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Parasite Tea directions,

Preferably wait until the full moon as the critters come to feed in the stomach on the increase of

Divide the evenly into 17 tea bags, the parasite Tea.

Start with 3 days fast at night after dinner. the next morning take the tea.
Boil in a pot with a Tea bag in it, once it goes brown and is boiled take it out and put in a cup and stir and let it steep until warm stir it to get it as dark brown as possible and squeeze out the bag to get the potency.

Take 2 teas each of the 3 days. No food. This is all the critters will be feeding on. I suggest drinking lemon juice in water for hydration for the duration as this will alkaline your system and help clean your kidneys and liver while your body goes into a state of Autophagy from fasting using up all the toxic cells in the body.

Once the 3 days are up resort back to tea once a day first up in the morning and let it settle in your stomach for at least 30 minutes before eating drinking your coffee /tea or water giving it a good chance to kill the parasites tea.

Coconut charcoal binder, melt a small tablespoon on a spoon on the element, mix a teaspoon of coconut-activated charcoal with the coconut oil and down it. If you have to do a small mouthful of water do so but best without any water so charcoal can do its soaking job to bind. This should be done 30 minutes before tea

This is a two-week Course
3 days x 2 tea bags
11 x 1 tea bag
Total 17 Bags

When resuming eating, preferably no sugars or alcohol or tobacco or acid foods like meat. Parasites tea love heavy metals and acidity like above. You need to make it as hostile as possible. For some of you who are toxic or infested, this may knock you around but for me, I did not find this.

But it is the most Bitter Tea I have ever tasted.
The lemon juice and the combination of 12 herbs will be nutritious and clean for the body, many of the herbs are anti-inflammatory but I recommend you take Ormus or sea moss while you fast to give the body nutrients.

My opinion for a better result is to make sure you take it on an absolutely empty stomach and nothing for at least half an hour, especially no water or it will dilute the mixture.
This is a strict regime to increase the effectiveness analysed by logic. I suggest you make up a calendar to tick list so you are perfect with it. Let me know how you go …