What is The Best Manifestation Technique?

Different manifestation techniques?

A powerful topic with a diverse range of techniques some of which may surprise you. 

A common question is what is the best manifestation technique?

We all have our own way of manifestation techniques some individuals are even unaware of what this is. 

The veil hasn’t been uplifted yet.

 Others are light years ahead and bring their dreams to reality quickly and use the powerful law of attraction to their advantage.

Some of you may find this article absurd others may find it helpful.

This is not advice these are theories some of which work for me or people that I know and others just research.

The theory is when we vibrate at a higher frequency or with a frequency that resonates with our objective we obtain more accuracy in bringing our dreams into reality at a faster rate.

This is known as the law of attraction. ” The secret best-selling book ” Author Rhonda Byrne

Nature has a strange way of bringing us gifts or burdens. 

If we fear with an ongoing pattern of fear, nature provides us with the object which we fear. 

If we do this in a repetitive positive belief the outcome will be positive to that the trait of which is thought.

You may have heard the phrase “be careful of what you wish for “

Some claim focus is a big part of success, but it goes without saying that billionaires have intense focus.,and will also have strong manifestation powers but it’s not all about the money.

The yogi or the Tibetan monk will also have a great focus on the alpha brain wave state.


A common technique used in yoga or meditation and concentration in the alpha brain wave state.

7.83 HZ coincidentally the earth also vibrates at 7.83 HZ. 

Could this be true grounding?

It is believed to be more powerful on the bare earth so you are connected with the source and grounded.

Ormus monatomic gold is proven to place us in the alpha brain wave ,

Studies Research MONATOMIC GOLD


Writing goals and affirmations confirms and ingrains the neural pathway with stronger links.

This is the first step in taking the action plan from the second dimension to the third.

Words have vibration, what you believe you will create.


I use audio amongst other methods,

I write my goals and aspirations voice them on a CD while I play 528HZ  {the miracle tone] in the background and play it on repeat while I’m sleeping through the night.

Just loud enough so that I can go to sleep and just louder enough so that I can hear them.

This method is good as it takes little effort once the preliminary work is set up. 

It programmes your subconscious and engrains deeply your goals and aspirations. 

Playing them over and over hundreds of times in your mind per night.

 Until like your favourite song it just keeps repeating in your mind and you know the words off by heart.

The theory is it’s more powerful to program the subconscious when you are semi-awake in the dosing stage.


I knew a woman who had positive experiences when she was close to orgasm she would start to focus on her goals and aspiration until she came she would be manifesting intensively and said it worked well. 

If we relate the high-vibration philosophy to this, it seems logical as we would be certainly vibrating at optimum.


This is another one of my methods, I found that the best is in my car with a quality stereo and turn it up as loud as you can bear without harm and playing your favourite song and when your endorphins are at peak and the hairs and goose pimples on your arms and neck are up and at peak start to manifest. 

Your running at a high vibration.


If you own a fast road bike that accelerates at lightning speed this can create an adrenaline pumping with endorphins, but don’t get in trouble it needs to be done in a safe environment on a speedway or track.

This is a good time to manifest. 

 This could apply to skydiving or any adventure sport, unfortunately, most of the time we are too busy enjoying ourselves.


Saying out loud or in our mind repetitively so the neural pathways are strengthened.

Manifestations are about what we focus our intention on whether consciously or unconsciously the predominant seem to create realities or scenarios.

 Eg If we focus on the past all the time we may find it a coincidence that you keep meeting people that are familiar with our past or associate with or have synchronisation of the past that somehow relates to us.


Make a journal and jot down your aspirations and goals and visit them often,

Create a gratitude journal, each day, and write down the positive things that you are grateful for this is proven to be one of the keys to happiness. This Grateful journal engrains the positive traits and makes us appreciate what good is happening and we get to revisit the positive emotion once again.

This helps to raise our vibration.


A large collage of pictures of your dreams whether a boat or a house and small snippets to detail these dreams put in a place that is regularly seen to once again consistently engrain these thoughts and neural pathways in the subconscious.

Strengthen the intention and power of belief.


Write down your Goals and place them under your pillow or read your goals before you go to bed every night before you go to bed. This will get them fresh in your mind for when your subconscious goes to work during sleep.


I think we underestimate the power of water.

Water has memory and can store up to 440,000 pieces of information on each molecule.

Water too caries vibration and is very sensitive to sound frequency and intentions by way of quantum entanglement.

Dr masura Emoto found that words and intentions altered the molecular structure of the water.

Ormus is water and is a high vibrational elixir, In ancient scripts its mentioned as the elixir of life.

It has many names, Manna in the bible, MFKTZ and shewbread in Egypt. ORMES or Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements.M state materials, Monatomic gold, White powder Gold, She-manna.Atomic Ormus, Ormus Gold, Elixir Ormus, Ormus supplements, The philosophers Stone

Using Ormus Monatomic Gold and water to manifest.

Given that water has memory and can store information and that our intention changes its structure, It would be fair to say we can use intent to direct our goals and aspirations and imprint the vibrations in the water. 

Given we are approx 70% water and we drink approx 720 litres each year, it seems that it’s a big part of us.

Lets us direct our goals as an intention to the water and write our goals on the water container as Dr Emoto found that writing also affected the water’s structure.

Then as we drink this memory of our goals imprinted in the water believe they will come true.

This is a technique I use.

At sphinx Ormus, we take the structuring further, by using sacred geometry,528HZ, crystals, Vortexing the water, Triskelions and cobalt blue glass to raise the vibration from the violet colour spectrum.

This purple thick liquid substrate of minerals and trace elements is a rich organic Elixir that’s been supercharged into the powerful molecules of the tetrahedron shape.

If you believe in Alternative medicine earth’s energy, toroidal energy, crystal energy, and magnetic energy this will send you down a rabbit hole of very interesting traits and research

I would be interested in anyone’s comments or opinions, and be interested in hearing your best manifestation techniques.


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