Powerful Positive Affirmations

I am humble

I am a very positive person

I honour virtue

I forgive me

My ego will keep in check

I am peaceful

I respect the property of others

I offer words of good intent

I communicate with compassion

I do the best that I can

I follow my inner guidance

I am accepting

I give blessings

I keep the water pure

I achieve integrity

I embrace the all

I hold purity in high esteem

I speak positively of others

I am kind

I remain in balance with my emotions

I live in truth

I affirm that all life is sacred

I speak with sincerity

I consume only my fair share

I spread joy

I act respectfully toward others

I am trustful in my relationships

If I get angry I will talk quieter

Abundance will flow to me

I will not judge myself or anyone

I will stay honest and not be corrupted

I will attract kind honest loving spiritual people as friends

I am healthy and of high energy

I’m strong and getting stronger

I love myself and see the perfection in everything.

I will attract wealth quickly and consistently

I am asserting mastery of my real self

My psychic ability is increasing

I am achieving my goals

I strive to become a better person every day

I will help people as much as I can

Happiness cells are growing in me

I cannot help but attract a lot of money into my life.

I will help humanity and leave a legacy

My chakras are clear and running at optimum

My heart and brain are linked and I make decisions from my heart

I forgive others

I am getting healthier every day

The light within me is expanding and I’m producing miracles every day

People everywhere are all children of one god

I will stop judging myself and others

I am confident in for-filling my divine plan

I release all negative and limiting beliefs

I request from the ascended masters with all their grace and beauty to merge with my consciousness

I value equity and fairness and strive to live my life around these principles

Divine love flows through me and will guide me on my path

My life is in perfect harmony

I now see perfection in all things.

I thank god for all the lessons as they make me a better person

I am grateful for all my blessings health and fortune and am grateful

I love all my existence, my emotions, my body, and my mind

Abundance comes to me effortlessly and I am grateful and I deserve it

My intuition is aligned with divine timing

My pathway is to happiness and joy


I cloak myself in a bright light impenetrable, I shed light on my shadows and lovingly work through all insecurities, flaws, and self-destructive habits that cause me not to flow in which I was created.

I call my power back to me from every person, place, entity, and from every space, portal,  time dimension, from every connection, attachment and vessel where I left it, anyone or anything that is attempting to syphon my energy. You do not have my consent to use my vitality and I call my power back. I lay down the weight that doesn’t belong to me as well as the weight that does. I forgive all things people and others.

I call my power back!

Thoth”  Hermes Trismegistus’ I ask for your guidance and your wisdom, Please merge with my consciousness and raise my vibration my energy my vitality my wisdom so I can utilise these benefits in the aid of good for mankind and to educate the young and masses.


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