Supercharge Ormus Monatomic Gold

Difference between Monatomic gold and Colloidal GoldSupercharge your Ormus Monatomic Gold

At Sphinx Ormus, we like to supercharge Ormus Monoatomic Gold.

There are many ways to charge you’re Ormus in this article we will run through methods to raise the vibration of your Ormus gold.

At Sphinx Ormus, we follow these techniques.

Ormus is a very sensitive substance to frequency and vibration, it will pick up on sounds altering it molecular structure. We like to infuse the frequency 528Hz into our Monatomic Gold liquid. This is known to be the love frequency or miracle tone, also claims have been made that it repairs the DNA.


Supercharge your Ormus Monatomic gold by sound frequency or intentions to alter the water’s molecular structure changing it into a beautiful snow shape.

This was studied by a Japanese scientist “Dr Emoto”

You can play other music to your Ormus or many frequencies,

The Buddhists Ohm is known to be powerful.

Just make sure that you don’t do it with your phone on Utube as the electromagnetic Frequencies will be a detriment to the Ormus by diluting its superconductivity.

Keep it in its Mylar bag, or with tin foil around it.

Water crystals after sound frequency and intentions are directed to it then frozen and put under a microscope.

supercharge your monatomic gold with intentionsSACRED GEOMETRY 

Sacred Geometry is also known to supercharge Ormus Monatomic gold Liquid.

We place Sri Yantra symbols on our water bottles during the process of Vortexing the water. Other symbols can be used such as the flower of life or Mandalas.

Meridians’ energy is enhanced, especially with crystals!
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Supercharge Ormus Monatomic Gold

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Dr Emoto discovered that even writing on water containers also has an effect on the molecular structure of rice lasting for longer periods and water molecular shape.

You can see a link video

Tap into the powers of sacred geometry and crystals to charge and structure your Monatomic gold.

Supercharge your ormus Monatomic Gold

Sacred geometry mats


Crystals have been a powerful way to supercharge your Ormus Monatomic Gold, we place crystals around our Ormus after putting them out on the full Moon to charge with the moon’s energy.

All crystals vibrate at different frequencies and can encode your Ormus.

Reports have shown that Glass Ormus containers have blown apart from this energy.

Some crystals to research are Shungite, or Orgon, Clear Quartz, Moonstone, Amethyst, Aquamarine, and Rose Quartz,

At Sphinx Ormus, we distribute our Ormus only in Cobalt Blue glass Bottles. Cobalt Blue Glass raises the vibration of water from the violet colour light spectrum. This can only be good for your Atomic Ormus.

We supply each bottle with a crystal rose quartz to charge the Ormus on the journey to you.

Rose quartz is known as the crystal of love and is said to assist in self-love and the love of others.

About Us

Crystals have been used in ancient healing on the energy meridians or chakra

supercharge ormus monatomic gold with crystals .INTENTIONS 

Your intention is a powerful supercharger for your Monatomic gold liquid.

Direct your energy to positive feelings and intentions such as love compassion, kindness, and caring, imprint your goals and aspirations and programme your Ormus Monatomic gold, and then consume them..

Manifest with power.

This is also proven to change the molecular structure.

Supercharge your monatomic gold



crystal bundle

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Copper Torsion rings are a great supercharger to boost your monatomic gold liquid.

This eliminates electromagnetic frequencies and helps to keep the Ormus monatomic gold in optimum condition.

These can be placed around the base or the neck of the bottles. See photo below


Vortexing water is structuring the water, charging and restructuring the water using toroidal energy the same as nature’s force spiralling down a plug hole, or in the structure of the  NZ punga tree [spiral]  or in the solar system or in our DNA.

Water passing through the 12 neodymium magnets {magnetic energy]  just below the Vortex clears the old imprinted information on the water and leaves it open for the new positive imprints.

Studies have shown that up to 440,000 pieces of information can be stored on just one water molecule.

.Dancing with water has studied this for 12 years.

Considering humans drink approx 728 litres of water a year, and we are approx 70% water in biological makeup these structures of positive information and formation have an impact on us. For more on Vortex click the link below.

Triskelions Magnetic Vortexing Water for Ormus

ormus and monatomic gold

Love intention directed at water then frozen and put under a microscope


supercharge your monatomic gold

copper torsion rings, sacred geometry, 12 neodymium magnets, copper triskelion



The pyramid energy is known to be powerful.

My research has shown that water stored in a pyramid has made seedlings grow faster than non-Pyramidal water.

Milk was tested and left inside the pyramid and the milk inside the pyramid lasted longer before it went off compared to the milk left outside the pyramid.

Research has also shown that gold coins that were hung in the pyramid excreted an oily substance on the coin which later dried into a White powder Gold.

The toroidal energy spirals down from the apex and peaks approx 1/3 in the centre from the bottom of the pyramid.

These Pyramid structures have been proven to work either in wood plastic or metal.

Thoth or otherwise known as Hermes Tristmigestis claimed he wrote the emerald clay tablets approx 36000 years ago, stating how he was the great Giza pyramid builder, also was the creator of the 7 laws of the universe and how he taught wisdom to the new civilisations of astronomy, alchemy, vibration, mathematics in the Egyptian mystery schools,

Much of the bible information has been derived from these clay tablets and the Book of Enoch.

He also stated he injected his consciousness into another clone in the great halls of Amenti every 100 years and lived long in his reign for thousands of years.

Many other kings’ and pharaohs’ hieroglyphics time frames were carved into rocks stating their long life spans and reigns for thousands of years.

Monoatomic Gold was also found in this chamber.

Supercharge Ormus Monatomic Gold


Triskelions can be a good charger made out of copper presenting a magnetic field of 144 HZ.

They need to be cut at the sacred Egyptian cubic length between 24.09 and 25.02 inches.

Triskelions can structure water on their own within a few hours just next to the water.

I place these on the bottom of the bottle.

Triskelions Monatomic gold. Supercharge your monatomic gold

Water froze above a triskelion showing toroidal spin energy and the egg energy

Triskelions and ormus

Orgone Energy

Supercharge Ormus Monatomic gold. where every living organism holds an energetic force of life. This could be anything ranging from the insects swooping over you or the plants down below.

Consider a way of life, where the life force is present in all your cells and where you can leverage this force to improve your life.

According to ancient traditions, this state of life could be defined as chi.

However, to modern science, it is best defined as Orgone Energy. Organ energy has many benefits, from assisting in reducing EMF to changing negative energy to positive, and also many health benefits.


Orgonite pyramid with shungite and tourmaline and copper coils. Supercharge your monatomic goldMonatomic Gold Benefits

Studies Research MONATOMIC GOLD

Is Dead Sea Salt Ormus Dangerous?


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Supercharge your Ormus monatomic gold

supercharged Monatomic gold




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