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supercharged Ormus

Have numerous benefits and reports, and testimonials of healing different ailments, from mental disorders including depression and anxiety to skin disorders like eczema or shingles. physical energy boosts or alkalises  the body after the acidic diets many faces today

Ormus Monatomic gold has been referred to by different names,

The ancient Egyptians called MFKTZ and shared it in conical cakes with the pharos and others named it She-manna, Shewbread, White Powder Gold, The philosopher’s stone, Monatomic Gold, Ormus Gold,Manna

Claims have repeatedly been spoken about the activation of the psychic senses and pineal gland with increased manifestation powers, however, this is hard to prove.

Click the link below   for Thermal imaging of the pineal gland area

Thermal imaging

Health fitness Ormus Gold

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Some people are reluctant to believe claims until they see photos or try to experience them for themselves as hidden energies now discovered on many levels are only been taken seriously of late.

Monatomic Gold or Ormus Gold has been proven to put the brain in an alpha wave state, and also balances the left /right brain hemispheres within minutes.

This state is in sync with the meditation state or 7.83 Hz, it is said that the earth also vibrates at 7.83 Hz.

Thus, the yoga society has had a hunger for Ormus and its unique attributes.

Ormus also increases the aura of the energy field around the body.

Atomic Ormus boosts energy and stamina in exercise regimes with less muscle fatigue.

Athletes have been using it to get the extra edge with positive reports, some claim that they need to eat less and need less sleep.

Many report lucid dreaming,

Monatomic Gold places the body in the alpha state, balancing left-right brain hemispheres.

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Studies Research MONATOMIC GOLD

Health and fitness or Ormus Gold has been around since the ancient Egyptians and was consumed for longevity and spiritual enlightenment. It has been said that it raises your vibration and some report humming in the ears,

Ormus is a very absorbable substance it adheres to vibration and frequencies and takes on crystal forms similar to water. Ormus gold can be supercharged with crystals as they vibrate at different frequencies or music or Trisqullions [copper spirals that affect the structure of water.

Reports have had glass vials explode from absorbing energy from the crystals supercharging the Ormus.

Crystals placed on a full moon can gather the earth’s energy.

Pyramidal energy also has a supercharging influence on Ormus gold.

Ormus is a truly spiritual substance made from preservative-free organic substances namely Sea water then is alchemically treated to bring elements into their monatomic form.

At Sphinx Ormus Monatomic Gold the product is collected on a rising tide on a full moon when nature’s energy is at its rising peak.

The water from the Pacific Ocean is then filtered and treated by an alchemist to its high-spinning superconductive Monatomic state.

The PH is raised to 10.78 and the minerals literally fall out in a solid precipitate.

The Ormus is then washed 3-4 times with Distilled water to delete the sodium content.

The final product is in a High alkaline state.

These Orme’s or Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements are in their purist most absorbable smallest singular atomic state that can access the body’s cells with ease.

With its superconductivity, it communicates and regenerates cells quickly with no net loss of energy.

This is what is so special about Ormus.

Ormus has had many reports of hair well on the way to returning to natural colours from grey after 4 months of use.

There are many benefits to health and fitness of Ormus gold

The link to this article below explains each mineral within the SPHINX ORMUS assay and how it benefits the body,

it clarifies some of the mineral’s jobs, some of which reduce wrinkles and increase the elasticity of the skin, speed up wound healing, assist cognitive function, and electric impulses to the brain to aid the nervous system and much more.


Ormus Monatomic Gold and Its Nutrition 

The assay done on the Sphinx Ormus Monatomic Gold made from Pacific Sea water has shown the following nutrient-rich elements in PPM.

Boron, Sulphur, Sodium, Manganese, Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Silicon, Strontium, Lithium, Barium, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Aluminium, and Gold.

Benefits for Health and Fitness from Ormus are because we add additional 99.999% pure colloidal gold to boost the gold content.

It comes in a Cobalt Blue bottle that raises the vibration of the Ormus from the Violet light spectrum.

We supercharge the Ormus with Triskilions, sacred geometry and Crystals.

Each bottle comes with a rose Quartz crystal for the journey to you.

How to supercharge your Ormus

How to Supercharge your ORMUS Monatomic Gold

Many alchemists make Ormus out of Dead Sea Salt, which contains high levels of aluminium oxide, nearly 5% per volume. Dead sea salt also contains more than 70 times the bromine levels compared to Pacific Ocean Salt.

It is important to understand these compounds and the toxicity that occurs through consumption.

This is why Our Ormus is sourced from the Pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean.

It’s hard to find an Organic Multivitamin packed with the same level of Nutrients that Ormus Gold has.

For more interesting studies and research go to our website info page:

List of Minerals / Trace Elements In Ormus

Does Ormus Boost Plants



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