Does Ormus Boost Plants

Does Ormus Boost Plants

Ginger grown with and without Ormus


Does Ormus Boost Plants

Ormus used on Broccoli sitting on a 15 Litre water bottle


Does Ormus Boost Plants

Pumpkin has grown with Ormus



Does Ormus Gold Boost Plants, The simple answer is yes.

Plant production is a popular topic,

We are all looking for extra weight in our harvest whether cannabis or fruit and vegetables or nuts.

The truth is production is attributed to many factors being in balance,

Nitrogen -for new shoots and leaves and stem growth

Phosphorous -for root development and seeds. Root development is specifically important as this is where plants get the majority of their nutrients.  As the Egyptian said ” As above So below”

Potassium -for flowering and fruits and buds, resisting disease and assists in flavour and generally makes the stem go harder and darker green.

Full sunlight for maximum photosynthesis – Planting in full sun will bring larger fruits and vegetables and BUDS.

Micro-organism activity – Hummus or compost organic matter breaking down in the soil, these helping 3 specific ways by 1, manipulating the hormonal signalling of plants  2, repelling or outcompeting microbial pathogens 3, increasing the bioavailable soil-borne nutrients increasing worm activity and worm castings which plants love.

PH in soil within range  6.6 -7.5 APPROXIMATE  range being optimum, this is where the nutrients are bioavailable to the plant, nutrients can be in the soil but the further out of this PH range they become unavailable.

Water  I believe doesn’t hurt for the plant to go through a stint of dryness in its early stages as it will force the plant to establish a bigger root structure enabling it to absorb more nutrients.

TIP: Always plant your seedlings in a well or depression in the soil where the water will run downwards and pool over its lifetime when it rains when you water this with liquid fertilizer it won’t get wasted it will increase yields over its lifetime and concentration of water/nutrients especially if it has Ormus in the water.

Structured water – that is water that has been energised, water that is broken down into smaller molecules with maximum energy, making them more permeable to the soil.

Commercial horticulture applications are being used in dry parts of Australia with water preservation of up to 30% with increased yields.

Natures water from the rivers or rain will show that it produces more growth than standard unstructured tap water.

This is a complicated subject and I have more info on how to structure your water in many ways in a separate blog   Triskelions Magnetic Vortexing Water for Ormus

Aeration of the soil – well-cultivated dug over or rotary hoe soil is better giving oxygen to the roots and causing the soil to have fewer obstructions eg lumps of soil, wood or stones and requires less energy for the roots to grow around or wasting energy to go through obstacles to get maximum nutrients.

Worms- worm ratio is natures natural way of aerating the soil while leaving valuable nutritious worm castings

Wind shelter a season will no doubt at some stage give your crop a pounding.

The law of averages is almost definite.

If you are growing productive plants you have more to lose and with the plants being heavy and overloaded with either flowers about to fruit or vegetable near harvest, staking is a must.

Check prevailing winds and shelter from them.

This will also raise the temperature in your microclimate.

Insects- Insects attack the majority of weak plants however an insect plan is essential whether you are growing indoors for eg spider mites or outdoors for an array of insect types or fungi.

No one likes chemical sprays however these are more effective and the reason is they kill anything that they come into contact with, and yes that can mean a detriment to ourselves.

Whether you smoke it or eat it organic options need to be researched and withholding periods need to be adhered to if not exceeded.

Quality washing of produce is a must.

Soak your veggies in hot water and salt.

This is not to say organic chemicals are completely safe. These chemicals build up in our systems and if we don’t have an efficient detox of them that also rids us of free radicals problems can occur.

See Detox minerals below that assist.

Liquid fertiliser –Liquid fertiliser can be helpful to boost quantities from Liquid fish at a teaspoon a litre or Ormus at a teaspoon -ten litres both from the ocean.


Ormus and plants are a great combination for best use you can mix 1 teaspoon per ten litres, some people say 1 teaspoon per 4 litres but I had great success with 1 teaspoon for 10 litres and just water in the roots.

It produces huge fruit, and with this organic Elixir Ormus they will be full of nutrients as these nutrients are in such small particles they are bioavailable to the plants.


Foliage feeding has its benefits but can be a risk if you have fungus looming like Botrytis on your tomatoes that thrives in moist conditions, especially at 26 degrees or powdery mildew on your pumpkins or courgettes or cucumbers,

Watering the soil is less risky and keeping the leaves moist can assist in these funguses being more vigorous.

Quality seeds –stock heirloom stock is better and if you can save and dry and store your seeds with traits like Plant size, early crops, big fruit, or buds, these will be used in your environment and will prove better for future years.

Boron – Not to be overlooked in small quantities, with many chemical fertilisers not incorporating boron.

Boron assists in flowering quantities and sets,

Helps in cell division.

Ormus has boron see below for a full list of elements, SPHINX ORMUS is made from pacific ocean sea water, Anything from the sea is usually high in nitrogen.


Ormus is a great detox for the human body with many trace minerals here are 3 trace elements that assist detoxing and help to remove free radicals for a FULL assay of the long list of trace minerals and their benefits click below.

Ormus Monatomic Gold Assay Minerals benefits.

Sulphur 587

Increasing circulation to the brain is helpful for Alzheimer’s or Dementia, It assists in detoxing the body and is essential to connecting tissues, helping elasticity to the skin reducing wrinkles, it supports insulin production, assists in vitamin B uptake to convert carbohydrates to energy.

Sodium 8,264

Improves heart performance, and the nervous system, prevents muscle cramps and assists in glucose absorption, sodium is needed for blood regulation, it regulates the bodily fluids and transmits electrical impulses in the body, prevents sunstroke, improves brain function, defends free radicals and is in many skin care creams, eliminates carbon dioxide and controls blood pressure.

Manganese 0.39

Bone health and strong antioxidant properties help reduce diseases, reduce inflammation, particularly with chondroitin and Glucosamine. Assist in blood sugar regulation, is Linked to lower amounts of epileptic seizures, assists in the role of metabolising nutrients may reduce PMS symptoms in conjunction with calcium, may protect the brain from free radicals and improve brain function. Assist in good thyroid health. assist in wound healing by aiding in collagen production.

Does Ormus Boost Plants

Corn is grown with Ormus

Ormus has many names,

White Powder Gold, MFKTZ, The philosophers Stone, Manna, Monatomic Gold, The elixir of life, Orme’s, M state elements, Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements, Ormus Gold, Atomic Ormus, Elixir Ormus, Ormus supplements, Monoatomic gold, Goldwater, Gold water elixir

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