Is Dead Sea Salt Ormus Dangerous?

In this article, I will advise on the possible concerns ‘

Is the Dead Sea Salt Ormus Dangerous?

Ormus  or Goldwater has had much speculation in the media and is reported to have many benefits for health and Immunity. Additionally alkalizing the system and has powerful anti-anti-inflammatory properties.

Ormus Monatomic Gold has been sourced for ailments or people looking for energy boosts or athletes looking for the extra edge.

People with depression, or anxiety or just looking for a mineral supplement that contains organic lithium that assists these ailments.

Ormus has an abundance of trace elements and minerals.

However, some of these minerals can be harmful in high doses.

There are several ways to derive Ormus which are mainly marketed from the wet alchemical method. Alchemists use dead sea salt or just clean filtered Sea water.

Harmful Ingredients: Is Dead Sea Salt Ormus Dangerous

Dead Sea salt contains high levels of Aluminium oxide, nearly 5% per volume.

Dead sea salt also contains more than 70 times the bromine levels compared to Pacific Ocean salt.

It is important to understand these compounds and the toxicity that occurs through consumption.

A report below on excess bromine levels.


Sphinx Ormus Monatomic Gold Attributes

At Sphinx Ormus, we prefer using Pacific Ocean Seawater as base ingredients for this reason,

Aluminium can actually be beneficial if taken in small trace quantities with a recommended daily intake by the world health organisation.

Our product is harvested from seawater, it’s collected in a safe manner away from marinas on a rising tide from the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean and is filtered and then treated alchemically.

This Ormus is made on a rising full moon in accordance with nature rising energies.

is Ormus made with the Dead Sea salt dangerous

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Crystal Grid Charging Set:


Sphinx Ormus

  • We harmonically imprint the liquid with 528 Hz “Miracle tone” The frequency of love, DNA repair,
  • 8hz,88hz,888hz abundance,
  • 432 Hz The OHM sound of creation{manifestation]
  • 7.83 Hz shumans resonance,
  • 963 Hz God connection,
  • 1111 hz Endorphins,
  • 285 Hz influences energy field and cell repair,
  • 639hz attracts love and positive energy,
  • 741 hz cellular detox, 100 hz increased cognitive function.
  • 40 Hz Long term memory
  • Finally, an ancient Egyptian mantra called the AKA DUA which has powerful healing benefits.

We place our stock in the eye of large sacred geometry mats with rose quartz crystals bound in copper to amplify the energy on the meridians,

large Copper Triskelions are placed underneath to create the highest of vibrations to structure the Ormus.

6 Organite Pyramids are placed in a circular manner on meridians in sacred geometry

Copper Nubian Pyramids tower over our sacred geometry mats with our product in the eye.

We then add Pure 99.99 % pure Colloidal Gold to increase the gold content to 42 PPM.

Our Ormus comes in a Cobalt Blue glass that raises the vibration from the violet light spectrum.

Each bottle comes with a Rose Quartz crystal to charge for the journey.

Rose quartz is known as the love crystal it assists in self-love, attracting love and harmonising relationships.

Gold is said to have many benefits assisting with cognitive function to anti-inflammatory properties.

Is Ormus made from Dead Sea salt dangerous

Supercharged Ormus
Made with Pacific Ocean Sea Water

Our Ormus Monatomic Gold has been assayed unlike many Ormus products on the market showing the specific minerals and PPM {parts per million]

Boron,17 Sulphur 587 Sodium 8,264  Manganese 0.39  Potassium 1,317 Phosphorus 49 Calcium 1,077 Silicon 17 Strontium 9.28  Lithium 2.88  Barium 0.38   Iron 2.88  Zinc 0.52  Magnesium 2,350   Aluminium 2.42, Gold 42


For more information outlining specifically each of the above minerals and metals, and the benefits that they do for the body, check our blog

it’s quite a nutrient-rich elixir and has a light purple colour from the high gold content

of 42 PPM [parts per million]


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