A beautiful and powerful spiritual elixir that helps one reach higher levels of consciousness.

Monatomic Gold is an ancient Egyptian Organic Elixir that was used for longevity, higher spiritual consciousness, and as a catalyst for human transformation. Because it grows as a crystalline flower with no metallic properties, it has been called the Philosopher’s Stone by philosophers and alchemists who sought to transmute lead into gold.

Sphinx Ormus Monatomic Gold is a special “Organic Elixir” that was used by the ancient Egyptians to promote longevity, greater spiritual awareness and physical well-being. The ORMUS forms a bridge between earth and the rest of the universe. It acts as a magnifier for all energies, thought patterns and actions.

By taking Sphinx Ormus Monatomic Gold you may experience more synchronicities in your life, greater peace of mind and clarity, less stress/anxiety/depression and more physical energy/strength.

Receive the benefits of Ormus Minerals with Monatomic Gold. This unique combination of trace minerals and elements activates and balances the chakras and meridians, accelerates detoxification, repairs DNA, and strengthens your immune system.


This Ormus Mineral supplement helps to sustain health, vitality and clarity by providing a source of life energy often referred to as “prana” or “chi”

. This Ormus product is also called Monatomic Gold and is also known as the philosopher’s stone, the fountain of youth, and the elixir of life. It has been considered by some to be the highest gift because it can help people to reach their highest state of vibrational frequency through a special process known as “Biocybernautics”.

Ormus gives you mental clarity, is immune boosting, elevates moods, helps with focus and concentration, and builds strong bones and muscles. Its high vibrations allow for the transference of wellness through the ethers. Benefits of Ormus include: energetically cleansing stressful metals from your body; replenishing exhausted vital life force; stimulating the pineal gland for greater awareness; purifying water by vortexing with earth’s natural energies to improve circulation and hydration.

Monoatomic Gold a homeopathic medicine helps support the body’s own regeneration process by providing a catalyst for purifying toxic substances from damaged cells.


We believe in vibrational energies we take great care with our Ormus treating it sacred.

  • We charge our stock in the eye of sacred geometry mats with crystals on all meridians that get placed out in the full moon to gather the energies of the earth
  • We Place large copper triskelions under our stock to charge with 144HZ. These copper sacred geometry triple coils are cut at a sacred Egyptian cubit length and are known to structure liquid. Triskelions Magnetic Vortexing Water for Ormus
  • Unlike most companies, we supply our Ormus in Glass bottles, Cobalt blue glass which is known to raise the vibration from the violet colour spectrum. Secrets Of Cobalt Blue Glass
  • We harmonically imprint our Ormus monatomic Gold with frequencies .
  • 7.83 Hz Shuman resonance
  • 8 hz 88hz  888hz Abundance
  • 40 Hz longe term memory
  • 100hz Improve cognitive function
  • 285 Hz Increase energy Field
  • 432 Hz Manifestation
  • 528hz Miracle tone  repair DNA
  • 639 Hz Attract love and positivity
  • 741 Hz Cellular detox
  • 963Hz Connection to universal energy.
  • Finally, an ancient Egyptian mantra that was discovered approx 7yrs ago now with 1.7 million views on YouTube. This mantra is believed to have powerful healing properties. It is called the  AKA DUA”.
  • We added 99.99% pure colloidal Gold to our product to increase the Gold to 42PPM, colloidal gold has anti-inflammation properties and has been undergoing cancer research.
  • Our product also has Monoatomic elements such as all other Ormus.
  • Our product is not made from Dead Sea Salt as this is high in aluminium and bromide. Is Ormus Dangerous
  • Our product is a thick purple liquid from the Ruby Red Gold we add.
  • We supply our Elixir Ormus in a recyclable thick Mylar gold EMF bag to protect your Ormus from EMF.
  • We supply each bottle of Ormus with its own Rose Quartz crystal to charge it for the journey to you.
  • We use Orgonite Pyramids in our sacred geometry charging grid with tourmaline /shungite and copper coils.
  • We use copper Nubian Pyramids to tower above our sacred Geometry
  • Our Ormus comes in a cardboard box and starch biodegradable packing peanuts to protect the cobalt blue glass and if you pay by scribe payment system we make a contribution to carbon emissions.

We hope you enjoy Elixir Of Life.

Ormus has been referred to by many names, Elixir Ormus, The elixir of life, The fountain of youth, The philosophers Stone, Manna, Monoatomic gold, MFKTZ, Ormus supplements, Orme”s Orbitally rearranged Monoatomic Elements, M state,  M State Elements, M state materials, M state metals, White powder gold,Atomic Ormus, Ormus Gold



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