Ormus Gold Attracts Athletes

Ormus Gold Attracts Athletes for stamina endurance and stamina. It seems to be emerging as the latest superfood for athletes.

Reports have shown less fatigue. Muscle pains in the following days have been reported to be less and quicker recovery times. Ormus and monatomic industry growth is been gathering coverage with increased searches on google in the last year. See the graph below.

Boosting your immune system is another powerful reason people are consuming Ormus. A long list of trace elements and minerals helps keep the system strong and it’s why Ormus Gold attracts athletes.

OrmusGold attracts athletes

Keyword Ormus on Google rising 236% Monatomic Gold 128% in 2022


Sphinx Ormus Monatomic Gold is made from Pacific Ocean seawater which has many beneficial minerals. Here is an article from a Japanese doctor that researched the benefits of seawater alone before alchemical procedures have been performed to place it in its Ormus or Monatomic state. A very interesting article

We avoid using Dead Sea Salt as it has high levels of aluminium oxide, nearly 5% per volume. Dead sea salt also contains more than 70 times the bromine levels compared to Pacific Ocean seawater It is important to understand these compounds and the toxicity that occurs through consumption.

Assay of minerals 

Boron, 17 Sulphur 587  Sodium 8,264 Magnesium 2350 Potassium 1,317  Phosphorus 49  Calcium 1,077  Silicon 17 Strontium 9.28  Lithium 2.88  Barium 0.38  Iron 2.88  Zinc 0.52 Manganese 0.39  Gold 42  Aluminium 2.42

Do your own research and Google the daily intake Recommended dose. To see what each mineral specifically does for the body check this article out  Ormus | Vibrational Healing Methods

Ormus has a unique way of making these elements available to the body cells in a permeable Monatomic form. Orme’s or Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements are high-spinning superconductors that can speed up the cell’s ability to communicate and heal at a faster rate.

This booster pack of trace minerals is great for high-capacity athletes to give the body a much-needed intake to replace any deficiencies in today’s diets and it’s clear to see why Ormus attracts athletes. Do not exceed the daily dose as its very rich in minerals and is in the daily recommended range for minerals and metals that we need for the body to function efficiently.

It has been said that many of the genetically modified vegetables mostly on the shopping shelves today have fewer nutrients than our grandparent’s organic heirloom variety making our diets much needed for additional nutrients. The soils are depleted from being harvested and cultivated for centuries. With the majority of farmers using chemical Fertilisers, {white powder ] that is highly acidic and has a high amount of heavy metals that have found their way into our vegetables Not to mention the toxic sprays that kill every form of life that comes in contact with them.

When I grow organically with Ormus as a fertiliser it grows huge vegetables and it’s nice to see slugs in my lettuce and cauliflower as I know that there are no chemical sprays when washing them. It pays to blanch them in salt water to get the earwigs, slugs and caterpillars out. When you don’t see any you want to be concerned with the Poisons you are without doubt consuming.

Ormus Gold Attracts athlete

Ormus used on Broccoli sitting on a 15 Litre water bottle

Ormus Monatomic Gold has minerals that assist as a detox for these heavy metals and toxins that are consumed over the daily recommended dose. It has Sulphur and Manganese which fights free radicals and detoxes and silicon which helps eliminate aluminium in the body. Ormus has aluminium which in small doses is helpful for painful joints and eliminates fatigue. The recommended daily intake is 10mg per day.


Ormus Monatomic Gold has a multitude of benefits to assist the athlete. For deeper research into these benefits, studies and its history with the Egyptians

Ormus can also be used as a powerful anti-inflammatory on sprains, taken internally or just soak a bandage and wrap the sprain overnight. I have personally used it on back injuries and sprained ankles and have reduced the swelling in a matter of a couple of days and seen tennis elbow injuries clear in several weeks. The results may vary depending on how bad the injury is.

These are just some of the fascinating properties the Ormus Gold has for attracting athletes.

For deeper research and studies


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