Ormus and Pets

Ormus and petsOrmus and pets

We all like our animals to be healthy and for them to operate optimally they need good nutrition

Ormus supplements are a good way to nourish your pets. 

The trace minerals are natural and a good way to supplement a poor diet and make up the necessary elements.

Ormus supplements are good for strong bones and teeth for your pet with an abundance of calcium.

Ormus and pets will benefit Silicon and will help keep their hair and nails nice.

The Elixir Ormus will give your pet energy and good sleep.

Ormus monoatomic gold will keep your dog’s system running alkaline and your immune system strong.

An Ormus supplement is good nourishment for any injuries or wounds your pet may have as its assists in cell rejuvenation for quicker healing with many trace minerals.

Monatomic gold is healthy for the heart and near system, also the nervous system.

Elixir Ormus is very good for skin irritations, it reduces itching and heals any scabs or abrasions fast.

The best thing about Ormus is that it’s 100% GMO-free Organic and preservative free.

The Ancient Egyptians were big on alchemy and vibration.

Ormus in vibrational medicine,

The ancients believed it enhanced longevity and spiritual awareness.


The ancient Egyptians took Ormus for longevity and spiritual awareness.

They also believed in Ormus and their pets and followed this belief by feeding their chickens and enjoyed eating the super nutritional eggs that were produced that were laid by the chickens that consumed the monatomic Gold.

Ormus goes by many names: White Powder Gold, Philosophers Stone, Manna, MFKTZ, shewbread, Atomic Ormus, Ormus Gold, Elixir Ormus, Ormus supplements, The Elixir of Life, M state materials, M state elements, M state Metals, David Hudson Ormus. Orme’s or otherwise known as Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements.


To expand on its benefit to animals here’s some info I dug up regarding the study on 250,000 broiler chicks in Europe.

 A mineral called from Sea-Crop comes from trace and ultra-trace minerals/elements and their relationship with enzymes/enzyme function: 


A reduction in the mortality rate of up to 90% in the first two weeks and a 5-15% reduction over the entire 6-week study period.

Foot infections were reduced by up to 85%, 

Skin abnormalities were reduced by up to 66%, 

The feed conversion efficiency increased by 3-13%, and weight gain increased by 3-10% 

Critical breast meat production increased by 10%.

 The health and temperament of the chicks/chickens improved noticeably. People involved in the study, from egg raisers to the processing house operator, said they had never seen such a group of healthy and calm chickens.

If you decide to feed Ormus to your pets make sure to follow the instructions below for directed use.

Ormus is very high in trace minerals and it can be bad if you overdose on certain minerals so stick to the directions.

If you would like to read more on Ormus and the studies on humans.

NOTE: If you wish to purchase Ormus for your pets or plants  please email me and I will delete the Colloidal Gold from the Ormus .


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