How I Healed My Back Injury with Ormus and Yoga

back injury Ormus Yoga

I am a landscaper for 19 years. I was always getting back injuries or swollen sprained ankles.

It is a hard job building heavy retaining walls, fencing, concreting, and always digging in the hard Queensland Australian soil or wheelbarrowing or carting heavy objects.
Back injury was a regular occurrence when one day I hurt it exceptionally badly.
I had an MRI scan and the specialist told me the verdict.
Protruding L4 L5 vertebrae pressing on the sciatica nerve. The pain was terrible. I knew then I was off work for a long time.
I had previously had swollen ankles and used Ormus Gold to reduce the swelling with its great anti-inflammatory properties.

I used to soak a sock with Ormus Monatomic Gold and slide it on my ankle for a few nights it would reduce the swelling and I would be back to work within days.

I would also consume Ormus Gold one teaspoon a day.
But this back injury was severe!
This is the treatment I Followed strictly that made my back heal in 5 weeks and was back landscaping.

I had been to Osteopaths, Spinal specialists, Physio, and Acupuncture and had sports massages.
I was familiar with these different specialists and learnt a trick or two on how to heal the lower back.
From what I learnt over the 20 years the back needs to be supple and a flexible hamstring is a must.

With the added protection of strong abdominal support.
When a cat gets up in the morning the first thing it does is stretches.
So this is how I start my day, stretch the hamstring gently but for at least  2 minutes.
Also for a gentle hamstring stretch or sciatica nerve stretch sit in a chair 90 degrees and stretch your leg out one at a time, when the leg is stretched fully out lower your head so it points to the ground.

This is just maintenance so you don’t keep getting back injuries once your back is healed and strong.

Also, lie on the ground and twist one leg over your side while your arm goes the other way so you’re twisting the torso. More maintenance.
The way I healed my back.
I took one tablespoon of Ormus Gold for the entire 5 weeks
I used Voltaren anti-inflammatory gel, rubbed on the small of the back, and then caked tiger balm on the injury during the day.
At night I would get a hanker chief fold it in four and soak it in Ormus Gold then tape it to my back before I would go to sleep so the wet spot was on the L4 L5 vertebrae.

I did this for a couple of weeks and then the inflammation went down internally.

The tiger balm just kind of eased the pain, and the burning felt better than the aching.

I’ve been through Panadol and Ibuprofen in the past now I don’t bother. Ibuprofen is just poison and terrible for the body.
Once my pain was bearable I signed up for yoga. Hatha Yoga, beginners yoga.
I told the instructor that I had a back injury and I had been treating it with Ormus Gold and he said he used it to meditate

Ormus has many other names MFKTZ,{from the Egyptians] Manna, [From the bible] The Philosophers Stone, The elixir of life, Shewbread, White powder Gold, Orme’s or Orbitally rearranged Monatomic Elements. M state elements
If you wish to research studies or history and all the benefits of Ormus.

It is important to tell the instructor of your injury and he was nice and planned classes around my injury.
His journey was thoroughly stretching the hamstring, stretching the hips and torso and back in all and every way possible.

Every vertebra was oiled and stretched to the best it had been in my life.

I felt great and relaxed after Yoga and did this for 1.5 hrs only once a week.
By the 3rd week, my back pain started to disappear week by week until the 5 week it was completely gone.

I was way more flexible than when I started especially in my hamstring.
I knew this was important as when you bend over your hamstring takes the stretch, if your hamstring is stiff your back takes the stretch and then the injury occurs.
Yoga worked my abdominals very important to hold the disk in from popping out on sciatica.
Most Importantly it tightened up the little tiny abominable muscles you use when you urinate and try to stop the stream from running.
Keeping these small muscles strong is the secret to keeping my L4 and L5 from popping out and pressing directly on the nerve.

These are the magic muscles.
I don’t claim to be an osteopath or physio,
I’m just stating what healed me and maintained me to prevent getting more injuries,
Take it as you wish!
I have spent thousands over the years and seen as many as approx 20 different healers from several countries  and have picked up a trick of knowledge from each.

This is from my experience the best way to become a quality tradesman as a builder or landscaper. The more experts you work with the more magic tricks you learnt to add to your knowledge.
I can’t stress how good Yoga is for the body and soul, After stretching and breathing all your stress out after 1.5 hrs you feel so relaxed and invigorated.
What a great benefit to health.

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