Ormus is it Anti Ageing?

Ormus is anti ageing

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Anti-ageing has been a big topic,

There are many trace minerals in Ormus and some have anti-aging properties that can attribute to slowing the ageing process down.

Sulphur – assists in detoxing and assists in elasticity in the skin

Sodium -is good for the skin as is in many skin creams

Silicon -is good for nail growth and hair growth

Phosphorous -boosts cell repair

Manganese -aids in collagen production

 Collagen may help suppress UV-induced skin damage and photoaging. Collagen breakdown is a chronic part of our aging process – as our cells age, their ability to produce collagen diminishes. Scientists have determined that 50% of our collagen decline is due to this chronic aging, but another 30% of this loss is due to photoaging: the breakdown of collagen by UV exposure.


Ormus assists in raising the alkalinity in the body with a PH between 9-10 it is highly alkaline,
Ormus also has calcium and strontium which assist in alkalising the body.
An alkaline diet of more vegetables and fruit and nuts and legumes and less alcohol, meat, processed food and sugar has been linked to more graceful ageing providing your alkaline diet is getting the macronutrients and amino acids.
This is where Ormus can help, Ormus has many more nutrients than listed above click the link to read them and to see their assisted benefits in more detail.
Please note these minerals assay specifically for SPHINX ORMUS products.
 Ormus is it Anti Ageing?

The Japanese Life expectancy 

In Japan life expectancy is the highest in the world, this is attributed to the fact above relating to the alkaline diet.
The average life expectancy for women is 87.32 years old, and for a man 81.25 years old.
Their diet is lean and balanced with whole grains, fish, vegetables, rice, tofu, miso soup, and seaweed which is high in Ormus.
All these foods are low in saturated fats and sugars which reduce the rate of heart disease and cancer.

Ormus Detox -Antioxidants and free radicals

Bulking up on antioxidants, whether through fresh fruits and vegetables or supplementation, can make your skin healthier, and more resilient, and have you looking younger in no time.
“Adding antioxidants and supplements to your daily nutrition promotes elasticity and hydration.
Ormus has a few minerals listed on the assay that assist with detoxing and getting rid of free radicals,
sulphur, sodium, phosphorous,
Ormus and Hydration of cells
Ormus has minerals that assist in cell division, production, and communication, Boron, Sulphur, Magnesium, Silicon, Iron, Zinc, Manganese,
Monatomic Elements are broken down into very tiny molecules and are very permeable to the cells and enable hydration and nutrient uptake.
Water put through a vortex becomes structured water and is more permeable to the cells.
This is utilised in commercial horticulture applications in dry parts of Australia to enable deeper soil penetration, which has proven water management up to 30% more effective.
A balanced life.
Many factors are taken to support a healthy life which may assist in longevity,
Nutritious food or uptake, quality water, adequate sleep, exercise, mental health, a positive mindset, love and happiness, a healthy lifestyle amongst nature, breathing healthy air, yoga, meditation, achieving goals, and fasting have been known as contributors.
Alpha brain wave state.
Ormus gold or Monatomic Gold puts the body in the elite alpha brain wave state.
a meditative and healing state at 7.83 Hz the earth’s frequency vibrates at 7.83Hz.
An unusual coincidence.?
Grounding Reduces Inflammation in the body and blood.
Grounding has been proven to reduce inflammation of the blood and body,
it is said that an hour of the day with bare feet preferably on the beach in sand or the earth will reduce inflammation by the charge of the negative ions from the earth’s energy.
These negative ions are high in areas of colliding water like waterfalls, rivers, and the surf, even thunderstorms, and in the sand.
Many city people wear shoes most of the week missing the chance to get a fix natural anti-inflammatory
For more information on vibrational healing methods
Ormus has many names: Monatomic Gold, Manna, The Philosophers Stone, MFKTZ, The Elixir Of Life, Ormus Gold, Atomic Ormus, Shewbread, White powder Gold, M State, M State Elements, ORME’S, Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements, Gold water, Goldwater, Gold water Elixir
If you would like to read on research into Ormus on studies how it Balances the left-right brain hemispheres or David Hudson’s  8 million in research
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is ormus anti ageing?

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