Monatomic Gold brand.
Edgar Cayce ‘The sleeping Prophet’ recommended using Liquid Ormus for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.
The family had become aware of the effective effects of the Ormus and the Body’s PH level.
All were dowsed as having very low PH levels and conscious efforts began at trying to acidify the family’s Diet. It was observed that the more Ormus they had in their blood the more positive the physical effects.
Terri’s condition slowed down her ability to absorb the Monatomic Gold more than her peers in the family at similar PH levels. However, as her PH rose so did the efficiency of her absorbency rate.
Most of the improvements in Terri”s condition have been slow over the period since taking Ormus for Multiple Sclerosis in Oct 1999. However, the improvements over this entire time have been dramatic.
She now talks for all to understand her, she is often joking, gesturing and smiling and her mind is very active. This is essentially where the healing began.
Terri described the healing as becoming out of a partial fog, with her emotions in a sleeping state and this reawakening was like experiencing them for the first time.
While she has shown huge improvement, she has only come 1/3 to 1/4 of the way as this disease has settled in for approx 13 years and may take a few years to reverse this.
The fact the long-term trend of over 13 years of deterioration has been halted it has shown that the reverse of these effects has been attributed to none other than the Ormus.
The Ormus has shown the ability to rekindle the system, adjust the Ph and help well on the pathway to healing a degenerative disease.

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