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Egyptian hieroglyphics – Scarabaeus


Monoatomic Gold, otherwise known as ORMUS, Manna, Philosophers Stone or MFKTZ.

Metallic gold in its normal structure is made of large clusters of gold iotas latticed together. In metallic structure, the latticed particles are bigger than the openings to our cells, and if we consume it, the gold passes directly through our body.

Producers of Monatomic Gold utilise an alchemical process to break down the atoms into a singular atomic structure.

It changes the metal into a fine white powder which is then permeable to our bodies’ cells creating superconductivity. This means the cells can communicate with no net loss of energy. Creating faster healing and rejuvenation.

Gold has also been known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Gold has been recently leading cancer studies.

Monatomic Gold was additionally the Manna that Hebrews received and ate while banished in the desert for a considerable length of time that was mentioned in the Bible.

Manna or Monatomic Gold, or (ORME)  Orbitally rearranged Monoatomic Elements was also used in ancient Egyptian cakes in the form of conical shapes otherwise known as MFKTZ.

It is exceptionally clear now that Akhenaten (Moses) utilised white powder (Monatomic Gold) for melting down a golden calf and feeding it to the Israelites.

This is the information that was hidden away in Solomon’s sanctuary,

Gold is also found in sea water ,products from the ocean are high in Ormus.

The Ark of Covenant also was known to have had white powder Monatomic Gold otherwise known as M State elements.

The ancient Egyptian believed it created longevity and would take one to higher spiritual consciousness.

Our bodies depend on minerals to assist with sending nerve impulses to keep a sound framework, and give energy to organic cycles through the trading of electrons.

Luckily for us, plants ingest minerals from soil and water. They channel the smallest particles and convey ideal measures of absorbable minerals for our ideal well-being.

Ormus is in all parts of nature, including water soil and plants and edibles and even 5% are found in the human body.

Ormus Gold or Monatomic Gold is an alkaline substance that when taken has been shown under the microscope has rounded the red blood cells and increased the separation between other cells showing a healthier sign of structure.

Also has been proven to increase the temperature of the skin and increase one’s aura.

Ormus Gold is the force to be reckoned with of heavenly regular energy.

Claims have been made to have super-improving impacts on the cerebrum, psyche, DNA, and soul. It is a definitive instrument for rising.

The mystery of the long-life expectancy of Anunnaki { aliens that travelled from the plant Nebiru] is additionally said to lie with Ormus, as the Annunaki had a high value for mining Gold.

Male and female energy additionally benefits from it.

Add colloidal silver or colloidal gold with its medicinal properties and enjoy the monatomic elements like copper, gold, and Iridium, platinum for well-being.

Monatomic Gold info Ormus Gold  Benefits

Benefits include balanced correspondence between the right and left cerebrum of the brain., improving creativity, cognitive function, data, processing, information, and memory.

This helps in drawing an obvious conclusion, building mind power and achieving actual well-being.

A possible outcome is the breaking of chains and fulfilment of opportunity, as our brain, body, and soul get the ability to boost power.

The information about Monatomic Gold has been smothered for many centuries hidden in codes, ancient tablets and texts from the ancient alchemists to protect this precious substance that was once only fed to the high priestess and Pharos of Egypt.

Monatomic Gold info Ormus Gold  -It is made from many methods some using Dead Sea salt and also seawater.

Strict measures are taken to abide by the true alchemical process to ensure its potent properties. For example, safe gathering methods from the ocean to ensure only the purest seawater is procured, and glacier water with the highest contents of Ormus.

Perfect PH levels for the monatomic elements to be obtained.

The alchemy is adhered t only on a full moon, and the sea water collected with rising tides when the earth’s energy is at its highest peak

Washing the Ormus multiple times to remove excess sodium this produces the prime White Powder Gold with anti-magnetic properties.

Ormus is a natural and organic substance that has proven many benefits since the rise of Egypt

Ormus Benefits

Boost stamina and energy

supports natural hair colouring

increases collagen

Assists in Increases immunity

Boosts cognitive function

Alkalises the system

Detox the body

Boost hair and nails

Aids in healing and and mitosis cell division

Increases aura and sensitivity

increases serotonin for feelings of well being and melatonin for sleep

Assists in sexual health and sperm count

Aids in strengthening bones and teeth

Anti inflammatory properties

Monatomic gold info Ormus gold

Supercharged Ormus

Its rise in today’s age is of utmost interest now civilisation has rediscovered its power. About Us

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