Colloidal Gold 100 PPM

Product Description

Colloidal gold is known for its powerful ant-iinflammatory properties to treat arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis and cognition function, assisting mood and is said good for skin and longevity .Ancient egyptians led the reign of consuming gold .
Gold nano particle are currently under research for cancer and destroys the graphene oxide even without direct contact from the jabbadoo.See microscopic evidence.
Gold being a super conductor .
SPHINX COLLOIDAL GOLD treats our gold sacredly using Nubian copper pyramids ,organite , sacred geometry , crytals , and copper triskelions .Finally we harmonic imprint with 528 HZ Heal DNA miracle tone .
See the powerful result to water from just one of these energies the copper triple spiral triskelion in images that resonates at 144 HZ that said to help activate pineal gland .
Also see microscopic evidence of gold nano particles in blood before and after
SPHINX COLLOIDAL comes in cobalt blue glass which is known to also raise vibration of water with violet colour spectrum .
Please note : Our product is NOT made with GOLD CHLORIDE which is harmful for medicinal use . Only pure 24 k gold many companies dont declare this.
IMPORTANT: If colloidal gold gets FROZEN its DESTROYED .
Viktor Schauberger who was famous to his articulate observations and studies in water said that waters energy is at optimum at 4 degrees. Make sure you fridge is not set below 4 degrees
Keep away from router or phone
The process electrolysis
1 teaspoon a day
This SPHINX COLLOIDAL GOLD is charged and high vibration .Electro magentic or EMF can deteriate this valuable substance in our charge pit its only charging and energizing with 8 subtle energies.