What are M State Elements?

What are M State Elements

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What are M State Elements- These are elements that are stable as single atoms, and Mono means one. For an element to be stable on its own it needs to have a stable octet of valance electrons.

An element’s number is equal to the protons in the element. These elements may exist in various isotopes, {varying number of neutrons]. The number of electrons is always the same as the number of protons.

Being said monoatomic atoms exist as stable single atoms, unlike pure elements that are diatomic and can consist of multiple atoms bonded to diatomic elements [eg O2}.

These can be called M State Elements , M State Metals, M State Materials,

David Hudson in the 1970” s researched metals in the soils of his Arizona farm and spent approx 8.5 million and many years researching the white powder gold. His heat leach cyanide method was producing a white substance that was familiar to gold. After further alchemical processes, He produced and patented it to be Orme’s. Otherwise known as Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements.

Also known as Ormus it has many other names Monoatomic gold, Manna, She-manna, Philosophers Stone, Elixir of Life, White Powder Gold, MFKTZ.

This substance is made by Alchemists using several methods for what is known as the dry method and the wet Method.

The ancient Egyptians valued this substance, many references referred to it in the Ancient Egyptian book of the dead, The Bible referred to it as Manna and the Chinese as Qi.

Barry Carter went on to research this substance for many years, also making many discoveries.

M state materials claim to energise every living cell and increase the Chakra raising the human’s vibration and frequency to become a superconductor. Some users report that What M State Elements are, known to bring Lucid dreaming and enhanced psychic sensitivity, increased energy and increased cognitive function.

The alkaline substance creates an environment that’s anti-acidic an environment that disease despises.


This M STATE Material has unusual properties from magnetic levitation to holding high amounts of energy and is thought to have superconductivity traits. Like water, it is a sponge to its surrounding energy and vibrations. There is much criticism in the Ormus industry.

From my research of approx 200- 300 websites over the past year, it seems that the Ormus client testimonials over the broader market have shown me that they have positive results to an approx 80-90% this is only my opinion.

I challenge you to do the same and can assure you you will find some interesting positive claims.

There are claims that some companies are making this substance incorrectly can have harmful results.

For example, during the alchemical process if the PH alkalinity rises to higher than 10.78 on the PH scale Gilcrest Metals can form, Or heavy metal toxins. If this happens the batch should be discarded.

The Ormus precipitate should also be washed at least 3 times to delete the sodium in the solution. This needs to be done with distilled water.

Another important fact is that Ormus made from Dead Sea salt can be harmful to the fact that Dead Sea salt contains high levels of aluminium oxide, nearly 5% per volume. Dead sea salt also contains more than 70 times the bromine levels compared to Pacific Ocean salt.

However, some metals are helpful in very small amounts. It is important to understand these compounds and the toxicity that occurs through consumption.

Despite these negative facts above, there are naysayers on all products over the web,

it is possible that the companies not following the correct alchemy or ingredients using Dead Sea salt could be a contributor to these negative Ormus Testimonials.

Given these facts, Pacific Ocean Sea water is a positive method for producing Ormus.

However, it must be collected in a safe method, away from commercialism, or marinas. Preferably from a depth. Showing an essay on the bottle will be helpful so you know the PPM of the trace minerals inclusive.

Many companies seem to not have this. This is a warning sign.

Sea water alone before transmuting to its monatomic form Ormus is said to have many positive traits,

Read more on this from a Japanese doctor/dentist researcher

At Sphinx Ormus, these protocols are followed strictly using Pacific Ocean Seawater.

M state material has an abundance of powerful Ormus testimonials all over the web helping people in many ways and I advise you to do your research to see for yourself how this organic substance is benefiting people and has proven to help in many ailments. Athletes and the yoga Industry are also in high demand for this product.

For an abundance of resources and Information go to our website

Studies Research MONATOMIC GOLD

We add 99.99% colloidal gold to our Ormus to give it a boost, Colloidal gold also has many benefits from anti-inflammatory and assists cognitive function. Our product is a purple colour due to the high ratio of gold content. We charge our product with Crystals , 528 Hz , triskelions, sacred geometry.

David Hudson’s  8 million dollars in research 113-page Document,


Supercharge your Ormus.


Disclaimer: These statements made in this content are based on the research and opinions of Sphinx Ormus. Our products are not meant to replace a healthy diet, an active lifestyle and a certified healthcare professional. We highly advise you to consult your healthcare practitioner and discuss potential side effects before consuming our products. This content is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA of Australia or the FDA of the USA.

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